Is it worth moving to Bulgaria?

Is it worth moving to Bulgaria?
The topic of moving to permanent residence in Bulgaria is quite popular. “Retire to Bulgaria”, “Life in Bulgaria”; etc. Let’s see what’s good in this country, and whether to move there.
Of the pluses & # 8212; cheap in our understanding comfortable accommodation. At one time I was puzzled by finding a house near the sea. For the price of a one-room apartment in the province you can buy a nice cottage kilometers in 20-50 from the designated reservoir, and if you take the cost of Moscow odnushki, then the choice is even wider.
Of the minuses & # 8212; get a permanent residence status oh how not easy. There is a certain list of persons who can legally claim it, and most of the immigrants are immigrants. under the law do not fall, and can be in the territory of Bulgaria only 180 days a year (visa D), so that you will not be able to fully enjoy the house you bought.
The next plus is & # 8212; the hospitality of the local population, their willingness to help and the knowledge of the Russian language. The Russian very soon begins to feel “his”, the adaptation is painless.
Minus & # 8212; no matter how hospitable people are, and you do not have the right to hire you, so that you will be baked in Bulgaria for your hard earned in the homeland. There is an option to open a business, but it’s not so simple. More precisely, in the very creation of the company there is nothing complicated, and in the tax plan the country is attractive, but it is more difficult to deploy the deal, since the purchasing power of Bulgarians is low.
To each plus there is a minus, but what to pay more attention to you. You will get a house & # 187; in Bulgaria, I do not think you’ll regret it! ” the country is interesting in excursion and nature.
PS: By the way, about excursions, Bulgaria is not included in the Schengen area, so go with the Bulgarian visa to the countries of Europe and calmly travel through them & # 8212; it will not work, but with a Schengen visa you can enter the country.
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