Kill two birds with one stone? Police school (technical school) – residence permit and diploma in Poland.

Kill two birds with one stone? Police school (technical school) – residence permit and diploma in Poland.
Think about immigration to Poland, but do not want to do a rough job? Collect strawberries are not for you? Then it is worth considering the option of emigrating with the help of obtaining a medium-technical, and most importantly, free education in Polish police schools.
The unfavorable economic situation in most of the countries of the former USSR and the military conflict in Ukraine gave impetus to a new wave of migrants to more developed countries. The first on the list is Poland, because the laws of this country are quite loyal to our migrants. But office workers or doctors, for example, who are thinking about immigration to Poland, do not want to go to seasonal work or work without qualifications. If it is easy for builders to find a job in their specialty, then various managers only dream about it.
But there is a way out – you can go to Poland quite legally with the help of a police school.
What school, if I’m already 20/30/40 or more?
A police school is an analogue of our school or college, but for adults between 18 and 60 years of age. After passing the final exam in core subjects, you will receive a European diploma with which you can work not only in Poland, but also in any country in Europe. Training lasts a year, a half or two, depending on the chosen profession.
List of main occupations:
medical guardian; assistant to a person with disabilities; children’s guardian; dental assistant; masseur; orthopedist; environmental protection; occupational Safety and Health; manicurist; the hairdresser; cook; stylist-make-up artist; cosmetologist; hotel business; bartender; florist; accountant; System Administrator; travel agent.
In fact, the list of professions is very long, and you can get a profile education in almost any field of knowledge, because there are schools in every big and not very big city of Poland. In the main cities there are several schools, so you can choose what is right for you.
Training is far from free on all directions, but it happens that in one school it is paid, in another it is free of charge. The price of training on paid directions is 100-200 zl per month (20-40 euros). This is not such a big money for the acquisition of a demanded profession, and the big plus of schools is that it is quite possible to combine training and work, even for a full working day (there would be only strength).
The school year has begun – do you need to wait a year?
The recruitment to the police schools takes place all the year round, you can start training in September or in February, and the documents are accepted for several weeks after the beginning of the semester.
I do not know the Polish language, how can I learn?
Education in all schools is in Polish, but for the entry of knowledge of the language is not necessary – no examinations are conducted, and the list of documents does not include certificates of completion of courses. Since the Polish language is similar to Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, most of our students understand the essence even without knowledge of the Polish language. But, of course, before leaving for training it is better to pull up your knowledge even to the level of A1.
Bad grades in the certificate, failure of the UPE is a problem?
No, because when entering a police school, the results of the UPE are not needed, and success is not taken into account. Knowledge will be needed when passing the final exam in a core subject – if you choose a profession meaningfully, there will be no problems getting a diploma.
List of documents for admission:
certificate of completion of secondary school; 2-3 photos; medical certificate; copies of the first pages of the foreign and national passports.
Documents on education must be translated into Polish by a sworn translator.
If I plan to work, then why do I need a school?
At the moment, Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Russians, Georgians, Armenians and Moldovans can work 6 months a year in Poland without obtaining a work permit – the employer registers only a statement of intent to hire a foreigner (we often call it an “invitation to work”) . With this document, you can get a visa 180/360, and by the “invitation to study” from the police school you can get a visa 360/360 – a national annual visa (only if you are going to a full-time study form). And the student can work quite legally – in this case it is possible to work without a break in 6 months and without receiving a “visa from the governor”.
If you go to Poland not for short-term “earnings”, but to take root there, then the police school is an ideal option, because our compatriots rarely work by profession, and with the diploma of the Polish police school, you can find a higher-paying job, according to your knowledge and qualifications .
Is it possible to go on a study visa and not attend classes?
In schools, if possible, fight with truants, and if you missed more than 50% of the classes – be prepared to pay a fine. In general, you will not be able to go to school – the migration service may revoke your visa in case of an unauthorized use.
How to get a residence permit in Poland?
Upon arrival in Poland on a visa, you can further apply for a residence permit – Karty czasowego pobytu for the purpose of obtaining an education. But this option is again possible only if you are educated on a full-time basis. But most adult students combine work with study, and in this case it is possible to file documents based on work.
Our services.
Enroll in a police school with us easily! The cost of a full package of services is 290 euros. Partial provision of services – school selection and translation of documents – 100 euros.
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