Is it worth it to break into America.

Is it worth it to break into America.
Thousands of Russian women go abroad annually, a significant part – in search of simple everyday happiness. Does America, in particular, justify their hopes for a better life?
The monologue of the loser. I have a completely different relationship with America. My husband & # 8212; a non-poor man. I confirmed my education as a doctor (after studying at the local university for postgraduation). I work as a dentist and we both make good money with my husband. We have children growing up and we are happy. And I met him on the Internet.
Ya ne ponimayu, pochemu Tatyana ne vosvrashaetsya v Rossiyu, esli v USA tak ploho i besnadeshno? 8 let bedolaga muchaetsya, rabota niskooplachivaemaya, kashdi dollar nado economit i t.d i t.p.
A poeshayte-ka Tatyana v kakoy-nibud malenki, saholustni gorodok Rossii, to-to budet shituha!
so everything is bad, only no one comes back.
This is a real picture, statistics show that the “losers” & # 187; 95%. Why not return? Moving is expensive! And the main thing in the mousetrap is always the entrance & # 8212; no exit!
Auntie just opened the truth, some of us, in terms of lack of money, misunderstanding, etc. Whoever wants it will not ask his neighbors and look on the Internet, loot has gone, came to take vodka and climbed the Negro to the ebony, And about (hope for someone), in Russia if not you, then not anyone except for you. And as for going to America to find love there, it’s such a nonsense and it’s clear to the schoolboy.
There is an anecdote about the Jews and the Rus. Two Jews are sitting and talking between them. Our neighbor is not at home, let’s help him build. Sits two Russian hear: & # 187; Ivan you were sitting, I was sitting, but Petro was not sitting yet. Come on and put him down. ” The point is that if a Russian somewhere well, he will say, from his new car that it’s so hard to live that there is not enough bread for bread. But if it is bad, it will tell everyone that it is very good to live so that the rest are in the binding. That’s how I think. And he checked on his former friends.
Well, she really can sympathize, an article a decade ago. Interestingly, but now she is still alive? Here, damn, women: she and the article writes as if in a split personality is: and oh-oh-oh How bad! And thus: A-ah-ah. It’s good. It’s time to be determined in the Soul, to take any one side: either in your YOU is BAD, then get out of there. If it’s good & # 8212; do not sing and do not sing to us (do not fill it up, in the sense: “Haiti, Haiti,” we were not in any Haiti, we are well fed here “(c))
Yes, and we all, Russians, Lesson (from this article): where he was born, there and handy. What could be better than RUSSIA? Generally, .ah, I do not understand. Here it is necessary to Live, Here it is necessary to Work, Here it is necessary to Love & # 8212; and be fruitful. And then everyone will be jealous of us (especially, this “enlightened” whole West, all of it). Hey.
I add (the site, it turned out, the woman): Have children here in RUSSIA (no matter how hard it was we did not have), Nurture, Let’s have the best thing in you, send .ah this creeping to us & # 187; & # 8212; that your children become worthy citizens of Russia, and that you are proud of them, and they are you. You look and Pensions soon promise to be normal (more or less). To the end of life it would not be self-pity that: “Eh, but you had to tear to America! Disobedient, here’s Dura! & # 187 ;. All Women Hello!
in Russia live much worse than in America. You live somewhere in the Ivanovo region.
Yes, Americans can rest, it’s true! At them it is all thought over to trifles: hotels, restaurants and so on.
I was personally surprised in California.
the following: just a luxury car drives up and you think now some solid banker or some celebrity will come out of it, but the car door is opened by a 25-year-old boy in shabby jeans and a baseball cap.
That is, in America to buy a good car is much easier and cheaper!
I still want to go and work in the US, that’s just not working, I have to learn my son. And in Ukraine we are … I’m looking for Russian Americans who could make a call. I can work as a nanny, a maid.
A terribly boring article .. It does not depend on what country, it depends on the person who writes so .. forever aching, even if she is in the best country in the world she will continue to whine ..

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