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Bulgaria. Varna through the eyes of the Sophian. Notes on a napkin.
Where in Bulgaria it is better to live? In Varna or in Sofia? How to choose a house or an apartment in Bulgaria? What is good for Varna? The sea capital of Bulgaria with 300 thousand people (in Sofia 2.5 million). A quiet provincial town. In winter and in the off-season quiet, calm and grace. In summer there is the Bulgarian Las Vegas. All the summer they earn on everything. Tourists, tourists, tourists. For 4 months of business activity, 8 months of relative hibernation follow. And for 4 months you need to milk the tourists and provide them with quality services.
What business does Russian open in Bulgaria? Anyone will be in demand in the summer in Varna. There are many tourists. There are many idlers. And they all earn. Who is not lazy, of course.
Summer is a time of huge earnings on the beach and in the city. Owners of everything you can earn & ndash; apartments for rent, hostels, boarding houses, shops, cafes, restaurants, slot machines, all sorts of casinos, taxis and many other things feed the inhabitant of Varna for a year, after three to four months of active card-making on tourists. What to do so live resorts. Who works and who rests and spends money.
3 stories of the success of Russians in Bulgaria. Excellent choice of business. They knew how to go to live in Bulgaria and what to do here. Have left and are engaged.
In Varna and in winter it is good. To me at least. The sea is near. I live 200 meters from the Black. Dimensionality in everything. Sellers of boutiques either smoke on the street or sleep in anticipation of a rare client. There are few pedestrians on pedestrian streets. Everywhere you can hear Russian speech. Russian shops in Varna or Russian shops are present. Pensioners here who live on daily exercise on the same routes wander. Idyll of a sea resort in winter. As in & ldquo; Winter Cherry & rdquo ;. Calm down. Freelancers & ndash; downsifters my acquaintances here live all year round, rent out their Moscow apartments and live peacefully in Varna.
How to rent an excellent property in Varna. For the summer or for a long time.
Again, my personal experience is & ndash; son of difficult mistakes, and genius & ndash; paradoxes are different. (From SP Kapitsa). Without embellishments and other zamanuh I will say. Rent can be decent, long-term and inexpensive. I rented a one-room apartment on the street Knyaz Batenberg, Odessos district (Gratska Mahala) for 150 leva per month. The apartment is 35 m2, room, equipped kitchen, shower cubicle, wardrobe, furnished and fully furnished. The hosts Russophiles. To the seaside park & ndash; 50 meters, to the sea 150 meters. I’m walking & ndash; I’m wandering, breathing and projects. We open the hostel here with good revenue per month, therefore I live in Varna.
For Familiar & ndash; family from Russia, rented a one-bedroom apartment in Asparuhovo-250 leva. 70 m2, two rooms, bathroom keoomnata, kitchen naturally. Yes, however, everything is for life. Who seeks will always find. Both in Varna and in Sofia. As they say it is possible and foolishly something to break, but you can just wander around the areas and find the owner.
Where to live in Varna. Which areas in Varna are good.
I will say, but maybe not everyone will agree with me. In the first place & ndash; Odessos (Gratska Mahala) prices for & ldquo; buy an apartment in Varna & rdquo; are high. But the purchase in the Odessos district is worth it. As if on the Red Square in Moscow bought. All high-quality, and high-quality cheap does not happen. In second place & ndash; The ideal center, it is also interesting to live there, beautiful, calm and fun. On the third & ndash; Wide center. Well, it’s clear, too. On the next rank of the rating & ndash; Gull. There are a lot of Russians, because already like in the center and not so expensive as in Odessos is an apartment in Varna. Remaining & ndash; the buyer’s taste and the size of the balance of money in the wallet after stalling and getting a residence permit. Analysts predict a decline in property prices and the imminent collapse of the market. Then they are analysts. And real estate is moving constantly. For every taste you can find an apartment or a house in Bulgaria. Many places are beautiful.
How to get a residence permit in Bulgaria. In Varna.
There are many openers. About Migration in Varna there are a dozen two offices and counters of different formats. For those who can get a vunge in Bulgaria. All of themselves position themselves specialists in the preparation of documents on residence permits, citizenship, insurance and other migration cases .. Maybe that’s what they are. When you arrive, you will immediately find and get answers to your questions & ndash; how to get a vunge in Bulgaria, how to get a permanent residence in Bulgaria, how to move to Bulgaria, how to rent an apartment in Varna. The prices for services at the opener are almost the same, they should not deceive. Tell everything. The choice is you have a big one. How much money does it take to move to Bulgaria? In different ways, you can and absolutely no money to move. There are options.
If something does not understand, come to us for a consultation. We will help. We will tell you about non-standard methods how to get a vunge in Bulgaria. We will tell everything that we know. We do not open ourselves. There are familiar professionals, lawyers-specialists who will enter you into the acting office with a working head company. And quite inexpensive.
If you start a business project in Bulgaria (Shop, Hostel, Pharmacy, Hairdresser, Spacenter and many other profitable business projects), you and your family members will be able to obtain residence permits in Bulgaria completely FREE OF CHARGE. Free & ndash; that is, for nothing. We will arrange everything for you.
With the documents, all are OK, in connection with the changes and additions, the latest to the ZHRB RB item 24.
About food in Varna. Difference from Sofia.
Food in Varna is more expensive than in TWO times than in Sofia. A healthy meal, Tipo BIO & ndash; more expensive in 3-5 times, than in Sofia. I know. Checked, on the shops of Varna was like. I eat chia, turmeric, jinjifil and other milled delights. So if the chia in Sofia 8 leva kilo (Paraguayan) still in Varna & ndash; yes & ndash; 35 leva for the same kilogram. And so everywhere.
Vegetables and fruit in the markets of Varna & ndash; The collective farm and Chatlage are twice as low as in Sofia. Everything.
A fish . Varna & ndash; the sea capital and the fish in winter is more expensive than in Sofia. I keep the landmark on the Norwegian mackerel and on the roasted queen. If the queen at Zhopazar in Sofia costs 0.80 leva per 100 grams, then in Varna 1.50 leva for a hundred grams.
Honey only costs 8-10 leva per kilo. And in Sofia and Varna. There are many beekeepers. Retired tradesmen. Rukia homemade grandmothers sell and pyanenky grandfathers & ndash; 8 leva per liter, but you can bargain for 6 leva per liter. It’s not like hawthorn in Russia & ndash; not deceived. They themselves persecute that they can not drink & ndash; sell wishing. Rakia has its own master and differs from 40 to 70 degrees. Slaughter.
SecondHunds & ndash; there are decent. Mark and brand things I observe. Prices as in Sofia. The people are dark. Digging. And I rummage with them together and find my own unique identities. And I’m not at all embarrassed by the fact that sometimes I buy something in secons. And I order shoes for myself, suits and everything. But hiking in the secondhand as a journey through time.
Glarus. In Sofia, their heels fly over the Presidency and here in Varna their darkness. I do not like them. They look at you attentively and steal and steal something. On the garbage dump. The local cats are afraid of them and run away at their terrible sight with spread wings, bloodshot eyes directed at you with a beak. The monster is so winged and it’s disgusting to scream. From 4 am they screamed over Varna.
Opinion of the Sophian. In Varna it is worth living. Calm and chudnenko. Russian business can be dealt with, revealing topics & ndash; eat, heal and rest. The use of their abilities can be found and open their business in Varna.
Consultations on the issues of life-survival in Bulgaria we provide, we will tell real and practical, on the basis of real experiences of modern life from those who have obtained residence permits and permanent residents of well-established red tomatoes.
On skype too. Various special cases of moving to Bulgaria. Non-standard solutions for obtaining residence permit and permanent residency and moving to Bulgaria.
We have PAYPAL, and you have a desire to receive an answer to your question. Write letters, knock on Skype & ndash; answer and tell everything.
Important! We advise on the following issues:
– Creation and opening of business in Bulgaria.
– We are developing business plans and projects.
– We manage and accompany.
– Mininvestitsii in Bulgaria.
– Loans in Bulgaria.
– Due Diligence when buying and selling a ready-made business.
– Different life issues & ndash; tell you where and how.

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