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Residence permit in Sweden and grounds for obtaining residence permit:
1. Business immigration to Sweden.
Business immigration to Sweden is possible through the opening of a joint-stock company in Sweden, namely a corporation in the form of a joint-stock company.
When business immigration to Sweden, the founders and owners may be one or several physical (legal) persons, including foreigners. AG (joint-stock company) in Sweden is a legal entity and must necessarily have authorized capital. After completing the full registration of the company and confirming the necessary documents, the AG can provide business invitations for a single or multiple entry visa to Sweden.
If certain conditions are met, the founders of the AG may file an application for granting residence permits to them and their families in Sweden.
Attention . Always correctly assess not only your current capabilities, but also the requirements that the country makes. Disregarding this, people often lose their money and time, face the impossibility of family reunification or extension of status. In Europe there are not so many countries where it is possible to obtain residence permit for yourself and for all your family quite easily and without refusals.
2. Work in Sweden and Stockholm.
It is very difficult to immigrate to Sweden in the professional category. A permit for work can only be obtained by holders of a specialty that is scarce in the country. You can also get a job if you have an invitation from a Swedish company. But if you are a good specialist, then you will find work. Today, Sweden still needs IT specialists. When you get a contract for a job in a large company, almost all the formalities the company will take.
The residence permit is usually granted for a year, but more often for six months. It can easily be extended, and after a certain period you can get permanent residence.
Please note that our project has a free section “Jobs in Sweden – Vacancies”, where daily vacancies are added with direct contacts of employers.
3. Education and higher education in Sweden.
The residence permits can be obtained by students who are sent to Sweden for training both in exchange programs for a year, and for short-term study programs that are longer than 90 days. Also, residence permits can be obtained by students who have been accepted to study at universities or colleges equated to colleges; students who are enrolled in training in the gymnasium, or secondary general education institutions.
Students who entered the Swedish educational institutions must personally file applications for a residence permit.
Students who are trained on short-term programs and exchange programs for the period of training can not work in Sweden.
Students of universities can get a job in Sweden during the period of validity of residence permit without obtaining special permission.
4. Real estate in Sweden.
If you are going to buy property in Sweden, keep in mind that even if you are the owner of the housing here, you will not have the right to obtain citizenship, or permanent residence. In order to obtain an entry permit, you will need to go through the legally prescribed visa procedures, considering all the restrictions.
Please note, the site has sections where you can find real estate in Sweden or see photos of cities in Sweden.
If you are going to marry (official or not) with a Swedish citizen, be prepared for the most scrupulous examination. Interview to confirm that your relationship with the real hold will not only when you issue a residence permit, but also after you enter the country. The residence permit, which is granted on the basis of marriage or cohabitation, is usually granted for six months for two years. Only after your marriage lasted more than two years, you can get a permanent residence permit.
Family reunion concerns those who have close relatives in Sweden: parents or children. Or the official (civil) spouse of a Swedish citizen or a person who has a permanent residence permit.
Permanent residence can be obtained immediately after reunification with the family, two years later with family reunification and business immigration, 4 years after receiving work in the country, or after 5 years of permanent residence.
After living in Sweden for five years with the status of permanent residence, you can obtain citizenship.

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