/ KP / The concept of citizenship.

/ KP / The concept of citizenship.
The concept of citizenship. Citizenship and citizenship.
Citizenship is a stable legal relationship between a person and the state, expressed in the aggregate of their mutual rights, duties and responsibilities, based on the recognition and respect for the dignity, fundamental human rights and freedoms.
Possession of citizenship is a prerequisite for the full spread of all rights and freedoms recognized by law, protection of a person by the state not only inside the country, but also abroad.
In the current Constitution of the RF the most important norms regulating citizenship are referred to the fundamentals of the constitutional system (Article 6).
The legal nature of a person’s relationship with the state, which forms relations of citizenship, is expressed in the legal registration of this relationship. Citizenship – legal, not just the actual state.
Relationships of citizenship do not directly depend on the fact of residence of a person in the country. A lot of Russian citizens permanently reside abroad, and the population of Russia includes not only citizens, but also permanent residents of its territory, foreign citizens and stateless persons. All these categories of people constitute the population of the country, the concept of which is characterized not as a legal one, but as a demographic one.
A citizen of a state is a person not because of residence on its territory, but because of the special relations between a person and the state that make up the content of citizenship. They are based on the legal registration of citizenship relations.
The state in the law establishes the grounds on which a person is recognized as his citizen, the grounds for acquiring and terminating citizenship, the procedure for resolving these issues.
The citizenship of each person is legally registered in documents confirming this citizenship. They are the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation or another document containing an indication of the citizenship of the person.
In accordance with the Regulations on the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation approved by the Government Decree, the passport is the main document certifying the identity of a citizen of the Russian Federation on its territory. Passports are required to have all Russian citizens who have reached the age of 14 years and reside on its territory. Passports are made and processed in a single sample for the whole of the Russian Federation in the Russian language (the republics of the Russian Federation can make inserts to the passport with the text in the official languages of these republics.) The following information about the person’s identity is entered in the passport: surname, name, patronymic , gender, date and place of birth. There are also notes: on registering a citizen at the place of residence and removing him from the registration records; on the attitude towards the military obligations of citizens who have reached the age of 18; on registration and divorce; on children under the age of 14; on the issuance of basic documents certifying the identity of a citizen of the Russian Federation outside its borders. The validity of a citizen’s passport: from 14 years – until the age of 20; from 20 years – until the age of 45; from 45 years – perpetually.
The state registers such acts of civil status as the birth and death of its citizen.
Citizenship is different from citizenship by the lack of state obligations to the individual, the lack of civil rights in any individual.
citizenship recorded the identity of an individual to a particular state in isolation from the direct connection of that individual with the territory of the state. Citizenship, while preserving this separation, provided for the state’s duty to protect certain rights and interests of the individual, regardless of the territory in which the individual is located.
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