Married for a foreigner in Canada and a visa.

Married for a foreigner in Canada and a visa.
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Married to a Canadian bridegroom.
Unlike many other countries, in Canada there are no concepts of “bride’s visa” and “wife’s visa”. A visa to Canada for the purpose of marriage is issued on the basis of the so-called “family sponsorship”.
According to Canadian law, every citizen of the country has the right to sponsor his relatives (or, as in this case, the bride) for immigration to Canada. Inviting to Canada his future spouse, the Canadian undertakes to provide it for three years, and her underage children – for 10 years or until they reach the age of 22 years. To do this, he must provide documents confirming his financial viability.
On the one hand, due to this requirement, foreign wives receive the necessary material support, without resorting to social protection services. But on the other hand, if your Canadian fiance does not have enough funds to keep a foreign wife and her children, the authorities will not allow him to import you, however long and promising your international acquaintance with the bride from Canada might be.
hello, I want to ask about this, I have a friend in Canada and he is calling me to live with him, so that I had the opportunity to stay in Canada, he said he would sign with me. But .. I’m 55 years old. He is also the same, he is disabled and receives a pension of 1000 dollars. It turns out that I can not sign with him in Canada, there will not be enough money for my, as if his content? What to do?
Hello, I have a friend in Canada, a native Canadian, lives in Calgary, Alberta, he is 22, I’m 20, working as an oilman and wants to marry me. What he and I need to do for this, explain in detail, on the points, and then how many do not read about it, I can not understand anything? Someone says that it’s enough that he would come and we signed here and then have a visa and sponsorship , and someone says that I can go there to him and conclude a marriage, tell me, how it will be more convenient to do? And how much time it will take. Thank you very much in advance.
Only you can choose the way to register your marriage.
To register a marriage in Canada, you need to get some kind of visa. As such, there is no visa for the bride to Canada. I’m going to the groom to get married & # 8221; & # 8211; a high probability of getting a refusal. If you get a visa to Canada and register a marriage there, you still have to go home after the visa expires, to make your wife’s visa, to go through the process of sponsorship.
If you register a marriage in your country, your husband submits the documents for sponsorship. You are waiting for a wife’s visa from 6 months to a year. Someone is given earlier. The more convincingly you prove your serious intentions, the easier and faster the entire procedure will go.
To know what documents are needed to register with you, go to your local registry office, find out what they need. A certificate from the groom is required,
that he is not married (from the court or municipality). After registering the marriage, you need to notarize and make a translation of the marriage certificate, and put an apostille. Plus already now collect everything that confirms your serious intentions to live in marriage & # 8211; receipts of money transfers, postcards and letters by simple mail, parcels, can be a common bank account, photo joint, wedding with all relatives, tickets.
joint trips and travel, payment of hotels and so on. A naked marriage certificate is small, as it can be a fictitious marriage for.
good afternoon? My name is Tatyana. I am 56 years old. I’m an English teacher in college. Widow. I speak English fluently. I really want to work in Canada and I would like to get acquainted with a man of his age and intellect. How else can you sign a contract or get an internship at a university in Toronto? I’m engaged in scientific work. I’m writing a thesis.
Good afternoon. My name is Tatyana. I am 56 years old. I’m a widow. Teacher of English in college. I would like to get acquainted with a man of his age from 55-65 years in Canada. I would be very grateful and grateful. English is not a problem in communication.
Tatyana, hello! We are engaged only in marriage acquaintances.
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