Legal ways of immigration in the USA.

Legal ways of immigration in the USA.
Review of all existing legal methods of immigration to America from Russia. How to independently move to live in the US in 2017, getting there a good job or opening a business.
Unstable economic situation generates instability. Immigration to the United States and the European Union is becoming more popular, especially among the talented youth of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. For someone, moving to America remains a pipe dream, in fact, there is nothing complicated in this. America is not a member of the European Union, and it is impossible to get there on a Schengen visa.
Taxi in the streets of New York at rush hour.
But there are many ways to immigrate to the States and eventually get a residence permit.
Lottery Green Card.
How to participate.
Each year, 55,000 visas are drawn for people from countries with a small flow of emigrants. To take part, it is enough to issue a questionnaire on the website of the American government. Clearly fill all the fields: the slightest defect will serve as an excuse for disqualification, and you will have to wait until next year. Applications are accepted only on the website, no written statements in paper form to the embassy are provided.
Formed application with the date of the interview on the Green Card.
Fill out the application form only once a year, duplicate applications are deleted and lead to the disqualification of the participant. The questionnaires are accepted until the fall. Each participant is given an individual registration code. In May, by this number, you can check the result of the drawing. The winner will have a page with a bar code.
Spouses and children under 21 years of age can apply for a visa with the winner and prepare to move the whole family.
The drawing is conducted on a computer algorithm by random selection. Statistics show that there are much more gains in loyal countries, and in undesirable ones it is reduced to a minimum. From the submission of an application until the result is a long time, a letter or file with a registration number can be accidentally deleted, and then everything will go to rub.
Sample of the American Green Card.
It is necessary from the very beginning to have a special diary, where the individual number will be recorded.
Life brought a surprise and on the screen – the coveted bar code, what to do next.
Fill out the application form DS-260. Fill it in English for each member of the family separately. After verifying the data by e-mail, a letter will arrive with an interview date, which is held at the American Embassy in Moscow. Gather documents from all family members and make their copies. To obtain a visa, you need to pass a commission and make the necessary vaccinations at the address: Moscow, ul. 2nd Zvenigorodskaya, 12, building 6, 1st ring. The hands will be given a sealed envelope, it is in this form that you need to take it with you for an interview. An important stage is an interview. For the last time, check the documents, the envelope with the results of the medical commission, pay the visa fee and go to the Embassy exactly at the appointed time.
The facade and map of the location of the American Embassy in Moscow.
To keep everything and forget nothing, keep a diary. Write down in it a list of necessary documents and urgent cases, as well as the date and exact time of the interview.
Reasons for refusal.
Winning the lottery does not guarantee a visa. You can hear a rejection for the following reasons:
health status; mental instability; criminal past; political danger.
The interview should be taken seriously and prepared in advance. Study the list of possible questions, carry along with you additional documents confirming your qualification as a specialist. Collect the data in the diary so that everything is at hand. Follow a clear plan and then moving to the US will become a reality.
Ways of immigration for business people.
Business immigration in the US is possible in three ways, assuming the availability of seed capital.
Immigration through the EB-5 program.
This program is designed to attract foreign investors.
Map of countries indicating the number of emigrants to the United States under the EB-5 program.
To participate, you need to be a successful businessman and have the experience of productive leadership. The mandatory minimum of funds is $ 500,000-1,000,000. On what they can be spent:
investing in a regional center; creation of a new enterprise; acquisition of the old enterprise and increase of its efficiency; acquisition and collection of jobs at a loss-making enterprise.
As an investment, only legal money will do. In the proof you will have to submit a tax return for the last 5 years. To build a business with money from the sold real estate, you need to provide data about where the money is taken for this property. Those who conduct their business honestly will not have problems with entering the international level.
Opening of the unit on a visa L1A.
Allows to send to the US management personnel to open a subsidiary company.
This is how an American L1 visa looks.
The visa is issued for 3 years, with the possibility of extension, but in a year you can apply for a residence permit. To open the unit you need to confirm:
experience in management for at least 1 year; availability of sufficient funds; detailed business plan. Back to the table of contents.
Small business.
Firms or businesses do not yet exist, but there is already an initial capital and a desire to move to America or the European Union. For this situation, an investor visa E2 is suitable. Under the international agreement on support of small business it is possible to open business in any country-participant.
In Russia, unfortunately, the document was not ratified. But there is an opportunity for citizens of the former union republics: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Moldova.
Work in the USA.
Many Russians dream of living and working in the States. Statistics indicate some difficulties. Looking to find a job is still in Russia. Then the employer will take care of getting a visa. You can do otherwise – issue a tourist visa and look for work already in place. Many people are afraid to spend money in vain, but they can not get a job. You can move to the US for work with:
Programs EB-1.
You can get a work visa if you:
a great businessman, sportsman or scientist; are engaged in a promising direction in science; transferred to the US for management or management of the company. Back to the table of contents.
Programs EB-2.
For people with exceptional abilities who have outstanding successes in business, art and science, for professionals of the highest category, for well-known doctors who want to live in the States.
Mayo Clinic Building in Minnesota.
Programs EB-3.
For specialists of high class: having world recognition and extensive experience in their field.
Programs EB-4.
For specialties:
religious preachers; former employees of US government agencies.
Why such strict rules? America does not want to pay the bills of emigrants, idlers, they have enough of their own. It will take a lot and work well, life abroad is not for those who are afraid of difficulties. The field of the device for work needs to be filled every year with a tax return. Be sure to do it on time, otherwise there may be problems with your stay.
To not miss anything, you can record your income in the diary, then there will be no problems with filling out and deadlines for submitting the declaration.
Alternative methods.
This is how an American residence permit card looks.
For those who do not yet know what they will do in America, but want to immigrate or give such an opportunity to their children, there are alternative ways of immigration to the United States.
Visa of the bride / groom.
The visa is issued for 3 months, during which time the ceremony of marriage should take place. A happy newly-married couple can get a residence permit, but not citizenship yet. Do not think that it will be easy to conclude a fictitious marriage. The newlyweds can be inspected at any time. After two years, you can pass an interview with your spouse and get citizenship. It is important to convince the examiner of the sincerity of feelings, otherwise a suspicion of a fictitious marriage will arise.
If you are still involved in an adventure and staged a play with a fictitious marriage, you will have to practice in acting.
Immigration through obtaining refugee status.
This is a quick and economical way to move to permanent residence in the US, but it will be necessary to prove why a person is afraid to stay in his native country. For political or ethnic emigres, help will be provided on detentions, beatings, dismissal from work, notes in newspapers and other public media will be a great help. A reliable proof is a recommendation from a European or national human rights organization.
To give birth in America.
Under US law, every person born on the territory of the country automatically has the right to citizenship. This rule does not depend on the citizenship of the parents, it is enough to go to America for childbirth.
Sample of the American passport.
The child will have the right to choose which country to live in, but he can call parents only after reaching the age of majority – 21 years, and the parents themselves will not receive any privileges in terms of moving. If this way takes care of the future of their children, they will not have a question – how to go to the US.
In the States from the countries of the former Soviet republics.
Immigration to the United States from Ukraine, Belarus or Kazakhstan is not more difficult than from Russia. The same methods work:
a good specialist can find work in America; businessman – to create a subsidiary or to establish a new one; students have the opportunity to open a visa for study; work and alternative methods.
Any of these visas allows you to stay in the country for at least one year. During this time, you will have to prove why you are useful for the country. If this succeeds, there will be a chance to obtain a residence permit and make a final move to the dream country.
Immigration through the Jewish community.
The American Jewish community is one of the largest in the world. Now it has more than 5.5 million people. A lot of them own a business and occupy leading positions in large companies. Historically, the life of the Jews was unsweetened, and all the persecuted people learned powerful mutual assistance. At one time, immigration to the US has become for them a real salvation from oppression. In your diary, write down your pedigree in detail. Probably, there will be a difficult research.
If there is evidence that you have Jewish blood, you can easily establish contacts with the community.
But first take care of the documentary confirmation of your origin: help from the archive, copies of documents. They always help you, but you still have to prove that you are yours, and there are many who want to.
USA or the European Union & # 8212; Where is better.
The question is quite complicated, the answer depends on the purposes of emigration from Russia, marital status, initial capital. To create a complete picture, the reviews of emigrants from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan were studied.
Work and career.
USA. If you have the ability to make a successful career.
The European Union. Despite the high qualifications, you can remain in lower positions for many years.
USA. English in the whole country.
The European Union. Many languages and dialects, which complicates labor emigration.
USA. A young country with a single culture.
The European Union. You can freely move around the countries, study the history and art of several regions.
Moving with children.
USA. Life with children here is safer than in the European Union.
Map of the United States of America with the designation of border countries.
The European Union. Recently, many scandals involving the seizure of children from immigrants. Before making a decision, you should carefully study the juvenile law. Statistics show that many Russians dream of living abroad. Before you take the final decision to leave Russia, carefully weigh everything. Write down all the pros and cons of living in the homeland and in the States. Do not take hasty decisions, aim for a dream.
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