Sed semel insanivimus omnes.
Immigration to Antarctica. Only for “white”
What kind of passport can we talk about and who issues it, if Antarctica does not territorially belong to any country and only scientific activity is allowed there? These are the first questions that will instantly arise for the reader who is experienced in immigration issues. That’s right – this continent is really a neutral zone. However, territorial claims to Antarctica have not ceased for half a century.
Disputes have reached a certain intensity, so at the last summit of the Big Nine countries it was decided to try to jointly control everything that happens on the White Continent and thereby relieve tension. Let’s leave aside the economic side of the agreement and focus attention on the part where it is envisaged to obtain the citizenship of Antarctica.
Immediately we note that the establishment of a separate structure that considers applications for granting Antarctic citizenship is not provided for by an agreement. This is explained by the prospects for the development of Antarctica and the requirements for its potential citizens, which are set out in an addendum to the basic agreement of the Big Nine. The bottom line is that in 10 years it is planned to populate this ice-covered continent and develop its natural reserves. During this period, the countries through negotiations must develop a single international document regulating the political and economic participation of states in the development of Antarctica.
Naturally, when this large-scale project will start, not only technical, technological, but also significant human resources will be required. It is assumed that by 2020 citizens with citizenship of Antarctica will be sufficient to start the most global project of this century.
Who can become a “white” citizen?
To obtain a passport of a citizen of Antarctica, you must meet a number of requirements. The individual conditions are rather strict. First, your reputation should be as clean as the snow of Antarctica. Any administrative punishment, not to mention criminal, can become a serious obstacle to the satisfaction of the application.
Secondly, there are age limits – 40 years for men and 35 for women. Such a framework is understandable – the project starts in 10 years, and the participation of pensioners in it is not provided. However, there is also a positive moment. Each subsequent year, the age limit will increase by 1 year.
Thirdly, preference will be given to citizens who are highly qualified in some applied field. That is, engineers, builders, geologists, physicians, turners, welders, etc. will have undoubted preferences, before, say, sales managers. The emphasis is on practical use.
Fourth, when submitting an application it is necessary to give its written, principled consent to move to Antarctica in the future. However, there is a nuance. Consent does not imply an obligation. After all, in a decade, anything can happen.
Many are quite reasonable to ask: and if there is a family? And this is just a positive moment. As a person moves to Antarctica for a long time, psychological comfort is important, in which he will live and work. And what, if not the family, will create comfort? By the way, the organizers seriously reacted to the psychological factor – the number of men and women receiving “white” passports should be the same.
How to become a “snowman”?
The composition of the Big Nine today includes: Russia, USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, China. It is these countries that issue Antarctica passports.
The design variant is unique. If a Russian citizen decides to apply for a “white” passport, he must file an application with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. After a preliminary interview, a person is given a list of necessary references and copies of documents that he must submit to the Ministry. By the way, screening can be done already at the stage of preliminary conversation. After all conditions are fulfilled by the immigration department employees, they verify the reliability of all submitted documents and make their own additional requests. If there are no obstacles, then the package of documents is sent to the consulate of another country, participants of the Big Nine. And there, in turn, can also be carefully checked. And so on nine times. Here, as in the UN, the right of veto operates – if seven states gave “good”, and the eighth you did not approach, then your “snowy” career is crossed.
That is why the procedure for obtaining citizenship – the process is not fast. Usually it can take from 6 months to a year.
White band of life.
If you were lucky and you had a white passport shining in your hand, consider that you started a white band in your life. For most states of the world, this means that you are a professional in your business with an unblemished reputation. You are provided with a visa-free Schengen visa, the same visa-free visit to the USA, Canada, Australia. And what is important is the possibility of finding a job. A first-class specialist is useful everywhere. Especially, it is supposed that in a dozen years you will still go to Antarctica. FOREVER.

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