Move to Bulgaria for PMZ reviews in 2016.

Move to Bulgaria for PMZ reviews in 2016.
As you know, Bulgaria has some important advantages in terms of immigration and permanent residence.
But the presence of these advantages (the most important of which is, in fact, being in the Schengen area) does not mean that everyone needs to immediately move to Bulgaria for permanent residence.
For a balanced choice, it is also necessary to familiarize yourself with the shortcomings of this country with respect to moving and living.
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Immigrants in the majority search for material well-being. Moving to Bulgaria, do not expect to immediately get into European conditions. There is a rather weak, although developing, economy. The country has not yet overcome all the “diseases of the transition period”.
The collapse of the Soviet economic bloc (CMEA) hit hard on her au pair. During 1990 – 2000 the standard of living of Bulgarians hardly exceeded the indicators of the eighties.
By the size of GDP per capita, the state is on the far backyard of the EU.
Financial difficulties do not allow to put in order the infrastructure. Bulgarian roads, maybe, are not worse than Russian roads, but they are far from the Swiss autobahns.
The authorities deliberately seek to solve social and economic problems, and therefore timely cover up the easy loopholes for impoverished immigrants. The country is profitable to attract tourists with tight wallets, not additional freeloaders.
Just open the paper on the paper and in the first year or two it will not be possible to master the country: there are strict requirements for the work of the company and, especially “painful” – it is necessary to employ 10 citizens, which, you will agree, is not so easy even for an experienced entrepreneur.
True, while still a relatively simple version of obtaining residence permit – the opening of a representative office of a foreign company.
Secured people are upset by the low quality of the property (at least part of it), making apartments and houses a dubious object for investing savings. There is a high probability that, having bought a house, you will sell it afterwards at half price (the world crisis also “helped”).
Finally, keep in mind not too high (as opposed to what is written on the websites of firms that help in obtaining residence permits) the level of hospitality of the population towards migrants. Do not build illusions: we are not especially needed anywhere and Bulgaria is no exception.
Nevertheless, all these considerations should not frighten you. Disadvantages are everywhere, in any, the most developed countries. Here are a couple of examples:
We need to soberly evaluate the various options, using as a source of information and their own experience, even if the experience of a tourist trip.
Bulgaria pmzh for pensioners of russia 2016.
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