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To France for permanent residence from russia.
A completely new business is being created, or the French representative office of the company is opening.
Apply for a job. For citizens of non-EU states, it is rather difficult. To hire an immigrant from Russia, the head of the company will have to prove that only he is suitable for this position. Go to university. French higher education institutions are willing to accept foreigners, it is enough to pay for studies or go to free education in a public institution of higher learning and speak the level of the language. Stages of immigration to France Long-term visa. It is required for a stay in the country more than 90 days. It is not a basis for free movement in the Schengen area. Happens: Equivalent to the residence permit. Requiring registration permit. Residence. Gives the right to visit the countries of the European Union.
Emigrate to France, the requirements for the applicant.
copies of documents certifying the applicant’s face; certificate of family composition; photos on the sample; questionnaires in the form; confirmation of the right of ownership of immovable property (if any); medical certificate for emigration; confirmation of economic stability: bank statements, credit card; documentation confirming stay in the republic: checks, air tickets; medical insurance for a year; certificate of non-conviction; license for doing business (if necessary); confirmation of the power of attorney to maintain administrative records; confirmation of the right to represent family interests.
How to get a job? To arrange a good job, even in a developed country, you need to have excellent recommendations from other employers and employees.
How best to immigrate to France.
It preserves the old and opens new jobs in the country. (The number of jobs provided is not less than 50). Members of a family of large investors have the right to permanently reside on the territory of the republic. Residence permit through marriage The right to reside in the territory of the country has those who have contracted a normal or civil marriage with a local.
How to immigrate from Russia to France: legal ways.
Moving to France.
Employees of the migration service carefully check the papers of all applicants, consider the information on acquaintance, marriage and cohabitation with the aim to exclude the possibility to obtain citizenship through the conclusion of a fictitious marriage.
Obtaining the status of a “political refugee”. The grounds for obtaining the status are carefully checked.
The decision to grant territorial asylum is made by the Minister of the Interior. Refugees do not have the right to study or work. Birth in the territory of the country.
If the parents are emigrants in France and do not have citizenship, then the children receive citizenship immediately after birth. One of the parents is a French citizen. Presence of French roots. The right to dual citizenship Passport of a French citizen The French legislation allows for the presence of a second citizenship of citizens of their country.
How to move to permanent residence in France from Russia.
It is issued exclusively in the French prefectures after receiving a long-term visa. It happens:
Without the right to work. With the right to work. Permanent residence. Application for permanent residence is given after 3 years of continuous residence in France with a permanent residence permit. The time limit can be shortened in the case of: Large monetary investments in the French economy – about half a year after the request. Marriage with a citizen / citizen of France – 1 year after the receipt of the residence permit. Doing business is also 1 year after receiving residence permit. Assignment of refugee status.
Provides the holder with all the rights of citizens of the country, the exception is participation in elections and the opportunity to be elected.
Emigration to France from Russia.
For this it is necessary to sign a contract with the employer, which, in turn, must prove that among the local population there are no specialists of the required professional level. Therefore, workers from abroad are invited only in case of a deficit of national labor resources.
They are literate people of narrow specialization or special level of preparation. Business immigration To develop the national economy, each country needs investments, there are even special mechanisms for attracting capital from abroad.
When the branch opens, the national economy becomes more active, new jobs are created, and the country’s financial stability grows.
How to go to France for permanent residence? – life, people, the French.
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How to get a residence permit in France with the prospect of moving to permanent residence?
The applicants who lived in the country for at least 5 years have the right to receive French citizenship. Persons who served in the French army or were born and live in the territory of the camps in which the French language is recognized as state language. Download in PDF. The term of the required residence is reduced to 2 years if the applicant has a certificate of completion of a higher education institution in France.
Apply for citizenship is allowed to foreigners who have lived in marriage for at least 3 years and have not left the state for the past year.

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