Life, problems, work in Uruguay without embellishment.

Life, problems, work in Uruguay without embellishment.
Real stories of our emigrants – life, problems, work in Uruguay without embellishment. I was born in February 1996. My mother at that time worked at the Moscow Forestry Institute, which in fact is located outside the Moscow Ring Road, and we lived then in the Moscow town of Ivanteevka.
I do not know exactly why, apparently under the influence of “Gorbachev’s perestroika”, but the institute where my mother worked was a year or two away from a rather large delegation from distant Uruguay. There they adopted the experience of the development of the forests of their country, and one of the Uruguayan forestry technicians began to take care of my mother, raquo; by the name of: Raul Ferdinando-Gonzalez. It so happened that thanks to this & laquo; love & raquo; to the light and I personally appeared. But my father in six months unexpectedly and urgently went to his homeland, telling my mother – it’s temporary. But it disappeared, as if it never existed. What to do, life sometimes presents and more serious tests.
I accidentally found out that in Moscow there is a solid group of “travelers-pros”, and they are just in a month going to exactly in “my” & raquo; Uruguay. I immediately went to Moscow, met them and told them my story.
They so easily and easily agreed to take me with them, and they did their own visas, tickets and so on. And since then I’ve been sitting on the suitcase & raquo; and eagerly waited for their call and team: & laquo; Let’s go & raquo ;.
When we finally flew to the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo, I, knowing that my & laquo; savers-travelers & raquo; going to the next day to go to the most dense places in the country, a little upset, because he was convinced that his father should be searched only here in the capital.
Seeing my ‘sadness-sadness’ & raquo; one remarkable married couple decided to postpone their trip for a while and at first help me if I do not find my father at once, then at least get comfortable in this noisy and specific Montevideo. If you knew how I was infinitely grateful to them. Moreover, it was with their help that I found my dad: Raul Ferdinando-Gonzalez already on the second day. My joy was boundless and I, warmly taking leave of my “St. Petersburg Sherlock Holmes and Watsons”, began to prepare myself for the first meeting with “the fugitive father”.
As it turned out, my father at that time, becoming already a “big boss”, worked in the Uruguayan Ministry of Tourism, where he served as the head of the department for the greening of resorts and the development of protected areas of the country & raquo ;. I found this & laquo; ministerial building & raquo; and with great difficulty persuaded a strict guard to give me his work phone and immediately called him and said – who, in fact, I am such. A pause, 30 seconds of utter silence and his pleasant voice: “Waiting for me, I’ll be down”.
About 10-15 minutes later a solid gray man came out of the elevator. And we, somehow at once & laquo; recognizing & raquo; each other, tightly embraced, and he took me to the nearest restaurant, where we spoke until the late evening.
Then he brought me to his house, introduced his Uruguayan wife, three children, and they immediately subdued me with such unexpected sincerity and care that we became friends that night forever.
Since then, it’s been 7 years. My father made me Uruguayan citizenship. Arranged by an insectologist (insect scientists) in one and national parks near the seaside resort: & laquo; Piriapolis & raquo ;. Where I still live, I work and 3 years ago my mom moved to me. Here’s a specific version of & raquo; what you call: & laquo; The real stories of our emigrants are life, problems, work in Uruguay without embellishment & raquo ;.
My mother and I very often go to visit my father and his family, where they just loved us. They come to rest for us, in the chic Piriapolis. Also what here to add? We are all glad that we found each other and that we are now a big and strong family. And not anywhere, but in the ideal in all respects Uruguay. Happiness, it turns out, is and it’s fine.
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I have friends in Montevideo and Artigas Uruguayans. But I would like to ask a couple of questions to the author, but not from idle interest, and since I am going to my native Uruguayan and there are specific questions. I ask the author to respond. [email protected]
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