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Montenegro is not only golden beaches and sea bathing, but also serenity of mountains covered with snow caps over which eagles and hawks hover. Balkan mountains are like Easter cakes under a layer of sugar glaze. On the vast mountain openings, stretching for tens of kilometers, it is beautiful at any time of the year. In the summer months, tourists are rafted along rivers and canyons on boats and rafts, and in winter ski resorts are developed that can compete with the best resorts in Europe.
Montenegro today is a multi-confessional country, here live Orthodox, Catholics, Muslims. But the historical core of the country for centuries remained Orthodox, so the Orthodox traditions here are the strongest. The main holiday of the year – Christmas – is still celebrated with observance of ancient rituals.
History of Montenegro.
When you look at Montenegro from a bird’s eye view, the mountains appear black due to dense, impenetrable forests. Lush tree crowns with dark trunks do not allow sunlight. Therefore, the territory has long been called Montenegro – black mountains.
Independent rest.
If you prefer to plan your holiday independently, and not depend on travel agency offers, go to Montenegro “savage”. Freedom in movement, choice of routes, entertainment and the opportunity to experience blissful freedom is a real pleasure! And this trip will be much cheaper, especially taking into account the fact that the Russians do not need a visa to this country, if they go for no more than a month.
Montenegrin wines.
Sunny Montenegro seems to have been created in order to grow the best grapes in the world. The first vineyards appeared here under the Illyrians – in the XII century BC, and a little later the Romans took the winemaking in their hands. When Pliny the Elder wrote that “the truth is in wine,” he meant Montenegrin wines, in which the heat of the Mediterranean sun, the freshness of the rain, the fertility of the earth, the smells of flowers and fruits interwoven. Local wines – this is life itself, intoxicating with its beauty and filling with pleasure every moment …
National parks.
Beauty is on the brink of fantasy.
Five national parks of Montenegro make up almost a third of its territory, which is a very high ecological indicator in the world – it is no coincidence that all the parks are under the close supervision of UNESCO.
10 delicacies to try in Montenegro.
Negushsky Prospect (Njeguski prsut)
The traditional dish of Montenegro is the Negush prsut. Smoked on charcoal or dried in the wind pork ham (also can be beef or lamb meat). Preparation prshuta – this is a whole ritual, transmitted from generation to generation. There is a lot of prashuta recipe, but the oldest recipe is from the mountain village of Negushi, the birthplace of the famous ruler and poet Peter Negus. Served usually as a cold snack with homemade olives and cheese.
Orthodox shrines.
In Montenegro, they come not only to enjoy beach rest and sightseeing. This gracious place attracts Orthodox pilgrims from all over the world, seeking to touch imperishable shrines and to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Montenegro adopted Orthodox Christianity in the first centuries after the birth of Christ through the preaching of the holy apostles, and the first temples were built in the IV century.
Memo tourist or useful advice.
Montenegro is an amazing country, similar in its mentality to Russia. The local population is enthusiastic about Russian travelers, and most residents know Russian. You will not have problems either in the restaurant, in the hotel, or at the airport. But even if you do not meet Russian-speaking Montenegrins, you can easily understand the local dialect, since the roots of Montenegrin words are Slavic derivatives.
The legend of Boka.
The plot of this legend is well known and sung many times in all genres of art: Zeus, subdued by the beauty of Europe, the daughter of the Phoenician king, turns into a bull and carries her on his back on the waves.
And here is the less well-known continuation: the brother of Europe, King Cadm, goes on a quest. Where is he going to look for Europe? In the Balkans. Curious symbolism, is not it?
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A picturesque plot with a sea view in the village of Orahovac.
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In Montenegro, every traveler feels welcome.
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In Montenegro, every traveler feels welcome.
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