Legal services. Russian-speaking lawyer Cote d’Azur & # 8212; Monaco.

Legal services. Russian-speaking lawyer Cote d’Azur & # 8212; Monaco.
France and Monaco are among the most attractive destinations from various points of view (tourism, investment, accommodation). However, in order to make good use of the benefits of these states, it is necessary to have a competent specialist close to you who can give competent advice and help resolve any difficulties. The Russian-speaking population of the Cote d’Azur and Monaco needs legal services on a wide range of issues, starting with the procedure for obtaining a residence permit and ending with lengthy lawsuits. Regardless of the complexity of your problem, it is important to find a lawyer to whom you could entrust the conduct of your affairs in France and Monaco, as the difference in language, culture and legislation complicates staying in the territory of another country. We offer our clients legal services and lawyer services in Russian in various cities of the Cote d’Azur (Nice, Cannes, Antibes, etc.) and in Monaco.
Getting a residence permit and permanent residence in France. Legal services.
How to move to France? This question affects every person who wants to connect his life with this beautiful country. Obtaining documents that grant the right to reside on the territory of France is a complex process, requiring compliance with all the subtleties of French laws. A foreigner can reside in France with the following documents:
& # 8212; titre de sejour (residence permit in France, issued for 1 year),
& # 8212; carte de resident (card for permanent residence in France for a period of 10 years).
If you want to stay in France, then you need to have a connection with this country for this. Such a link can be, for example, studying at a French university or having relatives who have French citizenship. The procedure for obtaining documents directly depends on the relationship between you and France. We will help you to choose the necessary procedure, collect all necessary documents, draw up a dossier and submit it to the prefecture.
Lawyer services – legal services.
France is not only an attractive place to live, but also a country with its own complex rules and laws. If you are faced with a situation where you need legal services in France in Russian, our company is ready to accompany you on all issues. Our lawyer in Nice will help to solve your problems on the Cote d’Azur.
We provide legal services on the Cote d’Azur on the following issues:
& # 8212; civil disputes (property rights, divorce, inheritance),
& # 8212; commercial disputes (rent of premises, non-fulfillment of contracts, collection of debts, compensation of losses),
& # 8212; labor disputes (dismissal, pay),
& # 8212; criminal cases (harm to health, fraud, illegal transactions),
& # 8212; tax law (tax residency, personal income tax, wealth tax, appeal of tax authorities’ decisions).
For all questions please contact: [email protected] or by phone: +33 (6) 43 56 84 47, +33 (6) 19 91 02 85.
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Legal services. Russian-speaking lawyer Cote d’Azur & # 8212; Monaco.

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