Life in Poland.

Life in Poland.
If you are going to move to this country, you should first learn how life is going on in Poland. On the peculiarities of local rental housing, transportation, the provision of medical services and other important points, we will talk in this material.
About life in Poland.
Life in Poland is one of the most measured in Europe. Here, a high standard of living, a lot of tasty and inexpensive food, entertainment, respect for all social standards, well-organized training, even visitors can easily open a business in any industry. Migrants are almost completely equalized in rights with the indigenous population.
Both Poles and migrants mostly live in apartments or cottages. Foreigners such housing can both rent and buy. When renting, they pay separately the very cost of hiring an apartment (its level is small) and utilities, including not only gas, electricity and water, but also repair of communal property: elevators, staircases and much more.
Already in 1999, general medical insurance was introduced in Poland, which is compulsory for both local residents and legal migrants. Policies of such insurance, as a rule, are paid on account of salary contributions and enable their owner to receive basic assistance both in private clinics and public ones.
The same insurance policy can be used not only by the insured themselves, but also by family members under their care, for example, underage children or old people who can not take care of themselves.
Along with insurance, compulsory in Poland is also voluntary. Registration of the policy in its framework allows the client to apply to any clinic, hospital often or state, not only at the place of registration, but at his own request.
The list of medical services that a client can receive in Poland is always specified in the preparation of the contract. If the person has long enough treatment, the amount needed for it is recommended to be calculated in advance in accordance with the size of the insurance, since the part of the funds that the company can not pay on the policy will have to be compensated to the patient himself. This applies to the voluntary insurance policy.
The communication between the settlements, as well as inside the cities in Poland is very well developed. The main types of transport are several: buses, trams, metro, and city trains. Taxis in the country are relatively expensive, because those who live here, they usually do not use.
Each city in Poland has its own transport company, which sets both the price of travel and the level of fines. In order to save both Poles and migrants, who on average use transport twice a day, prefer to buy a daily ticket for travel, as well as monthly recharge cards. The longer the validity of such a travel document, the more favorable, respectively, its purchase.
The communication between the cities in Poland is carried out both by high-speed train and by buses. Both modes of transport are quite comfortable, and the travel to them is relatively inexpensive. That is why people who work in large cities, often live in Poland in the suburbs and at the same time do not feel any discomfort.
Polish cuisine is very similar to other Slavic. The main dishes in it are vareniki, borsch, mushroom soup, cabbage rolls, cutlets from various types of minced meat, pork knuckle, cabbage, dishes from potatoes. Baking is popular here: various pies, rolls, donuts. Among desserts are very common syrniki, but traditionally Polish sweet dish, without which the joy of life here is impossible to imagine, is brushwood.
Also in Poland, it is worth trying such interesting dishes as the zhurek in bread and flies (popular national soup from dolphins). Drinks are not very diverse here. From alcohol, vodka on cereals and, of course, beer is the most popular. Among hot non-alcoholic beverages, the leader has been tea for many years.
The main and state language of Poland is & # 8212; Polish. He owns more than 95% of the population. Also, over a third of the population speaks different foreign languages, including Ukrainian, Russian, German, and English.
In some schools they are introduced into the program as a second language for study. Also in Poland up to 3% of the population is understood as Romanian, Hebrew, Belarusian, Czech and some other languages.
Life in Poland makes more interesting a lot of museums, cafes, restaurants, and entertainment centers, which are located almost in all cities. There are also several popular country resorts and tourist bases, which operate year-round.
More than 90% of the population of Poland are Poles, Catholics. This nation in everyday life shows itself as friendly enough, hospitable, but still conservative and true to its customs. Foreigners in Poland can feel at first an indulgent attitude towards themselves, since the Poles are indeed considered a nation that is rather proud.
However, during life in this country for six months or more it is easy to smooth out any differences and already soon feel comfortable with representatives of this nation.
Since the standard of living here in general is quite high, and life itself is conservative and measured, the crime rate in Poland is much lower than in other European countries. Attacks even on tourists are extremely rare.
Law enforcement is guarded by the police, to which visitors can also seek help at any time, not only if you have been attacked by an attacker, but also in everyday situations such as loss of money, documents, and contact with a tourist group.
Prices in Poland: for food, accommodation, transportation and entertainment.
Everyone likes to travel, but in order to know how much you need to take money with you it is worth familiarizing yourself with the price policy of the country in which you are going. [& # 8230;]
Krakow is the royal city of Poland.
Poland is a beautiful country and very attractive for tourists.
The sea capital of Poland is Gdansk.
Gdansk is an ancient Polish city located on the shores of the Baltic Sea.
Favorable shopping in Bialystok: experience, advice, recommendations.
Every year, tens of thousands of travelers come to the small town of Bialystok in order to purchase various goods.
Population in Warsaw.
If you are attracted by Warsaw as a city in which you can work or study, you should know as much as possible about its population before moving.
Real estate in Warsaw: rooms, apartments, houses.
Any migrant going to Warsaw is considering buying or renting housing for himself, whether it is a house, an apartment or a room.
Metro in Warsaw.
Metro in the glorious city of Warsaw & # 8212; One of the favorite modes of transport for the citizens themselves, so it is for the guests of the Polish capital.
Shopping malls in Warsaw.
A full-fledged shopping in Warsaw is impossible without visiting major shopping and entertainment centers.
Shopping in Warsaw.
Warsaw & # 8212; it’s not just a beautiful capital, in which you can see a lot of original monuments, samples of architecture and other art forms.
Football club “Legia Warsaw”
Poland, like many other countries, has its own stellar football clubs. And one of these is the Warsaw “Legia”.
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