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Messenger of the migrant.
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Monday, December 26, 2016
How to open a business to a foreigner in Russia? What is the difference between an LLC and an IP?
Open IP (and close, if business & # 171; not go & # 187;) is much easier, cheaper and faster than LLC; To conduct bookkeeping, to pay taxes to pay easier, the accountant in most cases is not necessary; All the earned money can be spent on personal needs;
To register an IP, a foreign citizen needs a temporary residence permit (RWP) or a residence permit (residence permit), or have refugee status (temporary asylum); For all transactions and contracts, the individual entrepreneur is liable with all his property, that is, in the event of any unsuccessful transaction, he will have to sell the house, dacha, apartment, car, practically all his property (with some exceptions); Only one person can establish a PI, if several entrepreneurs want to work together, it is necessary to formalize an LLC; The IP does not have the right to engage in certain activities (for example, trade in alcohol); For some reason, it is considered that it is more risky to conduct business with IPs than with LLC (IP is an entrepreneur who can hide somewhere, and LLC is a firm, everything is solid), although in reality everything is just the opposite, in the case of IP a real entrepreneur is known who, in the case of some, is liable with his property, and the founders of the LLC may be fake persons, moreover, the founders of LLC are not liable for their property for the debts of the LLC;
The founder of the LLC does not need a RWP or residence permit, in order to establish an LLC, a foreign citizen (or citizens) does not necessarily have to be in Russia; The founders of LLC are responsible for the debts of the LLC within the limits of the contribution to the authorized capital of LLC, personal property of the founder (or founders) can not be taken away from the debts of the LLC. Each LLC has a so-called authorized capital, a kind of insurance guarantee in the event of bankruptcy LLC. If the property of the LLC and the money in the account are not enough to settle with the creditors, the authorized capital is used. The minimum amount of the authorized capital is # 8211; 10000 rubles. Personal property of the founder (founders), that is, the house, the cottage, the apartment, the car can not be selected for the debts of the LLC; It is believed that with LLC it is more reliable to do business than with IP; Permitted activities for LLC are more than for IP; Lows LLC: It is more difficult to open than IP (and even more difficult to close in case of failure); It is more difficult to keep records, in most cases an accountant is needed; You can not just withdraw funds from a settlement account and spend, you need to distribute profits;
Briefly, let’s talk about how to open an IP to an alien independently:
The receipt for payment of the state duty for the opening of the FE, payment can be formed on the site of the Federal Tax Service;
INN (individual taxpayer number). We wrote about what a TIN is and how to do it here;
Passport or any other document proving identity (notarized translation required);
In addition, it is important to determine the taxation system. Types of taxation systems for PIs are presented in the table below:
How to open a foreign company independently?
What documents are needed to open an LLC by a foreign citizen?
The decision of the sole founder or the minutes of the general meeting of the founders;
Charter of OOO & # 8211; 2 copies. An approximate charter of the LLC can be downloaded here;
The receipt for payment of the state duty (4000 rubles), you can form a receipt here;
Documents confirming the existence of a legal address. It is advisable to check the alleged URL for mass on the tax site. It is necessary to avoid legal addresses where many companies are registered (of course, if this is not a business center).
certificate of state registration of a legal entity; one copy of the charter with a note of the registering authority; sheet of record. Printing for LLC is not necessary, but you must open an account.
Hello, how can I phone you.
I am a citizen of South Korea, 2 foreign founders want to register a company in Moscow and start small businesses.
Will the annual visa go to register an LLC? And do you need to trade the products themselves to get a patent?
Or a foreigner who has registered LLC can carry trade himself?

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