The situation with granting political asylum in the USA for the residents of Kazakhstan remains extremely urgent. Every year, the human rights situation worsens. Human rights activists note that an independent body has not yet been established in Kazakhstan to investigate the facts of torture in accordance with the UN Convention against Torture, there is no public control of places of detention, nor has a national preventive mechanism been established. It is noted that the power is concentrated in the hands of the president and allows him to control the regional and local state bodies, as well as to exert a significant influence on the legislative and judicial authorities.
Elections do not comply with international norms and rules, the following violations of rights and freedoms in the state are noted: severe restrictions on the rights of citizens to change power, hazing in the army, torture and other violations of the rights of detainees and convicts, unsatisfactory conditions in prisons, arbitrary arrests and detention guardianship, lack of an independent judiciary, restrictions on freedom of speech, press, assembly and association, widespread corruption, especially in law enforcement and judicial bodies; prohibitive measures regarding the registration of political parties; restrictions on the activities of non-governmental organizations, discrimination and violence against women; trafficking in persons and social discrimination against the rights of homosexuals, bisexuals, transgender people and carriers of HIV / AIDS.
Residents of Kazakhstan often apply for political asylum in the US, as the number of violations of rights and freedoms is great, bullying, humiliation of human dignity, persecution for political reasons are of a massive nature. What generally speaks about the lack of democracy in the country. In the report of the US Diplomatic Mission to Kazakhstan, it is noted that the authorities continue the policy of discrimination in favor of ethnic Kazakhs when they are appointed to senior government posts. Minorities experience ethnic prejudices and hostility, face insults, humiliation or other violations, and are discriminated against when they are employed or when they are saved.
In addition, mass incidents of discrimination in language are noted. According to the current legislation, knowledge of the Kazakh language is not required for admission to the civil service, however, most state agencies have semi-officially switched to office work in the Kazakh language, which caused protests among citizens who do not speak Kazakh against language discrimination. Among other forms of discrimination, critics note a very low number of representatives of other nationalities in government bodies, and the number of Russian-language schools is declining. Any facts of discrimination need to be recorded, since these evidence will help you to facilitate political asylum in the United States.
Harassment in society, discrimination and acts of violence based on sexual orientation and gender are also common. Representatives of international organizations report that the negative attitude of society towards marginalized groups, including homosexual, bisexual and transgender people (LGBT), prevents these groups from expressing themselves, and as a result, this makes it difficult for them to have access to HIV / AIDS programs. LGBT people, especially homosexual men, were among the most persecuted groups, although homosexual behavior in the country is not illegal. Several LGBT organizations operating in the country reported that some state HIV clinics violate confidentiality and report sexual orientation of their patients to their families and employers. Attempts to report the facts of violence against members of sexual minorities in law enforcement often encounter resistance and hostility.
The situation with human rights and citizenship in Kazakhstan remains complex and tense, freedom guaranteed by the legislation is declarative. In this regard, citizens of Kazakhstan also have the opportunity to apply for political asylum in the United States, for which it is necessary to prove that persecution has been committed against him, or that his presence in the territory of Kazakhstan is not safe.
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