Italy and obtaining residence permits, Migrants.

Italy and obtaining residence permits, Migrants.
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How to obtain a residence permit in Italy.
It gives the migrant the right to use all social benefits and privileges – from education and medical care to employment in a prestigious position.
You can get a residence permit for a migrant by applying to a local police station. The Italian residence permit is divided into the following main categories:
& mdash; for businessmen – with the confirmation of the status of a businessman and the possibility of finding a job;
& mdash; for students – with the opportunity to work no more than 20 hours a week;
& mdash; for people with high incomes, whose goal is to live in Italy and spend their savings, i.e. without employment at all. Bank accounts of this category of migrants should exceed 50 thousand dollars.
The period of validity of the residence permit for various categories of migrants is 280-370 days.
It is necessary to extend the residence permit in advance, without waiting for the expiry date, for which it will be necessary to file a new petition and reassemble the necessary package of documents.
A permanent residence permit is issued to migrants who have lived in Italy with a residence permit status for more than 5 years.
To obtain a residence permit in Italy, a Russian, however, like a petitioner of a different nationality, must fill out an official application, the form of which is issued by the Italian police department.
In addition to the application, the applicant must attach the following:
& mdash; visa for the right to stay in Italy;
& mdash; a document on the absence of a criminal record;
& mdash; evidence of their financial solvency in an amount sufficient for living in Italy;
& mdash; a lease or purchase agreement;
& mdash; documents confirming the purpose of stay in the given state.
The period for consideration of the application for the issuance of a residence permit is about 2-3 months. The migrant can track the movement of his documents on a special portal.
Buying a property in Italy is an advantageous investment of capital – after all, this country has a fairly positive reputation in the world community.
According to the current legislation to buy property in Italy have the right:
& mdash; Foreign nationals who do not have a residence permit if their country of permanent residence has concluded an international agreement with Italy on the possibility of trade transactions;
& mdash; A foreigner who has been issued a residence permit before, ie. regardless of the existence of a treaty between the motherland of the migrant and Italy.
The fact of acquiring or owning real estate in Italy, however, is not a basis for obtaining residence permit in this country. As housing, a candidate for a residence permit can rent an apartment or a house, rather than acquire them for personal property.
In fact, migrants often misunderstand the notion of “chosen place of residence”, which by law means not the purchase of real estate, but the permission to issue an Italian residence permit to a well-off and financially independent foreigner, pensioner or other dependent without the right to work in Italy.
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