Is it worth it to live in Belarus.

Is it worth it to live in Belarus.
Moving to live from Russia to Belarus – a controversial and controversial decision. But the Russians make this step very simply – the Union State of Russia and Belarus, oddly enough, exists not only in official papers.
Before deciding to move to Belarus, you need to clearly understand what this country is and what you personally expect from life in it. Belarus is a small fragment of the Soviet Union, with all its minuses and pluses in miniature. You will not earn a lot of money there, but, given the last year’s default of the Belarusian ruble, you can generally face economic difficulties: if you expect to find a job in Belarus when moving, be prepared for the job, but the state employees get 150-250 dollars a month (although a year ago the average salary was $ 400).
Availability of housing – own, or removable, where you can be registered – the main requirement of the Belarusian legislator when registering citizenship for the Russians. In addition, the Law “On the Citizenship of the Republic of Belarus” defines the conditions under which Belarusian citizenship can be obtained: any person who has reached the age of 18 can apply for a Belarusian citizenship application:
– take upon itself the obligation to respect and respect the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus and other acts of legislation of the Republic of Belarus;
– knows one of the state languages of the Republic of Belarus within the limits necessary for communication;
-Lives on the territory of the Republic of Belarus after receiving a permanent residence permit in the Republic of Belarus for seven years continuously, with the exception of cases provided for in part three of this article. The term of residence in the territory of the Republic of Belarus is considered continuous if the person traveled outside the Republic of Belarus for no more than three months during each year;
-has a legitimate source of means of subsistence;
does not have citizenship, or loses the citizenship of a foreign state in the event of acquiring the citizenship of the Republic of Belarus, or has applied to the authorized body of a foreign state with an application for the termination of his foreign citizenship, except for cases when the termination of the citizenship of a foreign state is impossible for reasons beyond his control .
For Russians who lived in Belarus or were born here before November 12, 1991, or at least one of the parents has Belarusian citizenship, there is a preferential procedure for obtaining citizenship in the order of registration. In addition, the necessary period of residence in Belarus to obtain citizenship by naturalization can be reduced or canceled, if you identify yourself as a Belarusian, or are a descendant of the Belarusians, and also if you have already had Belarusian citizenship or have “high achievements in the field science, technology, culture and sports “, or have” a profession and qualifications of state interest for the Republic of Belarus “. If you do not fall under any of these categories – the time of naturalization in Belarus – 7 years.
In order to obtain Belarusian citizenship, a Russian needs, firstly, to apply to the Russian Embassy in Belarus with a request for a change of citizenship. Secondly, one more application will have to be submitted to the internal affairs bodies at the place of residence in Belarus. Third, you will need two certificates from you: confirmation from the internal affairs agencies of Russia about the absence of a criminal record, and a certificate from the tax authorities about the absence of arrears to Russia.
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Before deciding to move to Belarus, you need to clearly understand what this country is and what you personally expect from life in it. Belarus is a small fragment of the Soviet Union, with.
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Housing in Belarus can interest either those Russians who for some reason intend to move to this country for permanent residence, or those who want to invest their money.
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