The idea.
The ITRUEX project is designed to help Russian companies and individuals in their cooperation with Italian companies.
The distinctive features of this project are:
A) Certain uniqueness.
Despite the large volume of cooperation between Russia and Italy, there are practically no services in the sphere of business support.
There are many companies involved in, mainly, the following activities:
assistance in emigration, business emigration to Italy organization of training in Italy assistance in buying real estate in Italy transfers from Italian furniture purchase in Italy.
However, in terms of business support, representation of interests, counseling, there is a significant gap.
ITRUEX will help you solve a particular issue (simple or complex), implement the project in various fields of activity (urgent, medium-term or long-term). The breadth of coverage has limits: in the event that we consider that we are not capable of qualitatively assisting in a specific issue, we will immediately notify you of this and, if possible, recommend someone. The main thing for us is quality and reputation.
In carrying out your mission, we represent and protect your interests.
Cooperating with Italian companies, where there are Russian-speaking employees or representatives (whether manufacturing equipment or goods, lawyer offices), Russian companies or individuals do not meet the language barrier, but do not always know and understand the rules of the game and the “inner kitchen”. Not to mention most situations when you need to deal with Italians directly. Knowledge of the language is important, but not enough. It is believed that without a language barrier (thanks to your own knowledge or the involvement of an interpreter), you can successfully conduct business with foreign companies. We are convinced that this is not enough. It is necessary to know and understand the internal specifics.
We are ready to get involved in the work at any stage, from scratch or help in the end.
Those who will help you are people who have many years of experience in various Italian enterprises and spheres, as well as their professional Italian partners.
To create the Project, we were prompted by circumstances, more precisely, by the more frequent calls of friends, acquaintances, and so on through the “word of mouth” chain to help find a supplier, buy a business, buy real estate, find and purchase equipment, solve a situation, for example, when negotiations came to a standstill or could not understand each other and agree. In such cases it is not enough to know languages, you need to know the kitchen, understand the mentality, business culture and business rules. And it is very different not only in different countries, but even within the framework of one country it can vary greatly, as, for example, in Italy: literally in every region the mentality, habits and approaches in work are different.
In addition, it turned out that in Russia such services are simply not available, and in Italy there seem to be intermediaries – sometimes Italians, but more often our compatriots – providing their services periodically or continuously in various matters, but often professionalism and / or their integration into different branches leaves much to be desired. It is important that a person has knowledge, experience and was presentable – from how your representative will be perceived to judge you and depend on the outcome of the enterprise.
In what we will help:
We will find a supplier or partner in business in Italy.
We will negotiate with the Italian company. We will hold consultations in negotiations with Italian companies.
We will support in negotiations with Italian companies.
We can fully represent and protect your interests in negotiations with Italian counterparts.
We will provide support in the supply of goods from Italy, Italian equipment.
We organize direct deliveries from Italy.
We will help you find and acquire business in Italy or open your own business there.
We will help you to buy a store, an apartment, a house and other real estate in Italy. We will help you to buy furniture in Italy.
We will help you to get information about what goods are shipped from Italy to Russia.
What we do not:
Assistance in emigration, business emigration to Italy.
Organization of training in Italy. Translations from Italian into Russian.
Shopping assistants (staff shopper)
Organization of trips and tours to Italy.
Operating procedure:
Write us the LETTER in detail – as far as possible – indicating the essence of the treatment and your region (time zone). We will let you know if we can help, and we will start discussing further actions.

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