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Cost of living in Kathmandu || Nepal.
And earlier to me oxanna gave contact of the lady who rented a room for 100 dollars. True, we called, but she did not take the phone.
recommended not to live in a noisy Tamela but Tibetan, near the Buddha Stupa. Guys – there really very, very good. And quietly. There even the signs hang: & quot; can not be signaled & quot ;. And the mountains are much closer. There is even an opportunity to live in a hotel with a garden. Beauty.
1. One room – in the center of the city – 116.06 $
Read the same comments under this post, often my friends – travelers make valuable additions.
– in this case, the chances of getting a discount are much greater.
3.Pro trade – many have written. And I’ll write. Bargain – knock down the price. In the end it’s a good tone.
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Further prices depend on the tourist season. The most season is autumn (from mid-September to December) and then – spring. The rest of the time the prices are lower, but again looking where: on Bodde the season may be slightly different. There is also the concept of price for local, but for this it is necessary that you are considered already for the local. 🙂 Or you must have very good friends from the local.
The price naturally depends on many factors: with furniture or not, with a private shower / bath / toilet, hot water, terrace, kitchen, etc. And for how long.
But the distinctive feature is that information about the housing being handed over is passed by word of mouth and is rarely advertised publicly. (with the exception of Tamel), again you need to know people, have some (or better) contacts, recommendations or just be interested.
but I would really like to come to you for a year!
Tell me pls how much does it take you to eat for 1 person? To travel around the area? Is there rent of bikes?
I now live in Thailand, Chiang Mai, if necessary I can consult on this issue.
Ride on a minibus in Kathmandu from 15 rupees.
For meals a day – an average of $ 3. It is possible and less.

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