Moving and moving to Madagascar

Moving and moving to Madagascar h1>
Ilya Kleimenov has been living in Madagascar since 2010. He is married and has a son.
His work on the island of Ilya began with the development of Russian tourism. The programs developed by him you can see on our website. Ilya traveled a lot around the island and is well acquainted with local customs and practices.
Ilya knows the specifics of doing business in Madagascar. Currently, he is successfully engaged in spices, which are so famous for Madagascar. It exports spices to more than 20 countries.
Ilya maintains a personal blog where you can get to know more about the peculiarities of life in Madagascar.
Below you can read the text of the article by Alla Bogolepova, recently published in the journal “Women’s Secrets”.
For the first time taking in his arms his newborn son Vanyusha,
musician Ilya Kleimenov asked in confusion:
“Why is he white? Mom, we have Malagasy.”
About Madagascar Ilya Kleimenov, like all Soviet children, has heard in school lessons of geography: an island state in the Indian Ocean, lies off the east coast of South Africa, the capital & mdash; Antananarivo.
But I did not even think about settling on this very island state. From his native Krasnoyarsk, he went to Germany, then to the Swiss Montre & mdash; studied, lived and at some point realized that he was intolerably bored. “In Switzerland, I had no prospects,” he recalls. “Once, when I was already literally going crazy, my friend-photographer who had just returned from Madagascar began to tell about this paradise island.” Why not try start a new life there & mdash; I thought. ”
About Madagascar, Ilya knew almost nothing. Arriving in Moscow, he tried to buy a textbook of the Malagasy language, called the faculty of foreign languages of Moscow State University and such a tortuous path came to Lyudmila Kartashova, the only Russian specialist in Madagascar. “Then I learned that Lyudmila Alekseevna Antananarivo was almost a national heroine & she was the USSR’s radium” voice “in Madagascar.” I just called her and she invited me to visit, & mdash; says Ilya. & mdash; Thanks to her, I came to a completely unknown country, having some contacts. “The first visit to the island plagued Ilya in shock: an Asian-African country, life is arranged in a completely different way than in the usual Russia and Europe.” Ilya says that at first he was afraid and washed not only fruit, but even cheese.He traveled a lot around the country and was looking at & mdash; whether it is possible to build a business here. “The thought then worked in a typical emigrant direction, & mdash; he recalls. & mdash; Travel agencies, hotel. That is, in any case, work with compatriots. “In the restaurant of the hotel where Ilya lived, in the evenings” live “music was played, driven not so much by the desire to entertain as much as by professional interest, Ilya went down to listen to local musicians & mdash; and met Sandra.The twenty-five-year-old Malagasy sang in a musical group & mdash; and she sang very well.If I got to know better, Ilya learned that Sandra & mdash; the girl is unusual.
It’s early to marry and have children in Madagascar & mdash; It happens that at thirty the Malagasy woman already has several grandchildren. Being a real Malagasy in spirit, Sandra, nevertheless, represented her life differently: strong, independent, she did not seek to marry and did not much follow the patriarchal laws of the Malagasy order. “In Madagascar it is considered very prestigious to marry a white man” & mdash; says Ilya. & mdash; But even when I started a romance with Sandra, she did not put a second on me. There was no desire in her to “get lost”, which is so frightening for most men. A few months later Ilya left for Europe. He was going to return, but he did not make any serious plans for Sandra. Both considered that the relationship was over, and therefore, they are free people. “I solved my problems,” he recalls, & mdash; and thought: the end of the story. “And then again I came to Madagascar, we met again, and everything came back.” A month later Ilya and Sandra rented a small apartment in Antananarivo and decided to live together. Shortly before 2013, the famous Russian blogger Ilya Varlamov came to Madagascar. Sandra and Ilya showed him the island, and during one of the trips Ilya learned that he would become a father. Sandra was in the fifth month of pregnancy, when Ilya offered her to marry in the Russian church of Antananarivo. Malagasy-Catholic received the Orthodox name of Anastasia and became the wife of a Russian musician.
By that time, Ilya had already started to trade in spices: “Madagascar is famous for cloves, pink pepper, vanilla.” I did not know about it, “then I did not know anything about spices.” A friend from Odessa, who sells spices from all over of the world has been successful for a long time, but without Sand I would not have succeeded, I would not have bought or sold anything without it, although at that time I knew no more about spices than we did.We learned on the go, stuffed the cones together, lost money together No, without her help, nothing would come of it. ” Madagascar & mdash; the country is peculiar: people there, according to Ilya, are good, but poor, hence they do not consider theft and deception something shameful. Especially when it comes to a foreigner: from the point of view of local peasants, this is not to be banned; & mdash; do not respect yourself. Ilya recalls how, at one of the first purchases of cloves, the supplier poured into each bag a liter of water. The carnation swelled, the weight increased, and it turned out that ten percent of the money was actually paid for the water. “Of course, we have grown wiser since that time,” smiles Ilya. “Now three people are traveling with me for purchases: one checks the contents of each bag, sews the second bag and weighs them, and the third sits with arms and guards.” Before the birth of her son Sandra delved into all the subtleties of business, controlled literally every step of the workers.
The appearance of a small child in this sense has changed little: Sandra is still aware of everything. “We moved to a spacious house, and now we have three servants,” says Ilya. “Many of my compatriots say:” You guys are bourgeois! “And then it’s just accepted.” The maid is cleaning the house, the gardener. “He The guard is also monitoring the garden, and there is a special girl who is around the clock at Vanyusha.Of course, the son is growing up with Mom and Dad, but when Vanya plays in the yard, Sandra does not have to worry if he fell, did not pull the unwashed Fruit Nanny solves all “technical” problems.
Her husband’s desire to baptize a little son did not cause Sandra any objections. Not being deeply religious person, Ilya says that Vanya’s baptism was for him more a matter of national identity than religion. Will the son consider himself Russian or Malagasy? “He will grow up and decide,” says Ilya. “Of course, I hope he chooses to be Russian.” Parents do a lot for this: show the child the classic Soviet cartoons, read children’s books in Russian.
Ilya’s mother, a teacher of Russian language and literature, sings Russian lullabies according to him. In response to the question “who is the master of the house?” Ilya laughs: “And I would like to say that I am, but it will not be true, Sandra is in charge of everything, but I can not do without her in business.” Of course, I can punch my fist on the table and insist on my own, but my wife has created such conditions that I simply do not need it, I’m the husband who is absolutely happy with his family life. ”
However, Sandra does not consider herself the head of the family. Like every mother, she is sure that the master in the house is & mdash; child: Vanyusha & mdash; main, all the best & mdash; Vanyusha. Even Zhuzha’s dog, the “former future doberman”, bought by Sandra at the bus stop, but grown up in a mongrel of a very harsh nature, Vanyushi is afraid. “When the son was born, Zhuzhu had to be moved to the yard,” Ilya recalls. “As she howled and raged, she could not convey words, she heard the whole city, and probably thought that we had a rabid elephant.” Yesterday we first let her down from the chain People with Zhuzhey try not to get involved, and Vanyusha did not get scared at all, went to meet him, took her by the ears, Zhuzha stood looking at us piteously and as if asking: “And what should I do with it?”
Vanechka’s neighbors do not just love & mdash; adore. A white kid with a Russian name is known to everyone and, of course, desperately pampered. Ilya and Sandra are pleased, on the other hand & mdash; a little scary: will not the general adoration affect the character of the son? “I tried to be stricter,” says Ilya. “And then he thought: maybe it’s not worth it? After all, this is a truly happy childhood.” The child grows in an atmosphere of love, with a sense of security and a sense that our world & mdash this is a good and pleasant place. ”
Russian grandmother Vanyusha already came to Madagascar & mdash; to see my grandson, to get acquainted with the daughter-in-law and new relatives. But Vanya and Sandra have not been to Russia yet. “I’m learning Russian,” says Sandra. “It’s my number one job right now.” Every day she deals with her mother-in-law on skype and quickly makes progress. “Sandra is very funny, sometimes it’s hard for me to stop laughing,” says Ilya. “I was doing an exercise in Russian today, and I wrote” with pleasure “as” here in volition. “” Here “, she knows, I often say to Vanya “come here”.
Is it easy to find a common language for two people belonging to completely different cultures? A Russian man, a Siberian, who lived for many years in Europe, and Malagasy, a representative of the people who ethnically united Africa and Asia. “We never thought about it,” replies Ilya. “I do not know the recipe for a happy family life.” Probably the main thing is not to try to change each other. “I will always remain Russian, I will brew borscht from Madagascar products and sometimes get lost in Russian Sandra is a malagasy to the tips of her nails, but that does not stop us from being an ordinary family. ”
To accept a person as he is, to respect in him even what you can not always understand & mdash; this is love. Baked hump zebu for dinner, planted Siberian mummy gladiolus, Sandra’s exercise books with exercises in the Russian language and CDs with Prostokvashino for Vanyusha’s son.
Excellent family life is not the shore of the Indian Ocean.
The island has 134 protected areas and 3 huge national parks.

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