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“You will be told that Mauritius was created by God immediately after the paradise. In fact, this paradise was created in the likeness of Mauritius ”
Mark Twain & # 8212; American writer.
The island of Mauritius has always seemed to me a very distant interesting and mysterious place. And finally, I went there. The journey turned out to be long, for my trip I chose the campaign “Air France” and flew there through Paris. This is not very convenient, the voyage took almost a whole day, 4 hours to Paris, there is docking for 4 and a half hours, then almost 11 hours flight to Mauritius and only early in the morning you arrive on the island – the homeland of the birds of the Dodo. I recommend that anyone who wants to visit Mauritius fly by the airline “Emirates”, first and fly a lot less, 5 hours from Moscow to Dubai and then only 6 hours from Dubai to Mauritius, and the service aboard the Emirates, much higher than the “French”, and the ubiquitous “Transaero” there have already been allowed. The only advantage of Air France for me was that it flies from my favorite airport Sheremetyevo, this time I was flying from a new terminal E that had just started to receive passengers. This terminal was then almost empty, almost entirely without shops.
In the terminal “E” then billboards were a rarity. Just one or two. Whiskey advertising with Tom Sisley – one of my favorite actors, could not not take a picture of her.
Take-off strip at the airport.
At Sheremetyevo in 2010, the new terminals “D” and “E” were commissioned & # 8212; now this is the “new house” of Aeroflot.
Having landed in France, I was struck by the size of the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, before that I just drove by car under its belt for already boarded planes (if you go on the highway from Belgium to Paris, then you pass through the tunnel under the airplanes passing over you) .
In Paris, I first saw the world’s largest passenger airplane “Airbus A380” by Singapore Airlines.
We flew from Paris to Mauritius “Air France” almost immediately after the flight of the airline “Air Mauritius”. Both planes were almost full, the French like to rest on their former colonial possessions.
In such chairs in the “Charles de Gaulle” you can relax in anticipation of your flight.
The planes take off and land at very short intervals. This is the take-off turn.
And finally, after the 11-hour flight, we are preparing for a landing in Mauritius. Near Mauritius, the island of Reunion with the capital of Saint Denis is seen. It is 230 kilometers from Mauritius and a visa is required for his visit. the island is considered the territorial possession of France. The island is very interesting, it has an active volcano.
During my journey, I traveled all over the island of Mauritius, but first I lived on the eastern side of the island, famous for its luxury hotels. Sometimes here loungers are placed on artificial islands far from shore. You swim there and sunbathe under the sun, surrounded by a watery surface and silence.
Cold French champagne & brut & # 187; for breakfast is also an integral attribute of hotels in Mauritius.
In the supermarkets on the island, New Zealand dairy products are sold everywhere, and billboards on the streets are actively advertised, although New Zealand is not at all close.
Everywhere on the island you can find sugar cane plantations.
In many hotels there is a tradition of champagne to open a saber. Usually this is done during some festivities. In English this process is called “sabrage”. I was also allowed to participate in this ceremony. It is necessary to bring down the blunt end of the saber to the upper rim & # 187; with the neck of a bottle of champagne.
After the opening of the bottle, a solemn ceremony of “knight initiation” takes place.
And it looks like a bottle of champagne, opened with the help of “saber”.
In the morning in Mauritius, you can always see fishermen, slowly engaged in their craft.
The island itself was discovered by the Portuguese Diogo Dias, brother of Bartolomeu Dias, the first European to round the Cape of Good Hope, when his ship lost track due to a storm in 1500. Almost 100 years later, the Dutch landed here and gave the island its modern name in honor of the Dutch prince Moritz of Nasauski.
After the Dutch there were Frenchmen who called Mauritius “Ile de France”, which in French means “Island of France”.
After the French, there were British people who unexpectedly agreed to keep French, French laws and culture here and allowed the French to keep on the island their lands that they still own.
A large number of lianas grow on the island. I did not think before that they were so strong. The vine can climb up, the feeling reminded me of the school, when we climbed up the rubber cable in the gym.
Very often you can see how they sell huge ocean shells.
In many hotels it is suggested to try various “rum tinctures”, in essence a usual brew, which was on fruit.
In Mauritius, English left-hand traffic and a very developed service of car rental services. Here are such “Suzuki Jimmy” in the lease from major international companies can often be found on the island.
Here, as befits the island, there are many different sizes of yachts. On some of them the national four-color flag of the state flutters. The colors of the flag mean the following: red – independence, blue – the color of the Indian Ocean, yellow – a bright future, and green – the lush vegetation of the island.
Often in Mauritius in expensive hotels construct small artificial islands, apparently in order to organize romantic dinners for “Honeymooneurs.”
Many hotels are a work of art. I would, speaking about Mauritius, first of all allocate luxury hotels. Excellent food, a huge area with swimming pools all this characterizes the luxury of the island of France & # 187 ;.
The capital of the island – the city of Port Louis is located on the north coast and is surrounded by an amphitheater from the mountains. The French governor Labordonne founded this city. On the 86-meter hill above the capital rises a powerful basalt fortress – Citadel or Fort Adelaide. It began to build the French, and the British have already finished.
In the city there is a hippodrome Champ de Mars. It was built in 1812 as a parade ground for the French army, and now is the second oldest riding club in the world.
You can see in the distance a large territory and with a church and a statue of Mary. This place is called Marie Reine de la Paix (from the French Maria – Queen of the World). This church was visited by John Paul 2 and it is considered a holy Catholic place.
The central tourist destination of the capital is the Caudan Waterfron Center. Here are the best on the island shops of famous brands and the market of folk crafts. This is the most famous hotel of the island of Le Labourdonnais, where all official delegations arriving to the island stop.
There are also nearby military ships of the Coast Guard of Mauritius.
Sugar terminal. Reed sugar is the most important export commodity of Mauritius. Even when they come to Auchan and Perekrestok and buy cane sugar there, in Russia, with a high degree of probability, it will be produced in Mauritius. I buy only “brown sugar” and I always get Mauritian.
Here I first tried “freshly squeezed juice” from sugar cane. I liked him very much and it’s a pity that it is not sold in packages or plastic bottles. I remember that he had an unusual taste.
“Starting material” for the preparation of juice.
The taste of the cocktail is great. Unfortunately, more I have never met the opportunity to try this juice.
Bus station in Port Louis.
In the evening on the island you can go on a yacht to enjoy the sunset.
And once again back to the hotels in Mauritius. There are many hotels on the island where there are no large buildings, and each room is a separate villa with its own pool. The rooms are separated from each other by a “natural fence” of natural plants.
In Mauritius is the third oldest botanical garden in the world. Botanical Garden Pamplemousse named after Sivusagur Ramgoolam.
The garden was created by the French naturalist Pierre Poivre, a monument to which I had already met in Victoria & # 8212; the capital of the Seychelles. The garden area is 20 hectares, on the territory there are ponds and shady alleys. About 600 trees grow in the park.
The Ylang-Ylang tree is used in perfumery for obtaining odorous oils.
Palm Talipot from Sri Lanka, which in 30 – 100 years, blooms millions of white and purple flowers, and then perishes. The last time this palm tree blossomed here in 2008.
“Walking palm”, it comes from the neighboring Seychelles.
Victoria Amazonika is the largest water lily in the world. Her sheet can withstand even the weight of the child.
This palm tree is called the “palm of travelers” because between the “leaves” it gathers rainwater, which “the wandering can drink.”
In the park, I met the Mauritian Indians – my mother and daughter. At first it was even hard to believe, since they were more like sisters.
One day I wanted a little adrenaline on a luxurious island. I did not find bungee jumping here, just like I tried in Zambia and on the Thai island of Koh Samui, but Zip Line was good here. Early in the morning I went on an excursion, which in Mauritius is called “Les Cerfs Volants”. In translation from French it is “The Flying Deer”.
Sometimes motor roads on the island pass very close to the ocean.
The attraction starts with the fact that you arrive at the place of start, where you sign all the necessary papers, that “in case of a shoal with you, you guys are not at work”, you equip your gear and then the old Land Rover Defender takes out to the start of the “first tarzanka”. The height of the highest cable here is 40 meters, and the lowest – 3 meters. The length of the longest is 160 meters, the shortest is 25 meters.
At first it was a bit scary to step down “to nowhere”, but then the fear disappeared forever, after all, emotions are much weaker than bungee jumping.
And then just fly over the rope over the precipices.
When the rope is long, you have time to enjoy several seconds of flight.
In the middle of the excursion, a small stop is made for swimming in a lake with a small waterfall.
A few more “flights over the ropes” and the excursion is coming to an end.
Then, as a bonus, as there was still time left, the guys took me to a private ranch called “Golden Deer”. Deserted vast landscaped landscaped grounds.
Here to me my guides – “indigenous Mauritians” told me about the fun of the boys in Mauritius. It turns out that if you catch a lizard and put a cigarette in it, it will begin to draw in smoke, and can not exhale or spit out a cigarette and it happens until the lizard breaks into pieces. I do not know if it’s true or not, I did not try, because I do not accept sadism in any measure, but that in Mauritius many lizards are really true.
After a wonderful excursion I went to see another attraction of the island & # 8212; observation deck “Gris Gris”. The inhabitants of the island come here “for picnics” and the machines are put in the shadow of a small grove, and after 100 meters about the rocks the black crush with the roar of the wave.
Even standing on a cliff, 7-8 meters high from the water, coming to the edge, you will be wet from head to foot, from splashes of crashing waves.
Here on the southern – the most undeveloped coast of the island is the reserve “La Vanilla” with crocodile and turtle farms. You can even “ride a big turtle.” Today in Mauritius, the largest campaign for breeding aldabra turtles has unfolded.
Turtles in the process of skiing can be fed with green leaves, which grow here everywhere.
I did not see any crocodiles there, or did not find them, apparently they were in the process of immigration from Madagascar.
The picture is not correct at all, because even on crocodile farms, children are crocheted from their parents, otherwise parents will simply eat them.
A very popular excursion to Mauritius is the so-called “Southern Tour”, this is when you examine the “southern sights” of the island. The inspection begins from the Chamarel waterfall. The waterfall falls from a height of 100 meters and is the highest waterfall on the island.
Here is the main “tourist dilution” of Mauritius. Nature here mixed seven kinds of colored volcanic ash of various shades: pink, purple, orange and gray. Very often colored sand of Chamarel is called the most important attraction of the island, but they personally did not impress me at all.
Mauritius has many lakes, but only 2 natural ones. One of them is Lake Grand Bassin (with a French large pool). It is located in the crater of an extinct volcano. This is the most sacred place for the Mauritian Indians. They call it Ganga Talao (Lake Ganga). Hindus believe that this lake was formed from drops of water of the sacred Indian river Ganges. Grand Bassin is the place of pilgrimage of thousands of Mauritian Indians. They come here during the “great night of Shiva”. Recently on the shore erected a 33 meter statue of Shiva, symbolizing the 108 names of the Deity.
Hindus come here and leave flowers and fruits on special platforms on the shores of the lake.
So I saw the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Now the direction is becoming more and more untwisted and ceases to be exotic. I would gladly have visited this place once again, but to get from there to the French Reunion and the Mauritian Rodriguez. This is much less popular in terms of tourism, but not less interesting, from my point of view, considering that flights from Mauritius fly there regularly.

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