Life in a foreign country: the pros of Canada.

Life in a foreign country: the pros of Canada.
Moving to Canada should be a responsible and measured step. Some people without hesitation would have moved to a foreign country, but others categorically refused it or they had justifiable doubts. Today we will look at the pros and cons of Canada as a country for moving to permanent residence.
Moving to Canada: flaws.
Immediately we will name the difficulties that arise in the way of immigrants:
High indicators of competition in employment. The competitive struggle here is too high. Even if you have good experience in work, good or even excellent academic knowledge, it’s still quite difficult to get a job. High mandatory costs. If there is a stable operation, this will not seriously interfere. Usually, for Canada, one compulsory expenditure is about one thousand dollars a month. This includes rental rents, utilities, Internet and communications, as well as payment of health insurance. Products, transportation costs and other necessary costs will also cost a lot. You need to expect a budget of about $ 1,500 per month per person (and this is the minimum). Expensive medicine. If a person does not issue or does not pay for insurance, then he will have to pay a large amount of money. A simple examination by a doctor costs about $ 200, and a simple operation (for example, removal of an appendix) is about $ 8,000. And the insurance policy does not provide quick treatment.
Moving: the pluses of Canada.
And now let’s understand what makes people so attracted to this country. It:
high quality of life; low level of corruption; an excellent ecological situation in the country.
Due to the careful attitude of Canadians towards nature, as well as the care of the state itself about it, the habitat can serve as an example for most other countries of the world. Even in a city like Toronto, which is one of the most industrialized megacities in the world, you can easily hide from the bustle in one of the many parks or even simply by turning off the road onto a small street.
A lot of squirrels, raccoons and clean ponds prove an excellent ecological situation. Such a beautiful situation forms the indispensable for the citizens of this country and immigrants the advantages of Canada and the life in it.
But a significant role is played by the following factors:
low crime rate. By the way, this indicator is considered one of the lowest in the world; excellent infrastructure. Roads, buildings, parking lots, various city structures & ndash; everything is done at a high level and is constantly supported by it; healthy eating. Many people in Canada are watching the right food, and therefore almost every supermarket is represented by organic and inorganic products.
General terms.
Coming to the country for permanent residence, it is very important to know its features. So, the climate in Canada is cold. The main part of the year is cold here, and in summer, on the contrary, there is a strong heat. The exception in this weather is Vancouver. This city is surrounded by mountains, so in winter the temperature is rarely below zero, and in summer the maximum temperature reaches 30 degrees.
Canadians are polite, friendly, tolerant, and in the working plan, above all, highly professional. And since this is a country of immigrants, the problem of the language barrier almost immediately disappears. They do not expect the residents to have an ideal knowledge of the language, this kind of advantages of life in Canada include and easy enough adaptation in it.
Tax collections here, as in any developed country, are high, but among countries of this type, Canada occupies one of the lowest places at the interest rate.
Additional Information.
Canada is one of the countries that provides an opportunity to simply obtain a residence permit for people who do not have close relatives in it, but who are specialists with high qualifications or good businessmen. This country has a plan for the reception of immigrants, which includes over 200 thousand people per year, which makes it one of the most widely available in the world. In this regard, quite a lot of people are interested in moving and being able to live in Canada (the pros and cons of which we have already considered).
The system of providing benefits to Canadians is effectively working in the country, which for a time turned out to be without means of livelihood (welfare). The state provides high social benefits and benefits to pensioners and disabled citizens, which, by the way, can also be considered as the advantages of Canada.
Features of the status.
Moving and further life in Canada – the pros and cons of this decision – especially those who stay there for a long time or forever. Having the status of permanent resident of Canada, an immigrant in 3 years has the opportunity to file a petition for the acquisition of the citizenship of this country.
The state allows to have dual citizenship – thus, a person does not lose what is available and in addition acquires a new one. For example, if a Russian citizen immigrates to Canada, after registering as a permanent resident of the country, he can safely visit Russia (without a visa) and return to Canada (also without a visa). And after 3 years of living in Canada, he gets Canadian citizenship. In this case, a person can return to Russia again, live and work there, having the opportunity to return to Canada at any time.
The conclusion.
To sum up all the above information, it is possible that for several years now Canada has been elected the best country in the world by the conditions and quality of life. In addition, the four cities of this country are among the top 10 cities in the world. Well, to choose what to pay more attention to – the disadvantages or advantages of Canada – this is already a private matter for everyone.

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