Is it worthwhile to bring a used car from Lithuania?

Is it worthwhile to bring a used car from Lithuania?
Lithuania & # 8212; this is a kind of outpost between Russia and the European Union. Back in the distant dashing 90’s a large percentage of cars with a run from Europe went exactly through Lithuania. And now this business is flourishing all the time, although innovations with increased duties, recycling fees and Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards have affected it not in the best way.
The largest car markets in Lithuania are in Vilnius and Kaunas. Lithuanian dealers buy cars from Europeans and immediately send them for sale. Although often it is necessary to work a little over the machine, and sometimes Lithuanian masters completely digest the body to hide the traces of an accident. In a word, if you are on the Lithuanian car market, then you need to believe only your eyes, not the seller’s stories.
But there is one big plus “# 8212; the prices here are really low, and that’s why the trade is very smart, many cars are sold out even before they have taken their place in the market. Among the buyers there are a lot of residents of Kaliningrad, people from neighboring Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, and of course Russia also come here. Also, a lot of cars are bought for spare parts.
You can find out the price level on any site of free auto ads. As a rule, sellers immediately point out all the shortcomings and place high-quality photos. However, prices can enter into embarrassment, we see two prices & # 8212; price in Lithuania and the price of exports. In some cases, these values may differ by a factor of & # 8212; in Lithuania the car costs 1,5 thousand euros, and for export & # 8212; 5 thousand
Do not pay attention to the price in Lithuania & # 8212; so sellers want to fool the site’s search engine so that their ad appears as high as possible on the list.
The price for exports should be lower than the price in Lithuania, because when crossing the border you have to return 18 percent of VAT & # 8212; this condition works in all EU countries.
How to drive a car from Lithuania?
First of all, we must say that there are several schemes for the delivery of cars from Lithuania:
traditional with the opening of a visa and payment of all customs duties; register as a legal entity in Lithuania and save on customs duties; double citizenship.
On the Internet, you can find many companies that provide services for the delivery of cars from Lithuania. Such companies provide a full range of services: from the choice of auto, to its delivery to your city, customs clearance, assistance with registration in the traffic police.
For example, the delivery of the car on its own to Moscow will cost about 800-900 Euros.
If you want to go your own way to Vilnius, then you will need to first apply for a visa. Come better for a few days, so you’ll have to take care of the overnight stay. Do not forget about the customs deposit, that is, you will need to calculate the amount of customs payments in advance and deposit it into the customs account. A customs deposit is levied in order to avoid frequent cases when cars are driven from abroad, and then in Russia they are registered on forged documents, or simply dismantled for parts in some garage.
Usually, the customs deposit is equal to the amount of customs fees for the car you have delivered, but if you have not yet decided on the model, you can at least approximately calculate it by the customs calculator.
Recall only that it is most profitable to import cars produced 3-5 years ago.
When you arrive in Vilnius or Kaunas and decide on a car, the sequence of actions will be as follows:
make sure that the car meets the Euro-4 or Euro-5 environmental standards; leave the seller a deposit of 100-200 euros, he is sent to take the car off the register; You submit documents to a notary for registration of a customs declaration, in the same place you can receive forms for registration of a contract of sale; go with the seller to the local traffic police & # 8212; Registrar, there is the issuance of PTA, STS, transit numbers, the signing of the contract (you can also issue a certificate-certificate), transfer of money and keys.
Now it is already possible to get to the customs house in its own way, and it is up to that customs crossing, which is indicated in the declaration. At customs you will be checked, you will see whether a customs deposit has been made, they will put the seals and everything. you can go home, you have it for 10 days.
Upon arrival at the customs office of your city, make out all the documents & # 8212; the amount of customs duties is written off from the deposit, the difference, if any, is returned. You pay the recycling fee and go to the traffic police to register your car.
If you want to save on customs fees, then you can use other ways. For example, to open a company in Lithuania, it will cost 1000 euros. The purchased car is put on the balance of your company, and then you just cross on this auto border, and can use your car for 6 months. Then again it will be necessary to return to Lithuania and again to issue a temporary entry to Russia. And so every 6 months.
The method would not seem very interesting, but so do many residents of the border areas and Kaliningrad. Approximately the same way people from Lithuania who have dual citizenship drive cars from Lithuania, they also have to be marked every six months at the customs.
Video about some undeniable facts of cars from Lithuania.

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