Learn how to move to the European Union.

Learn how to move to the European Union.
Holders of EU citizenship are considered residents of countries that are part of the European Union. The presence of a passport of one of the EU states makes its owner a full citizen of the European Union.
More and more Russians are thinking about settling their future in one of the countries of Europe. The state of the EU is an opportunity to improve the financial security of the family, to live in a politically and economically stable society, to protect its legal and social rights. In most countries, the standard process of obtaining citizenship takes at least 2 to 10 years. Acceleration of the timing is possible when investing a significant amount of capital in the economy of the country or evidence of family ties with Europeans.
A number of EU countries, including Romania, provide for the receipt by foreign citizens of EU passports under a simplified program. Flexible legislation contributes to the successful acquisition of European citizenship in the shortest possible time.
Why register the citizenship of the EU is beneficial to us.
The minimum terms.
The advantage of acquiring the citizenship of Romania is a relatively fast processing time. The process of obtaining European citizenship in other EU countries provides for the expenditure of a large amount of financial resources and is often delayed up to 10 years. In Romania, collecting and submitting the necessary documents to the relevant government bodies will take about 6 months.
Budget program for registration of EU citizenship.
Get a passport of Cyprus, Spain, Malta can wealthy foreign nationals when buying real estate, government bonds in the amount of 2 million euros. Acquisition of EU citizenship is possible without investing significant money. The passport program of Romania is provided for people who seek to obtain EU citizenship at a reasonable price and in an accelerated period.
Your children will receive EU citizenship for free.
By registering the citizenship of Romania you will save a considerable amount of money. After all, minor children of European status holders will receive citizenship free of charge and automatically gain the same rights and opportunities as European parents.
Saving on education.
Newly acquired citizenship of the child will allow parents to further significantly reduce the cost of education. The cost of studying in prestigious universities for EU residents is lower than for foreign citizens. In some educational institutions there are special programs that completely compensate for the costs of the educational process for EU citizens.
The main advantages of obtaining EU citizenship.
Open borders.
With the EU passport, you can travel without issuing visas to more than 130 countries around the world.
The citizenship of the EU allows you to live legally in any country that is part of the European Union.
The EU passport allows you to work without issuing additional permits.
Open your own company with a low level of taxation and access to the European market allows the presence of an EU passport.
EU citizens are granted the right to issue loans with favorable interest rates and to open an account with the best banks in Europe.
Get a prestigious education and a European-style diploma can be free with EU citizenship.
The EU passport guarantees the receipt of high-quality medical services on the latest technologies in any country in Europe, regardless of place of residence.
To buy real estate of any type without restrictions and additional taxes permits the presence of European citizenship.
Where is the easiest way to get EU citizenship?
Loyal and flexible Romanian legislation makes it possible to acquire EU citizenship in a simpler, less difficult and costly manner in the program of repatriation “Ethnic Romanians”. Repatriation implies the return of indigenous people to their homeland. The citizenship of the EU for repatriation can be acquired by descendants of Romanians born or residing in the country until 1940. Children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren of Romanian citizens have the right to apply to the authorities of the country for the restoration of citizenship in the presence of evidence of ethnicity. In connection with the numerous migrations in the 20th century, every Russian could turn out to be a descendant of indigenous people.
The right to obtain EU citizenship with the preservation of the first passport.
If from the decisive step towards Europe you are stopped by the prospect of losing contact with your home country, in this case acquiring Romanian citizenship will be the best solution. Romanian legislation does not require foreigners to renounce their first citizenship and, having obtained the coveted passport of an EU citizen, you will be able to retain your native citizenship.

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