Life and work in Belgium – a leap forward for financial development.

Life and work in Belgium – a leap forward for financial development.
Citizens of the post-Soviet states dream to organize their life in Belgium. It is characterized by stable economic development and considerable salaries, so the zeal of people to work there is justified. But to go to work in Belgium – prepare, and the first thing that is best done is to provide a package of documents that will have to be reissued to continue legal activities.
Work in Belgium for Ukrainians does not shine with variety. In general, workers of different professions are required for industry and agriculture.
The analysis of vacancies for work has shown that work for Ukrainians and Russians can be divided into highly qualified and unskilled.
Work for Ukrainians always exists.
Highly qualified work requires:
Workers without a profession are given a job:
Foreigners are offered vacancies in vacuum packing factories, small farms, small companies.
Where and how to look for a job.
Job search options are a few of the public Belgian sites with employer ads. In Flanders Google easily translates the page into Russian without errors. For today in Flanders 130 thousand vacancies are opened.
More sites for employment:
For doctors, a separate work site was made: In addition to foreign sites Ukrainian always has fresh vacancies.
All web resources without exception are advised to fill out a resume for a quick and effective job search.
Paper red tape when moving.
The country has established strict rules for guest workers, the most important of which is a complete, correctly compiled package of documents. When you move to Belgium, prepare:
a foreign passport with a validity period of more than a year;
a certificate of absence of previous convictions (relevant for six months from the date of issue); health certificate; approval for work.
The last paper is very important, it is not so easy to arrange it – it is necessary to officially invite the employer, and also to speak 2 languages – French and English. Depending on the initial conditions and specialization of the migrant, as well as the number of years spent on the territory of Belgium, he counts on one of the three categories of work permits:
type A – this permission on the hands gives the migrant privileges – he has the opportunity to work constantly and change the place of work. But to acquire such a right, it is necessary to live 10 years and not less than 4 to work with permission B. It is worth noting: firstly, the 4-year period of time is reduced if the migrant is married to a Belgian citizen during the year. Secondly, permit A is not available to all foreign migrant workers, they can get: temporary workers (including those who undergo training), scientists and class specialists; type B – with such permission the immigrant counts on the work of one specialty of the sole employer. It is formalized after the vacancy on the job has “depended” on the exchange for a while, and none of the Belgian or European experts will be interested in it. When the employer changes, the procedure of obtaining will have to be renewed. Workers who have shown a desire to work in Belgium are eager to acquire this permission; type C – is issued to temporary residents – students, immigrants, seeking temporary asylum, etc. Such permission is granted for a year with renewal.
It is important to know that there is another type of authorization – the Blue Card EU. It is received by highly classed & laquo; professionals & of raquo; owners of the employment contract with local entrepreneurs for a duration of 365 days with renewal. Also mandatory requirements for obtaining the Blue Card are higher education, experience in the position of an experienced specialist and a salary exceeding 4300 euros.
How to find a job, and what vacancies are in demand.
Depending on who is going to work and on what vacancies, will depend on wages. The minimum price of this country is 1300 euros, the average reaches 2 thousand euros. Belgian agriculture is automated, and processed by modern equipment and some employees in the village about 1.3%, and 19% – work in industry, the remaining 80% fall on the service sector. Ukrainians, Belarusians, Russians can be assured of free posts:
Search for work through an intermediary or independently. If you decide to move forward without help, work is better to find on the Internet – carefully monitor the labor market, online versions of printed publications, etc. It is important to know – if you have a friend, relative or friend who lives and works in Belgium, he can “call & raquo” ; to itself, and the process of registration will be simplified.
Illegal work – & laquo; black & raquo; earnings or a way to improve the financial situation.
Arriving a tourist for 3 months in the summer, Russians return home with money. Work for Russians on seasonal work is the collection of fruits and vegetables, the payment is 5 & ndash; 8 � / hour. To get a job, you do not need a medical examination. In most cases, seasonal work & ndash; illegal. Russians with tourist visas come, look for vacancies, and remain even after the expiration of the validity period. Such & laquo; professionals & raquo; Do not care about re-issuing papers, and do not pay taxes to the Kingdom’s coffers. Despite the tempting advantages, & laquo; black & raquo; the work has a number of shortcomings:
no career growth; no guarantee of the employer; absence of insurance.
The Kingdom of Belgium – a majestic state has received many talented masters from other powers. But not all of them are so supportive, some wishing to settle down and work have been refused. To whom you will relate – depends only on you! But if you were lucky enough to live on official rights, you were lucky. After all, Belgium is a great place to move up the career ladder and improve the financial situation!
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