Life, problems, work in Peru without embellishment.

Life, problems, work in Peru without embellishment.
Real stories of our emigrants – life, problems, work in Peru without embellishment. For some reason, I am often asked the same question: “Why, I, a man with two higher educations, a highly paid, promising and stable job in Russia, still moved to Peru for permanent residence, which in all economic indicators is in order below our country? & raquo; I used to get rid of excessively persistent and curious people, some kind of playful & “fairy-tale excuse”, but, apparently, it’s time to tell the whole truth. And I will try to do this by writing for all & laquo; interested in & raquo; me and Peru people, an article about emigration to Latin America.
But when I sat down at the laptop, I, for my own surprise, very long time could not begin to write it, because everything seemed to me important and interesting. And what is the main thing? After an hour of long meditations, five cups of coffee and two Havana cigars, I still decided and that’s what happened.
I have long believed that the most important thing in life is not a relentless pursuit of money and imaginary well-being and comfort & raquo; but traveling around the world and discovering a new one. Both the wonders of our planet, and the inner essence of oneself. And for many years now I have been a member of a large Russian group of “like-minded travelers” & raquo ;. We were already, as one of our associates in adventure calculated, in more than 20 countries of the world and our main goal of life is to visit everywhere.
So, Peru and I. For the first time in this country we arrived in 2002 in January. And this, as you know, in Peru is the height of summer and we, when all of Russia celebrated our “the longest New Year in the world”, for those four beautiful weeks “razo” almost the whole of Peru, and he shook us all with his unrealistically diverse beauty.
This is the Andes, their incredibly deep gorges, footpaths the size of a man’s foot and an invisible abyss under you and nothing at all is not visible – you’re just above the clouds. And the Amazon, the wild tribes of the Indians, that one day we were literally attacked, counting as enemies. And realizing that we came with kindness, they surrounded us with such care and warmth of sincere attention that we there, with their help, saw with their own eyes that there is such a real “Great Amazon” & raquo ;.
We were there, floating on fragile wooden boats, caught delicious fish, saw a huge snake anaconda, & laquo; fought & raquo; from gluttonous eight-meter crocodiles prehistoric harpoons and all this under the canopy of lush tropical greenery and underneath the ‘opera singing & raquo; the most & voiceless & raquo; birds that we have heard ever.
Simply put, we were then really fascinated and passionate about this “land of fantasy is” that it sunk into our minds forever. And then I (at the airport of departure to Russia) first thought: & laquo; It would be here to settle and live as these Indians of the Navarro tribe. Neither are you bosses, tiresome duties, a shabby way of life, a stench of automotive exhaust fumes, all this useless, essentially bustling cities & raquo; and indescribable joy to every dawn and dusk. Yes, and every day, to all his priceless minutes of divine happiness & raquo ;.
And what would you think, how was it further? I, having arrived home, immediately began to go to the embassy of Peru in my native Moscow and so “dolbil & raquo; their months four or five, until they gave me all the forms and documents that were needed to move to Peru. I began to actively prepare them, several times they returned them to the “completion” & raquo ;. I did not straddle and continued “my persistent path in Peru”.
During this time, I sold everything I had, it turned out for Peru, “the sum of money that you need & raquo; for a rather long and carefree life. & laquo; Drawn & raquo; for this time their knowledge of the Spanish language. And at the end of November of 2002 I received all the documents that allowed me to fly to Latin America at least the same day, and I did so, buying tickets and in February 2003 I was already at the customs of the airport of Lima. And, as all my friends said: & laquo; Yes, brother, you are inimitable in your repertoire & raquo ;.
Today I live in the Pacific city-resort of Pakasmayo. I work as a guide for VIP tourists. I drive them all “rich” & raquo; wherever they wish. From Lake Titicaca to the highest mountains, active volcanoes and to my favorite Navarro tribe in the Amazon, and the title of this article: The real stories of our emigrants are life, problems, work in Peru without embellishment, it’s definitely about me and specifically for you. Come, always meet with joy and show you & laquo; present Peru & raquo ;.
And, in Peru, as I learned later, there are quite a large number of former residents of Russia and they are all arranged the way they wanted. Peru gives this amazing opportunity to any of you. And, believe me, & laquo; Peruvian with experience & raquo ;, no one will be sorry. Yes, everything is different here, but it’s so beautiful that you need to realize it only by moving here. Resolutely and boldly. I personally do not know any other way to true happiness, and I do not want to know. What for? After all, they do not seek for another good. And the one who is still looking for – the “flag in his hand”, for Peru is not then for him.
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