Job search in Europe is a personal experience.

Job search in Europe is a personal experience.
– As already written above, for the period from August 2012 to May 2013, we for two with my husband sent somewhere like 3000 responses to vacancies.
– the geography of searches initially included the whole of Europe and quite a bit Canada with the USA (at that time we were completely not capricious in this regard, therefore we were looking everywhere, the obligatory condition was that the work more or less correspond to the level of competence, and the employer was ready to sponsor the receipt of a working visa)
– found on LinkedIn.
Here on this and try to make an accent.
The latter is terribly inconvenient because you have to go to a separate site for each country, and you can not look for, for example, the “e-commerce project manager” immediately in England, Germany and Ireland. At the same time, as it turned out in the process, there are unique vacancies that are not found anywhere else. And there is a reason for this.
If the company wants to hire a foreigner, she must prove that she was searching for such a valuable specialist for a long time and in vain, but she could not find him in any way. In this case, it can get a green light on attracting an alien (from outside the EU).
There are, of course, transnational giants, in which the attraction of expats is put on stream. They have quotas, the process is accelerated to the maximum. But for ordinary players in small and medium-sized businesses, the rules are strict. Therefore, in particular, on national “monsters” unique vacancies emerge – the companies are obliged to twist them there for a certain time, so that later there was a basis for attracting a foreign specialist with the necessary competence. Plus, that on Monster these vacancies sometimes appear earlier, than on LinkedIn, because of all the same strict requirements.
A good combination, for example, I think LinkedIn + is the largest national resource publishing vacancies (it is usually easy to determine such a leader).

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