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Of course, not all citizens of Israel are Jews by halacha, although the Israeli government seeks to create a national state. the state of the Jewish people.
For those who can prove the existence of Jewish roots, the process of obtaining citizenship is very simple, since this option is covered by the Law of Return. Of course, here there are some subtleties associated mainly with the quality of the evidence base & # 8212; we already wrote about this in the article How to obtain Israeli citizenship.
Non-Jewish in Israel: issues of citizenship.
What are the opportunities for citizenship in Israel for those who could not prove Jewish origin or who does not have it at all?
Citizenship for close relatives of Jews.
Spouses of Jews, children of Jews and their spouses, grandchildren of the Jew and their spouses. their citizenship is also subject to the law of Return. When it says “spouse” # 187; & # 8212; then we are talking about a person who is married to a Jew before the beginning of the repatriation process. Of course, documents must exist that justify this way of obtaining citizenship.
In order to clarify whether the documents are prepared correctly, we recommend using a free consultation by filling out the form on the right & gt; & gt;
Widows of the Jews.
Widows of the Jews, if they subsequently did not marry a non-Jew. & # 8212; also have the right to receive Israeli citizenship in accordance with the Law on Return.
The citizenship of Israel for children.
If the child was born on the territory of Israel, and at least one of the parents was an Israeli citizen at the time of his birth & # 8212; the child automatically obtains Israeli citizenship.
If the child was not born in Israel, then he can obtain citizenship only if at least one of the parents at the time of birth was a citizen of Israel.
If minors live with their parents in Israel legally and parents receive citizenship during the naturalization procedure, then automatically the citizenship is also appropriated to children.
Israel’s citizenship by adoption.
If the child was adopted by a Jew or a son of a Jew? he has every chance of obtaining Israeli citizenship. The rule does not apply to adoption by a grandson of a Jew.
Receiving Israeli citizenship as a non-Jew in the course of naturalization.
Who usually needs naturalization in Israel? Family members who are not eligible under the Law on Return.
Naturalization & # 8212; This is a process that can be figuratively designated as rooting in the state. Naturalization process is very difficult: the state itself determines whether it is in its interests to grant citizenship to a certain person.
That is, in dealing with the formal side of the matter, you must understand that formalities in obtaining Israeli citizenship are necessary, but never sufficient.
If the state in the person of the Minister of Foreign Affairs will have a reason to take you to the number of its citizens, # 8212; then you will get this status. Moreover, & # 8212; you can be freed from certain formalities and citizenship is welcome. If there is no reason for this, & # 8212; then you can not give Israel citizenship.
This should be borne in mind when entering the path of naturalization in Israel.
What is necessary to obtain Israeli citizenship through naturalization?
To have the right to permanent residence in Israel and to reside permanently in Israel. To have a life center & 187; in Israel & # 8212; that is, have living conditions, a source of income, property and other signs that you have settled here. Possess some knowledge of Hebrew. At the time of obtaining citizenship, stay in Israel.
In fact, you must, in all your way of life, confirm that you are essentially a citizen of Israel, and also have proof that this is so.
Thus, in order for you to obtain citizenship in Israel through naturalization, you need to keep in mind the two main components of this process:
1. It is necessary to fulfill all obligatory conditions and correct paperwork.
2. It is important to be interested in the life of Israel, in its faith, traditions, goals, aspirations.
Realizing this, you can correctly tune in and correctly act on the path of acquiring citizenship through naturalization.
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