Legalization of immigrants in Italy. Sanatoria 2012.

Legalization of immigrants in Italy. Sanatoria 2012.
Since September 15 in Italy, the next window has been opened. For immigrants who are in the country illegally. Within one month, these subjects will be able to submit documents for legalization and, in case of a positive decision of the relevant authorities, to obtain a residence permit.
This is not the first such initiative of the Italian Senate, aimed at reducing the number of illegal immigrants, by issuing residence permits to persons who work in Italy. Decree 2009/52 / CE, (also referred to as Sanatoria), adopted on July 6 this year, strengthened the rules for the legalization of the presence of illegal immigrants in Italy, as well as the minimum requirements for this procedure.
How does the Sanatoria 2012 decree work?
Necessary requirements.
First, it should be noted that the package of documents must be prepared and submitted by the employer, who hired an illegal immigrant for at least 3 months at the time the decree commenced. The working conditions should include a full-time job, with the exception of migrants engaged in domestic work (nurses, household helpers, etc.), who have a minimum of 20 hours of work per week.
A foreign worker, however, must document his presence in Italy at least as of December 31, 2011. This amendment is made evidently to prevent the recruitment of new illegals hurrying to obtain Italian documents.
Employers who are not allowed to file documents for the past 5 years have been seen in some unclean deeds with illegal immigrants & # 8212; employment, exploitation of minors, prostitution, etc. This also applies to employers who in the past applied for a settlement of the situation of illegal migrants, but then did not conclude work contracts with them.
The employer will have to pay a fee for each regulated employee of 1.000 euros. It is specially stipulated that this amount can not be deducted from the employee’s salary. In addition, the employer will have to separately transfer to INPS the levied taxes on employee income for the previous 6 months, thus freeing himself from all other fines and penalties imposed by law for hiring illegal migrants.
The Senate provides 500,000 applications for a residence permit under Decree 2009/52 / CE, but only about 40,000 of them will be approved. Analysts do not hide the fact that decreto sanatoria will not only help the government reduce the number of illegal entities in the country, but also tighten the deplorable financial situation of Italy: it is easy to calculate that 40,000 migrants will pay a settlement fee of 40,000,000 euros, and at least 8,000,000 euros of various fees for the issuance of a residence permit (about 200 euros for each residence permit).
Summarizing, it can be assumed that a huge number of people will get a real opportunity to escape from the captivity of illegal immigration. and start a normal life in Italy. Today in the country there is an infinite number of immigrants from outside the European Union, the so-called extracomunitari, working in black, and now they will all have a chance to get documents and peace of mind.
About the author: Tanya Smirnova.
Born and raised in St. Petersburg, in 2010 she came to Italy (Naples), where she studied at the university, worked, and married. I share useful information about life in Italy and give practical advice.

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