Moving children to Germany.

Moving children to Germany.
I want to talk about the various options for schooling immigrant students in Germany.
My son moved on at the most critical age – he graduated from the fourth grade in Russia (elementary school).
In Germany, it is in the fourth grade “the whole life destiny” is solved ” the child – from his successes at the end of the primary school, depends on whether he will be able to attend a gymnasium (such as the cream of the school community), Realschule (type of midnight) and Hauptschule (such as the scum of children’s society). This I exaggerate, and then it will take seriously 😉
Thank God, recently all this school “caste” slightly blurred and lost the border lines and go back and forth does not imagine more such wild difficulties.
1) suggested in the Ministry of the image of Bavaria:
Go to the fifth class – the so-called Integrationsklasse. What it is? This is a class full of immigrants, yeah. And now they are all 25-30 foreigners sitting and integrating with each other. In German language and society.
Are not you funny? It was funny to me.
To this purely for reasons of logistics – the child would have to travel to the other end of Munich, about 30 or 40 km.
2) On which we decided – go again to the 4th grade, in our place in the immediate suburbs of Munich.
5 minutes by bike, ten walking from home. Small class – only 14 people. (This is because it was a new one – gebundene Ganzstagsklasse, for the first time in this school, here are conservative Bavarians with strong foundations of family values and did not hurry to give children there)))
In the first half of the year, the teacher was given a separate teacher from the school (free of charge) from the school for individual intensive German lessons three times a week (“taken off” from the lessons), the assessments were also not counted for the first time: they were put for information, but they did not influence the final assessment.
3) Go straight to the fifth grade of the gymnasium as Gastsch & u ller (& quot; guest apprentice & quot;). This means that a schoolboy attends school like everyone else, but the ratings are not counted, and therefore do not interfere with the transfer to the next grade.
(Info: in Bavaria, two fives = & quot; unsatisfactorily & quot; serve as an excuse to leave for a second year)
At that time I did not know about this possibility – I learned from the foreign Russian parents whom I met through my son: they moved from Moscow last year (at work), their son went to the same class as my child, like Gastsch & uyler. And now, the second year, is still “staying”, until it is fully mastered.
Here is his school schedule (his class is not ordinary, but for the whole day, usually classes in elementary school end at 12 days)
We have a school from home in 10 minutes walk or about 3 bicycles, so while in terms of rises in the morning – just grace, I get up at seven and the child at 7:15. At home he does not eat breakfast, sometimes, very rarely, he will eat yogurt.
Then – English, then his son “ethics.”
In general, in this place is the lesson of religion, which here without fail from the first class (by the way, crucifixion hangs in every Bavarian class!). You can choose between Catholic, Evangelical religion and ethics.
In the gymnasium you can write it down to an Orthodox Sunday school and then you can free yourself from the lesson of religion. But it seems like the Russian church is very far away. On ethics, they learned all manner of behavior for half a year, and so on, and now religions have begun, how many of them, what, Islam has been studied sooooo much in detail, now Judaism is passing. Periodically they go to church in this class all the time and sing songs, especially before church holidays. Home then comes always with some presents (edible). Yes, that’s how it works: earns for food at the church porch.
Then again, nature / society / jurisprudence with history, then – “art” (drawing, modeling, etc.)
Really very good, swimming and diving taught for nine about classes, and this is considering that before that the child was afraid of water and could not swim at all. Home comes at about 19:30.
The child admitted that a couple of times he fell asleep at the concentration point D: D: D Apparently, very successfully relaxed))
Then – food, homework. Then – the rhythm, where they play percussion. For some there I do not know which technique, which develops the right hemisphere))) Then he has a guitarist. I come home at about 15:50.
After work – nature / society / jurisprudence, then music, food, house, and then – two lessons, where they always do something, all the time different. Sometimes at this time there is an analog of the “class hour”. He comes home at 16:30. In the evening in the heart, we often go to the pool – there is “a day of warm water”. (29 � C).
On Friday, they all end in an hour. And at 2:30, Artemka goes to the taekwondo.

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