Just Seattle (Seattle) 2008 (with photo)

Just Seattle (Seattle) 2008 (with photo)
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Just Seattle (Seattle) 2008 (with photo)
10 Aug 2010, 06:55.
On a vacation to Seattle I was not really planning, I wanted to go to the Dominican Republic or somewhere to the south. But my husband somehow expressed a desire to go to Seattle, I thought about it and eventually he & quot; won & quot ;.
In Seattle, my friend lives with his wife. We once worked together for several years in Moscow, and for 7 or 10 years, this person and his wife persistently participated in the Green Card lottery until they won a visa. I meanwhile went through professional immigration to Canada. That’s how we ended up in the US, and I’m in Canada, but we continued to census and exchange impressions about immigration. It’s been several years since we left, but in 2008 there was a desire to see each other personally, although the distance was not long: from Toronto across America to the other coast to Seattle. We by this moment already became citizens of Canada with a blue passport and therefore did not need a visa.
We went in the middle of June 2008. In Toronto there was a terrible heat, and for some reason I was sure, Seattle – even south of Toronto (it’s not so) and was going there almost as a resort: beautiful shoes with them, summer T-shirts and everything to walk downtown like a rezort ( apparently, in my thoughts, I still went to the Dominican Republic). The first impression when landing: in the air felt “breath” Alaska. This is confirmed by the heaps of Alaskan Air aircraft at the airport. We leave – and no one meets us. We waited about 10 minutes, then we call off. It turned out that my friends met us at the international terminal, and we from Canada arrived in the local terminal. This was a small surprise for everyone, but it was supposed to happen – we crossed the US border in a separate terminal in Toronto. Madly it was nice to see old friends, but I’ll skip the story about the gathering in the kitchen until 4 am.
Having hardly got out of bed somewhere in the vicinity of 12 days, we decided not to lose any time and to advance to the surroundings. This holiday was allocated only a week and therefore every day, in price.
For a week of staying with Seattle, I realized many of my mistakes when planning a trip and “made conclusions for the future.”
We laid the planning for the inspection of all the sights on our friends, so we did not start to think about renting a car. And they advised us not to take it: “that we are not relatives, of course, we will take you everywhere”. In fact, it turned out that in Seattle we must look mainly at nature, not the city, and we were always attached to the car of our friend. Thank you very much – for us he took a few days off and so we inspected absolutely everything we wanted, but with his car it would be a greater freedom of choice. We also had the idea to fly to Vancouver, there to take a car and come to Seattle by car, but in this case we decided not to waste time on moving. Then came the idea to take a car in Seattle and go to see Vancouver and / or Victoria, but it turned out that Canadians can not ride a rented American car back to Canada (in a rented Canadian in the US it is possible). This applies only to Canadian citizens and no one else. In general, it turned out that we skated everywhere only together with friends.
My brought shoes and summer T-shirts also turned out to be especially out of work, one day was enough to inspect the downtown (see below). And all the rest of the days I spent in jeans and sneakers or sports. suit, which was not quite morally ready. And the weather in Seattle was much colder than in Toronto, I was always cold, although it seemed to me then that everything should be the other way around. We left the +30 temperature, which did not rise above +20. And there was practically no sun during our stay there. Although there was no rain, but the sky was most often hidden by clouds. The fact that Seattle is always raining, according to a friend – is not entirely true. Most often just overcast due to the proximity of the ocean, which contributes to the formation of clouds and the proximity of the Cascades, which these clouds inhibit and prevent them from flying to the depths of the continent. Well, of course, these clouds sometimes spilled rain.
Honestly, I did not even think about what to see in Seattle, hoping for friends. As a result, it turned out that we still missed something by ignorance, although we could have seen (time allowed). For example, according to other Russians, it was impossible to miss Mount St. Helen, and also it was necessary to find a monument to Lenin on some square. But these are all plans for the future.
We decided to go to the Deception Pass. We drove for a long time. Maybe it seemed to me, but we generally got to it pretty long. Maybe because the buddies lived in a fairly distant suburb of Seattle Everett. On the way we stopped on the way to just stay in the forest. One of the most vivid impressions of Seattle is the forest. You go into the woods and you feel like an insect. The size of the trees is amazing. Therefore, not a single photo is from the forest. The forest does not cover and it is unclear how you can transfer its dimensions to the photo and from what perspective. Even immediately remembered the childhood and those feelings when all the trees were large, and you are so small.
The bridge through the Deception Pass is also impressive. The railing at the bridge is quite low and because of this there is a feeling of fear. It seems that the waters of the bay are about to drag you into the depths. But according to friends, there were no deaths on the bridge.
After the bridge, we just went down to the parking lot to have lunch and watch the hares.
Next we went, in my opinion, somewhere in the direction of North Cascades National park, but I do not know exactly the place.
The road passed along such a wonderful river with emerald water.
And here is the lake to which we were traveling. Well than Switzerland?
This day decided to devote the main landmarks of the state of Washington – Mount Rainier. The road to it is not close, so the whole day spent only on it.
We drove through such picturesque places and admired the dams and waterfalls.
Here is a Mount Rainier.
Day 3 decided to devote excursions to the Boeing plant.
I’m pretty attracted to “industrial” excursions. Looking at the creation of grandiose buildings, each time you are amazed at the scope of human progress and the strength of the human mind. Therefore, Boeing in the program was from the very beginning. It’s a pity that you can not take pictures at the factory. Excursionists meet at the Welcome Center, and then everyone is taken by bus to the plant itself, and cameras and bags are handed over to the storage room in advance. With itself in hands in general anything it is impossible to take, since. The whole excursion takes place on special panoramic platforms under the ceiling of the shops. You look at everything from top to bottom and, accordingly, all things are selected to not fall down accidentally. No special protection and supervision of the tourists was not noticed, they just all stayed together with the guide, and far from all the same you will not escape. The guide was an old woman who worked at the plant for 30 years and was already retired, but she was still working part-time. The old lady did not like the guide. It was already clear that she was old even for such work. She spoke rather vaguely and as if unwillingly. I was always tormented by the question why, after 30 years working for one of the best American companies, she can not enjoy the earned pension. And to ask her about it, of course, was not convenient. From her story, only the fact that Boeing’s workshops are the largest commercial space in the world by volume. And the fact that a standard aircraft can be assembled as if from a designer for 3 days, well, or a maximum of a week. Still seen in the shops of the famous Boeing 787 Dreamliner in a semi-assembled state, which can not be put into operation.
And this is how the plant’s workshops and the runway look.
A few views of the city on the way to the center.
And he can be familiar with one short training film, which they like to show in business schools and business seminars. Question: How can you increase the sales of freshly caught fish in the market in a highly competitive environment? Answer: “A new approach to sales”, which is demonstrated by the sellers of this fish. Sellers just play the show with the fish, throwing it and juggling it. As we have seen. The real representation was no different from the one seen before.
Then went to wander around the city.
To be honest, this street reminded me a lot of Peter.
Decided to go quite far from home – on the very coast of the Pacific Ocean. At first it seems that Seattle itself is directly on the coast, but this is not entirely true. The entire coast line is cut by fjords, and the entire region where the city of Seattle is located is called Puget Sound http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puget_Sound.
And the road to the ocean takes 4-5 hours. According to the friends, the entire coast of the ocean belongs to the Indians, therefore the access to the coast is free, and also there it is possible to spend the night in a tent, which they often do in the summer. We were limited to one day.
First they sailed on the ferry.
Then they drove for a long time and watched the Americans: how they play the Civil War and relax on motorcycles.
According to friends, in the park where we went, we can never know the weather in advance (there is simply no equipment for this on the land of the Indians, and the weather in this park will always differ from that even 20 minutes away from it.
In general, when we reached the final point of our trip, we were convinced of this, because before us there was such a sky and waves.
Sunset on the way home.
Day 6 passed in no way and without photos. At first they fell asleep after yesterday’s long trip to the ocean (they returned very late). And then just hanging out around the neighborhood and shopping. It was possible to grab as many as 6 pairs of new shoes. We Canadians, too, like shopping in America!
Continued research Seattle. This time there were four of us in the city, so we looked at where it is difficult to get there and where our friends did not particularly look before.
The Japanese garden (Arboretum) is an extremely cozy place.
Then drove through the typical streets of Seattle and looked at the houses.
and came to the University.
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10 Aug 2010, 13:22.
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10 Aug 2010, 18:20.
Re: Just Seattle (Seattle) 2008 (with photo)
10 Aug 2010, 18:30.
And this is not bad for you.
Re: Just Seattle (Seattle) 2008 (with photo)
10 Aug 2010, 20:43.
if you like the saga Twinlights (Edward, Bella,.) then there is the town of Forks (the residence of Bella) and La Push (the place of residence of the wolves :). La Push is already an ocean. a little further along the ocean there is a beautiful place Ruby Beach.
on the way to Ruby Beach – there is a soft place Rain forest.
on such a trip it is better to lay a minimum of 2 days (with an overnight stay in the vicinity of Olympic NP)
we skated this spring Seattle was the final point before flying home.
mentioned places can be found on the map of our trip 🙂
still look in the Seattle area – there are tours to see killer whales and other whales .. there is a seasonal thing.

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