“It’s easier to live in Syria than in Russia”

“It’s easier to live in Syria than in Russia”
on Mon Nov 09, 2015 5:04 pm.
Over four and a half years more than 11 million people left Syria. According to the EU, only this year almost half a million refugees have come to Europe. However, Syrian Ambassador to Russia Riyad Haddad says that Western sources distort information and in reality there are fewer refugees. As for Russia, there are only a few thousand here. Not only the Syrians, but even our compatriots who can legally come to Russia and live without fear of bombing, are not in a hurry to return. About why the mother-country was dearer, “Lente.ru” was told by the wife of the Syriac, Muscovite Elena Nemecha.
Lenta.ru: Why do not you leave Syria?
Elena Nemecha: Because we have a home, a job, we have children studying there. We have been in Syria for a long time, and it’s very difficult to change it. It remains only to hope that everything will be fine. Even the Syrians ask: you do not leave, are not you afraid? And we are just as scared as they are. We also leave the house and do not know – we will return or the projectile will fall or the mine. I work in Abu Rmani (a district in the central part of Damascus) – mortar shells very often drop there. But for our husbands and children it is a homeland, and for us it has already become a homeland. No matter how we scolded it, we can not say that everything is so bad in Syria. It’s just that we Russians are used to scolding everything.
In what conditions do you live now?
We live practically without light – there are two hours, there are not four hours. Without heating – there is no fuel oil (houses in Syria are heated by liquid fuel boilers – note “Lentee.ru”), because they closed all borders. A lot of things we do not have, but we arrange ourselves somehow. There is no war in Lebanon, but live without light. In winter, of course, it’s cold – there’s nothing to drown. But for two hours we turn on air conditioners for heating. Refrigerators in the winter work well, we have all the advantages. In the summer, the truth, these pluses in minuses turn: now here refrigerators do not consult, and all spoils because of heat (it is dared).
Soon winter, will you freeze again?
Now we buy gas heaters. This year was a very cold winter, well, nothing – we lived it somehow. The only problem is that the water does not have time to heat up if the boilers are electric. Two hours is not enough to make the tank warm with water. But we started going to the hamam. There you can not only wash yourself, there is also communication. In the shower you are alone with your thoughts, and then you can be worn with women. We have adapted somehow, have become accustomed to everything. The most terrible thing is shelling, and all the rest is nonsense.
Did not you think about leaving for Russia?
No. While there is an opportunity to support a family, I will not leave. In Syria, it is easier to live than in Russia. Anyone can say this. Even the Syrians who are now coming to Hungary, Serbia, understand seeing these European countries, that in Syria, even now, in wartime, people live better than Serbs and Hungarians without war. Run not only those who have really suffered, many of them run only because they want a good life, easy life. Someone is satisfied with what they receive, and someone is disappointed.
In addition to fuel oil, there are some problems with food, with medicines?
No. For four and a half years I do not remember the case that there were interruptions to the products. You can buy everything! I, when I last flew to Moscow, went to Damascus in duty-free, I wanted to buy Lebanese wine as a gift. I thought there was nothing there, and the store was jammed. And the prices are much less than in Moscow. And in the city you can find everything. Somehow the government provides us with everything. We have normal cheeses, medicines. A friend of her friend bit a scorpion, they came to the first hospital they found – and there was a rare serum. We have a war now, but what do I bring to Russia? Medications! My friends make up whole lists of the medicines they need, and I quote. Because they are original, high-quality and worth a penny.
But what about the public order and the work of municipal services?
With all that order in Syria, maybe not so much, but even this disorder is somehow organized. The buses are not less frequent than in Moscow. I live not far from Jobar (a suburb of Damascus), which is constantly bombarded, but buses run by the clock. The schedule of transport can violate either the shelling, or when the streets for something overlap. The city continues to live in spite of everything.
What do you do in your spare time, except visiting the hamam?
It would be free time. We, for example, rest on the sea – in Latakia, Tartus. Tartous has great hotels. Even new ones open up, chic. By the way, the people are full. And in the pools in Damascus there is no free space, especially on weekends. People are trying to preserve the old way of life.
Are your children in Syria too?
My daughter (the eldest) in Germany studies at the university. When I ask her “Do you like Germany?”, She says: “No. Well, it’s rich, of course. But all people are somehow gloomy, as if they are living the last day. All they have on paper, they do not waste anything extra. ” When I ask her where she would like to live, she says with confidence: in Beirut. Because life is there, everything is bright. The war is near, everything is bad around, devastation, and the Arabs continue to enjoy life. Lebanese women are all with a manicure, they are all bright, beautiful, well-groomed. They have eyebrows, eyes, hands. Let they not model beauties, but from them breathes life. Although there are also full problems, but people live every minute.
And the daughter does not want to return to Damascus?
She loves Damascus very much, but now it seems dangerous, so she talks about Beirut. And the youngest daughter here in Damascus, goes to school. Sometimes, however, before the classes everyone is sitting in the basement, because the area is being shelled.
Are foreign embassies working?
The embassies did not seem to be closed, only the Germans left, the Americans, and from other diplomatic missions only diplomats were taken out and left with Arab employees. And now the diplomats began to return to the Czech, Polish, Serbian embassies. They can not close. In Damascus full of Spaniards, Americans, Germans – I’m talking about the citizens of these countries. They also need to extend the documents, provide some kind of consular assistance, so the embassies are functioning. And you know, for some reason all those who have foreign passports and dual citizenship stay here and do not go anywhere. Uneducated unemployed youth are running to Europe, and those who have some specialty and job remain.
Damascus is literally surrounded by militants. Does not that bother you?
Of course it bothers you. If you look at Jobar, for example, from the height of the 12th floor, then it is practically not there – they were all demolished to knock out these fighters. But they can not be knocked out, because they are underground. There’s a whole three-story city. How many years it had to be digged, who dug, who helped, how it was organized? Nobody knows where these moves lead.
Why did many Syrians support the opponents of Assad and go to war?
They simply promised the poor people a golden life – nothing to do and receive money. They put Saudi Arabia as an example. They say you will live like Saudis. And, of course, many fools agreed, they are now fighting for it – poor uneducated people.
Are there many in Syria?
That’s enough. But they are not so because the state was bad – in every state there are problems. The thing is that there are a lot of children in the family. Works, as a rule, only the father, it is difficult to support the family. Someone works better, someone works worse. Some children are inclined to get education, and become highly paid specialists. Someone’s hands are golden, and he repairs the machines so that a line is built up for him, someone cuts fine – and such people live perfectly. But not everyone can.
Before the war, the authorities were abusing?
No. And now do not scold. When we talk about whether power is bad or good with all its corruption, I always remember my local acquaintance. She is a pediatrician and her husband is a gynecologist. All his life he worked as a gynecologist. Not some famous, not the director of a large clinic – an ordinary gynecologist. But the family has several apartments in the center of the capital, several apartments outside the city, offices in the city center. They have land near Damascus. All this is crazy money – even by the standards of wartime. Do they resemble people who lived under the bad regime of Assad? In Russia today, an ordinary doctor will be able to earn as much? And they did not steal, did not kill, they did not rob – they just treated women and children in their offices.
What are you most afraid of?
I’m not afraid of anything. In Damascus, you can live peacefully, if only not shelling. I’m afraid of them. Before the war, we lived in paradise. Everyone who returns to Moscow or other Russian cities, sit and cry – they want back. Who lives a year, who two – still can not get used to. Very sorry for the country and very sorry that many left. But I will not leave and do not even think about it. For us, Russian wives, Syria is now a home. It is closer to us, more familiar, warmer than Russia. In Russia we are like strangers.
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the glory of O & G, what can you say.
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the glory of O & G, what can you say. & # 8221; you tried to bombard you, so that you could feel better as a Syrian? drugs is enough or to throw those that are cheaper?

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