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City `s history.
The city of Lappeenranta or Vilmannstrand was founded in 1649 by Queen Christina of Sweden. In August 1741, at Lappeenranta, the Swedes were defeated by Russian troops, and according to the Abo peace treaty concluded in 1743, Russia withdrew to the Kymi (Kymene) river with the fortified cities of Lappeenranta (Vilmandrand) and Hamina (Friedrichshamn).
In the XIX century with the opening of the resort and the Saimaa Canal in the city began to develop tourism. In 1885 the Russian imperial family visited Lappeenranta. Wars destroyed the idyll of a small city three more times in the 20th century: during the Civil War of 1918, the Soviet-Finnish winter warfare & raquo; 1939? 1940, and the Second World War. In subsequent years, Lappeenranta became a vibrant industrial, commercial and university city, a kind of locomotive of development for the entire region of Southern Finland.
Attractions Lappeenranta.
The fortress of Lappeenranta.
Once the fortress was part of the fortification system, which also included the fortresses of Suomenlinna in Helsinki and Hamina. It was built as a border fortress, which became part of the chain of fortifications between Finland and the north-west of Russia. For many centuries, the fortress was alternately occupied by the Swedes, then by the Russians. In this fortress, life continues to this day, only now peaceful.
The South Karelian Museum.
The museum is located in the old part of the city, in massive gray stone buildings of the beginning of the XIX century, where artillery warehouses were formerly located. The basis of the museum’s exposition & ndash; a model of Vyborg in 1939 with an area of 24 square meters. The museum exposition presents the history of South Karelia, the Karelian Isthmus and the vicinities of Vyborg. The main exposition tells the history of the region and the ancient fortress during the Swedish and Russian rule. The exhibition is divided into two parts: the exposition & la Three Karelian cities & raquo; about the history of Lappeenranta, Vyborg and Priozersk and “The Roots of South Karelia” about archaeological finds and the most ancient history of Finland.
Address: Kristiinankatu 15.
Art Museum of South Karelia.
The museum was opened in the autumn of 1965. The museum’s collection consists of works of Finnish folk art from the 18th century to the present day.
The Art Museum pays special attention to the works of art in the southern and eastern parts of Finland, and the contemporary works of Finnish masters occupy an honorable place. There are works by such famous artists as Kaskipuro Pentti, Lehtinen Tula, Levo Einari, Vertanen Anna.
Address: Kristiinankatu 8-10.
The Museum of Cavalry.
The museum was opened in 1973 by the efforts of the city authorities. It is located in the fortress, the oldest building in Lappeenranta. There are exhibits about the war, which lasted from 1618 to 1648. Pictures and engravings of that time tell the story of battles throughout Europe. The flintlock of the XVIII century & ndash; The oldest weapon in the museum.
Address: Kristiinankatu 2.
Orthodox Church.
The oldest Orthodox church in Finland & ndash; the Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary was founded in 1785. Every evening in the church you can hear the evening ringing & laquo; Karelian hills & raquo ;.
In the alleys of the fortress, there are shops of artists and craftsmen, from whom you can buy truly unique works: graphics, household ceramics in the national style, glass in the style of “tiffany & raquo ;.
Address: Kristiinankatu 3.
Museum of the Saimaa Canal.
The museum is located not far from the sluice & “Mealki & raquo ;. It was founded in 1980 and consists of several branches. The exposition in Lappeenranta has been in operation since 1995. She talks about the different stages of the development of the Saimaa Canal. The museum presents the clothes of the channel’s employees, the model of locks, the office of the channel’s chief is equipped here.
Address: Sulkuvartijankatu 16.
House-Museum of Volkov.
Merchant house in the city center & ndash; The oldest wooden building of Lappeenranta, preserved until our times. Its individual parts were built in 1826-1905. The oldest part was built by the merchant Claudelin. The site passed from hand to hand, until it was purchased by the merchant Ivan Volkov in 1872. Since then, until 1983, four generations of Volkovs lived in this house. The case of the founder of the dynasty, the former serf peasant Ivan Volkov, was continued by his heirs. They gave the house to the city in 1983. As a museum the house is open for visits since 1993.
Address: Kauppakatu 26.
Karelian Museum of Aeronautics.
The Aviation Museum was opened for visits in 2000. The content is managed by the Association of Air Museums in southeastern Finland K-SIMY, founded in 1996. The museum consists of two halls, in addition to aircraft exhibits related to aviation. Here you will see Mig-21BIS MG-127, SAAB 355 Draken, SAAB-91D SAFIR, as well as aircraft aggregates and parts.
Address: Lappeenranta airfield.
Shopping in Lappeenranta.
Already 40 minutes after crossing the border you find yourself in the city of Lappeenranta. And, of course, you can not wait to go shopping, which is enough here.
In addition to the well-known chains of hypermarkets, such as K-sitikmarket (Toikansuontie 4) or Prizma (Puhakankatu, 9-11), where you can buy both products and household appliances, this city has a huge number of shopping complexes. All of them are located next to each other, which certainly makes your shopping productive and comfortable:
Galleria Shopping Center at Kauppakatu 40. Iso Kristiina shopping center. At Brahenkatu 3-7. The Armada Shopping Center at Kauppakatu 29-31.
For those who want to buy quality products for home and horticulture, we suggest you look into the Biltema store, which is located at Viipurintie, 131. And for groceries you can go to the popular Lidl store at Russian address Myllymaenkatu 36.
On a note:
Unprecedented places Lappeenranta.
Church of Lauritsala.
In Finland, there are a large number of churches, and some of them are very original in form of construction. Such churches can be safely attributed to the church of Lauritsala. Indeed, the form of the church is unusual: a triangle that resembles all sorts of things, but not the church, at least in the traditional view. But this form has a simple explanation – the triangle symbolizes the Holy Trinity. The people often call this church “Heavenly Light”. Like most churches in Finland, Lauritsala is Lutheran, it is located just four kilometers from the city center. It is worth noting that the church is noteworthy and internal interiors, for example, the benches are located amphitheater. Many tourists note that this is an unexpected sight for the city, which leaves strong impressions.
It is interesting:
Address: Kauppalankatu 1.
Hinckantrant Beach.
After many of the sights are inspected, as a rule, you want to relax a little. To do this, go to the city beach of Hinkantrant, where you can swim in the lake and bask in the sauna. To the Finns’ saunas are treated with special trepidation and respect, therefore they are not only in every house, but also on some city beaches, rest in the city is an excellent opportunity that should not be missed.
Address: Rantatie 540.
Opening hours: Tue-Thu: from 15:00 to 20:00, Fri-Sat: from 15:00 to 21:00, Sun: from 15:00 to 20:00.
The Luukkaansalmi Bridge.
Most popular bicycle routes pass through this bridge. The bridge rises 25 meters above the level of the lake. From it you can observe an amazing panorama: on the one hand a rather dull industrial picture, and on the other hand, the view of the boundless nature and barges that go along the lake is definitely worth seeing.
Sand castle.
Each summer, on the shore of Lake Saimaa, a magnificent sand castle is built. The castle is considered to be the largest in Scandinavia. The sand castle opens approximately in the middle of June and works till the end of August. Every year a new topic is chosen, children take an active part in this event, the theme of this year was music.

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