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Law Office.
EU to 90 days in half a year. Documents for moving to Germany In order to apply for a residence of the Federal Republic of Germany, you need to collect a package of documents that includes:
the basis for obtaining a residence permit: proof of belonging to a Jewish or German nation, constituent documents for a company, a contract for the sale of real estate, a contract for employment, etc. The application form is completed in German in 3 copies and 3 photos; valid passport of the applicant; confirmation of knowledge of the required level of language or indication of an exception to this requirement for any reason; statements from bank accounts or other evidence of the applicant’s ability to secure his residence in the territory of Germany.
As already mentioned above, the entire package of documents is submitted to the German Embassy at the place of residence.
How to obtain German citizenship? features of registration vnzh and pmzh.
Persons who have already obtained residence permit are exempted from paying a fee. In addition, they do not need to pay for the first extension of the residence permit. But when you repeat it from � 5000, you’ll have to part. The temporary residence permit is issued to the investor, the official spouse or spouse, as well as to their underage children.
The residence permit, valid for more than one year, must be registered each year. Where and what they take Today in Latvia real estate transactions with a view to residence permit is much less than a few years ago before the amendments to the law. The number of buyers has changed, but not their preferences.
As before, foreigners choose houses and apartments in Riga and its environs, as well as in Jurmala. Malta Since the end of May 2016, an updated program of obtaining residence permit through investment.
Vnzh in Europe: conditions, terms and costs of receiving.
Probably, this is why most Russian overseas property owners are limited to ordinary visas. And, of course, it is worth knowing in advance about the various subtleties adopted in this or that country. In the UK, you must have a certain number of days a year in the country to obtain citizenship.
If the period is insufficient, the countdown begins anew. In Austria and Italy you need to be present at the place of registration at the time of an unexpected visit by the local police – how much it really will be unpredictable, depends on your relations with police, neighbors and a lawyer. In Greece, until recently, the testimony of witnesses was needed that you have been in the country for a long time.
Each country has its own order. FACTS Alain Delon bought an expensive property in Switzerland, lived there for 12 years, seeking Swiss citizenship so as not to pay high taxes in France.
Pmzh in Europe & # 8212; terms and conditions of receipt.
This is Valencia, Murcia, Andalusia, Asturias, Catalonia, and the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. Cyprus The Cyprus “golden visa” has not changed since 2009. Program Foreign owners of Cyprus real estate with a value of � 300 000 take advantage of the design of local residence permit and permanent residence.
It is benefits, as these documents can be issued on the island, owning real estate and for a smaller amount, but there is a danger of getting a refusal.
PMZ in germany: the basis of receipt.
Under the program, the guarantee is almost 100%, and applications are considered in a shorter period – usually within 2-3 months. In the case of residence permits, the document will have to be renewed annually. And if you leave Cyprus for more than three months, the residence permit is revoked and will have to be re-registered.
Therefore, according to the program of the “golden visa”, most often a permanent residence is issued, which does not have a statute of limitations and automatically renews when the passport is changed. The owner of the property, the spouse and the minor children can claim the card. Where and what they take Foreign investors with a view to obtaining permanent residence are interested in objects in all regions of the country.
But especially you can distinguish Limassol and Paphos, where there is a large selection of objects, the cost of which reaches the necessary minimum. Latvia from 1 July 2016 entered into force a new version of the amendments to the law on “On Immigration”.
8 countries where it is cheaper to obtain a residence permit.
Germany or the EU, inability to provide for themselves);
at the end of his studies the student found a job in his specialty at a German company; the owner of his own business in the territory of Germany did not go bankrupt, his company continues to function; marriage to a German citizen lasts more than two years; the applicant has medical insurance, as well as social insurance at the place of work; the applicant knows the German language at the proper level (compliance with the certificate B1), as well as the laws and social structure of the FRG; The purchased real estate is used for residing of a family of the resident or is leased.
The owner of an indefinite residence permit receives practically the same rights as a citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany, with the exception of the opportunity to hold public office and participate in elections.
Registration and reception vnzh in germany.
Where and what they take From foreign investors who want to acquire a Greek residence permit, the greatest demand is for real estate on the islands of Rhodes, Crete and Corfu, on the peninsula of Halkidiki, as well as in major cities – Athens and Thessaloniki. Spain Effective October 1, 2013 unchanged. Program In October 2013, an investment program came into effect in Spain, which allows you to obtain a residence permit by buying a local property worth from � 500,000. Naturally, there have been restrictions. Real estate must be purchased without attracting mortgages. But to apply for residence for family reunification (close relatives of the main applicant, as well as adults over the age of 21, economically dependent on their parents) without the right to work do not necessarily go to their homeland, you can apply for residence permit, already being in Spain. A certificate of criminal record is not requested.
In addition to linguistic in Germany, a mandatory test is introduced for knowledge of the history, political structure and customs of the country and a particular region. The test consists of 33 questions with variants of answers, from which the applicant for German citizenship must answer at least 17. The cost of this exam is � 25. In Germany, dual citizenship is not recognized.
To this end, the applicant must be a German by nationality indicated in any document: Form No. 1 from the passport office, military, party ticket, birth certificate (his or her child), etc.

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