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Which countries for immigration are the easiest?
Immigrating or moving you need to understand that it’s completely easy and as easy as at home there will not be anywhere. Even if you have an abominable and corrupt government in your homeland, a cold and damp climate, a small market and unemployment – even in the sunniest overseas you will encounter difficulties. Therefore, to make it easier it is necessary to learn the local language in advance and obtain the consent to move all members of the family.
The world is big and there are many countries to move around. For immigration with the whole family, I definitely suggest that we consider Singapore. It’s just a fantastic place to move the whole family. Singapore is more than modern, safe and civilized. The average standard of living in Singapore is much higher than in the same Canada and Singapore’s immigration policy is fairly straightforward and clear.
So, I bring to your attention the following articles, which directly or indirectly relate to the move to Singapore.
The search for the “West” leads east, or why did I move to Singapore?
In Singapore, a lot of opportunities for professionals, craftsmen, investors and entrepreneurs. English is the state language, so that, provided that you know it well, there should not be any problems when moving.
Other places that should be considered as an opportunity for easy and not burdensome immigration are Chile, New Zealand, Bermuda and Estonia. In all these countries, there are carefully designed immigration procedures. In addition, in these countries it is easy enough to start a business or find a job. If your profession or skills are in demand.
Naturally, one should take into account that the easiest immigration may not be the most successful in the end and sometimes it is worth to suffer the first few years for the sake of future stability and success. If you speak English, then I will gladly offer you a consultation with people who traveled the world a few dozen times and lived alone and with families in many countries around the world.
If you are a loner, then you will be very useful and interesting conversation with the owner of the site http://www.expatworld.net/ and I will gladly arrange a consultation in 60 – 90 minutes. The consultation will cost 995 dollars. The owner of the site Expat World has been working in the offshore industry for more than 30 years and when he started in the world there were only 3 people who dealt with the second passports, online privacy issues and the opening of foreign bank accounts.
For those who want to move with their family, I recommend a consultation with Peter MacFarlane, permanent author and co-owner of the Q Wealth Report website – www.qwealthreport.com Peter lived and moved with his family to many countries of Latin America and Europe, and is a professional offshore industry already more than seventeen years. Consultation with Peter will also cost $ 995.
Naturally, these two contacts are simply excellent sources for all your questions about alternative citizenship and second passports. Also you can receive and exhaustive consultation on all offshore issues from the registration of the bank and ending with the international rights to drive a car.
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