It was terribly fun: as in Bishkek, Halloween was celebrated.

It was terribly fun: as in Bishkek, Halloween was celebrated.
Wild, but pretty foreign holiday Halloween has taken root in Kyrgyzstan. Particularly actively carve teeth on pumpkins and depict all evil spirits, of course, in Bishkek. In most of the nightclubs and bars of the city were “terrible” parties. The most advanced and glamorous places quite reliably created an atmosphere of horror. The Bishkek people themselves showed their imagination. If earlier the tone of the holiday was set by bloodied nurses and black cats, now there were decomposed brides and guests with professional zombie make-up. Most visitors to such events admitted that for them Halloween is just an excuse to hang out. Although some witches stated that they are waiting for this holiday, because they can finally appear in their true guise.
Kaktus gathered the most interesting photos in social networks.
nothing more to do.
Ushlopki learn how to celebrate your holidays first.
Yes, they live called. American propaganda of violence in action. Soon there will be a day for a fagot or a day for Hitler to celebrate.
There is a lot of horror in our country, unfortunately lots of examples, my mother slaughtered her two kids, my uncle raped a boy and beat him to death, in oncology, babies die from the lack of vital drugs. And these people really have nothing to do. The money that was spent on the damn make-up and other unnecessary celebrations would be better sent to pediatric oncology.
God, people just want a holiday, play, have fun. Masquerades we do not happen except on Halloween, that’s the people and comes off once a year. Propaganda is not propaganda, what’s the difference if people just have fun. They do not bring victims and people do not kill. Take it as a theater and everything will be all right. And who does not want, then no one makes you celebrate, sit at home quietly. And that before the national holidays, we already celebrate them in full, I see no reason for claims.
That’s so stupid and the day passed.
Now many organizations and embassies of the countries in Bishkek are engaged in charity, and with the help of holidays and entertainment events they also collect money, which are then sent for a good cause.
And why people can not have fun? Why do they have to send money to charity instead of spending time in the YEAR? You yourself, who writes this, for sure, buy fireworks for the new year, for your birthday – cake, on the eighth of March any perfumes? Go to the Europeans invented by the Europeans invented a movie, even sometimes? Do not be ashamed when “children die in oncology”?
I am against holding such events in schools and universities. In nightclubs please, and our cultural officials need to work on popularizing national holidays and creating their own days of entertainment.
Well done, had a good time!
Creativity is still alive, and this is the main thing!
People, but what do you all the time skafnite. Everything is bad for you and everything is wrong!
Smile! Enjoy life!
Let better than once a year monsters will be young people, rather than carry it in themselves!
All put out who wanted to, who did not want to stay at home! What is the problem!?
Mdaaa. . . Comments as always. . .
Cool. Once a year you can disguise your face and forget all the sorrow and grief and rest from the heart!
I’m sick of these photos.
I wonder what serious psychologists think about this? Definitely: not everyone can SO have fun. It’s one thing when a person in his family has become accustomed to such holidays. Another is the fragile psyche of our children. You can get a nervous breakdown.
Before trying again to blame any country, find out what a Halloween holiday is, and where it came from. Since every person in this world lives by their own, why do you all try to impose your ideologies on each other. Everyone is right in his own way and so is not right for others. Therefore, one should not judge someone by their standards of thinking.
As for children and psychological trauma, there was no recorded case where people would frighten children, and they already in a defective condition would be at the psychologist or in the hospital. What nonsense. We, the KR have a good mentality. And to frighten children to such a state, a person should not at least have a heart in his left breast region. Just people, for temporary pleasure once a year, dressed up and just had fun in the clubs. And what about in school, etc.? – then our modern children, anyone question, everyone knows what Halloween is (even when studying elementary English – you study these holidays). So do not invent anything. You make up nonsense in your head and then you panic. Know how to just treat such things with UNDERSTANDING. Everyone has the right to live in his own way, and according to the standards that he can perceive.
Do not try to impose yourself. And the gay parade – what are you kidding? we have a Muslim country. Yes, none of this will happen. Even if something like this happens, it’s definitely not in our century of life. So just live, enjoy each in your own way, and do not carry your justice into other people’s lives. Alas, you are not given these privileges.
I will not talk like a hippie: World peace, love all over the world. But do not get me wrong. I’m not insulting you, just stating a fact. If you do not get in the way of life in your life, then why bother about it? why nerve wasting and meaningless words to someone to prove and say. And my role is not great.
Scafnut in all the misfortunes of their America accuse, and on the green card run, they are looking for ways to go there, are proud of their relatives if they left there. Helouin is not an American holiday, but in America they just love and celebrate, and whoever does not is not and that’s all. So let us have fun, people rejoice, because the meaning of life is for sure in this.
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