moving the dog to germany.

moving the dog to germany.
How to take the cat to Germany?
Moving to Germany for permanent residence, I want to take with me all-all-all. But often you have to make a choice and take with you to a new life only the most important and most valuable. The decision to take a pet with him, without leaving him to the mercy of fate, deserves respect. Of course, it is not quite easy to do this, but it is possible that the personal experience of the forum participants “I & # 8211; Foreigners �& # 8211; It should be borne in mind that such a move & # 8211; it is always a great stress for the animal. But, the cats with the owners fly often enough, so the procedure for documenting and flying is not surprising neither for veterinarians, nor for airport workers.
In one of last year’s articles, I talked about the procedure for carrying a dog. And today we will consider how to take a cat with you to Germany, how it happens and what is needed for this. The nuances of preparing a cat for a train in different countries may differ slightly, but in general it is approximately the same.
Not earlier than a month before departure, you need to get vaccinated against rabies and viral infections. A second vaccination may be required, the veterinarian will say so.
The veterinarian installs a special small chip, which is installed using a syringe between the scapulae under the skin. On this chip is the number under which the animal is registered. This number is entered in the document on the animal and at a subsequent visit to the veterinarian, they are read from the chip. According to information from this chip, you can find out about the owner of the cat. When installing the chip, you will receive a sticker with its number and barcode, which you can then use when transporting & # 8211; paste on the container.
Veterinar is issued a passport for the cat, which records his data, information about the owners and information about vaccinations. For such a passport you need to take a picture of the animal.
Moving to permanent residence in Germany: a step-by-step instruction on immigration.
To leave for permanent residence in Germany is the dream of many. And, of course, everyone who wants to know in advance what is needed to implement the plan and whether this is real in principle.
General information.
Well, moving to permanent residence in Germany – this is a very real idea. And there are a lot of ways to obtain the citizenship of this country. Although before everything was a little more complicated. Long before joining the European Union, Germany adopted the law – in order to become its citizen (that is, to obtain a passport), it was necessary to live in its territory for at least 15 years. In 2001, the resolution was amended somewhat. And the term was reduced almost twofold – now it was 8 years.
So, if people used to do what they had planned before, now it should not represent any global problems at all. However, with some difficulties, you will still have to face.
Marrying a foreigner – and the way to Germany is open.
The two most common ways to go to Germany for permanent residence are to study there or marry. Joining a family or getting married is the most popular way to stay abroad. A huge number of girls to go to Germany for permanent residence, enter into a family alliance with a German. And often for love.
By the way, the inhabitants of Germany are negative about marriage by calculation. That is why local bodies arrange checks that help to find out whether a guy and a girl really decide to start a family for love. For many, such checks are pure wonder. Indeed, how can you determine whether a marriage is planned for settlement? The interview is a few questions, starting with “what does your second half love for breakfast?”, “Who is the initiator of your relationship?”, And ending with such as “name by the names of your relatives.
I rummaged through the Internet. someone writes that they need a carry, but the dog is not quite pocket-sized – the usual dachshund. Someone writes that enough muzzle and flight is possible with the dog in the cabin at the very tail end of the plane. I’m afraid for her flight, if in the luggage compartment. It’s cold there. you need to ask to turn on the heating. and suddenly they will forget and the dog will die – in the baggage like a minus. And in general – this is the stress of this – 4 hours in the carrying in the luggage compartment. carrying must be such that the dog can stand in it. – as they write in the rules. A certificate in the vet needs to be taken every time, for example I transport it, and if I suddenly have to go to the RF – again take a certificate in Germany from a veterinarian? Passport, vaccinations, chipping is not a problem, it’s good that she does not need a visa on reunification. By the way, chip making costs 1500 re.
Well, with icicles, no, but cold, if your suitcase is one of the first rolls out – for easily, but really, what for to heat or that they make a luggage compartment there?
Well, propose. if there was an opportunity on the bus (which goes about 5-10 hours), then I would go. or by train (the same number of hours).
I’m only 3 hours from Moscow by bus, then by metro. then the train – like no less than 20 hours is traveling. the bus generally travels for one and a half to two days, as well as the Belarusian-Polish customs. Are you kidding me . And the cost is almost the same as on the plane.
Jule, I’m also worried – but I have a cat! many times I flew, but I never saw that in the cabin someone was with a cat! in luggage I will not give it up – you that a cat is not a well-trained dog, especially since he is very cowardly – he is afraid of a vacuum cleaner, he is afraid of cars, but he is very sociable and kind, he can not live without people. if its one there is a stiff.
In blogs.
Online now.
We VKontakte.
Dog moving.
Good day! On the agenda is a very important issue, namely moving to a new apartment. We have a very sociable dog, like people (Labrador, 2 years). All his life he lived in an apartment where there were always people, where there was always someone to “talk” with. And now we move to another apartment, only me, husband and dog. How can we accustom him to a new apartment? We have transported all of his old familiar things, but he is still not comfortable, can not find a place. And the main problem is to leave him alone for the whole day, because we have a working schedule of 5/2. For him, moving and so stress, not less than for a person, and here also in solitude spend a lot of time. Tell me how to “brighten up” the whole situation?
Pay more attention to your pet. Try to brighten up his life with delicacies, new games, and eventually he will get used!
I advise you to spend more time on the street. Perhaps in a new place you will find him new “friends” of dogs faster. Regarding the place in the apartment, it is possible that he also needs new toys, since he has already got used to the old ones.
It is difficult for a Labrador to remain alone and moreover in a new environment. The breed is sociable and tied to a man, a toy is unlikely to replace a beloved master. Can you think of another pet? Then the dog will have a friend, in your absence he will not be so bored. Another labradorchik and there are no problems with loneliness. True, what can happen to an apartment in the absence of the owners is the question.
The main problem when moving – you will pay more attention to living a new apartment and the dog may lose attention to it. So just do not forget about it – and everything will be fine. Although he is sociable with you, the most important thing for him is you.
We moved to another apartment when our dog was also two years old. First time.
It’s time to bring down? Emigration from Russia.
migration now and migration 10 years ago are different things. In 2002, when I left Russia, the situation there was quite different. Over the past 10 years, much has changed. At least, there was a need for “sausage” migration, when the quality and quantity of consumer goods in Russia and in the West differed greatly. Now this difference is practically leveled. This was noticed by me, Anton, and many supporters of migration. Now many people, in the terminology of Strugatsky, “want strange things.” It still seems to them that on arrival in Germany they are expected to jump sharply in the consumer sense. But most likely it will not happen. Yes, more quality assurance. Yes, it’s better to work with clients. But on the whole this difference has become not so great and it is hardly worth considering it in the context of making a decision on migration. The time has passed for the high cost of household appliances, computers, mobile communications and the Internet in Russia. Friends no longer ask me to buy them a second-hand laptop or phone, as it was in the zero years. And German prices for the Internet and communication of many are shocking. In general, if we consider the very index of “price / quality” derided by Grishkov, then it is now practically the same. Those things that are better in Germany, for example, autobahns or railways, cost consumers much more.
All small puppies like to gnaw slightly not only toys or things, but also the hands of the owner. It is very important to take timely measures so that this kind of fun does not develop into a habit, because if in childhood the dog is used to constantly pus.
Anton remarked: “The Germans need programmers and automation specialists, doctors, well, there may be some analysts and consultants from the sphere of production, they are ready to pay 3-4 thousand euros a month, but that’s the comic situation, that for a similar job you and in Russia the same money will be paid, and after deduction of taxes – you will more than remain. ” I can only confirm this. Not less than a third of my colleagues, who came to Germany with me at the same time, have long returned to their homeland. Motives for return.
How the dogs endure the move.
Moving to a new place is a stress not only for people, but also for their four-legged pets. The dog can also worry and experience stress, but a loving owner can alleviate this difficult period for the animal.
Animals are rather conservative. They prefer to dwell within their clearly designated territory and adhere to the usual routine of the day. Moving is stress for your pet, and older dogs suffer a change in the situation heavier than the young ones. But you can help the pet.
If you are moving to a new apartment in your city, a couple of times you will go with the dog to a new place of residence. Take a walk in the surrounding squares, let the dog explore the intersections of the streets, explore the local parks and sniff the marks left by other animals. After moving, when you go out with a pet for a walk, he will feel in a new place is already much more confident.
Check with the current owners of the apartment, is it possible to come to visit them with a dog. Allow the animal to examine the housing, walk through all the rooms, find out where the kitchen is located, on which you can get a treat. If the current tenants do not have a dog house, your pet will learn much more quickly, otherwise he will consider for some time that he has occupied another’s territory, or that he has a competitor.
Sometimes it is necessary to transport a dog to a new place of residence in another city or country. In this case, you will not have the opportunity to familiarize the dog in advance with his new home. Take with you things that belong to your pet – bedding, bowls for food and water, toys. Of course, this will not save the dog from the experience, but, at least, he will have his place in an unfamiliar apartment.
It has long been believed that the dog howl portends misfortune. Therefore, after hearing the howling of the pet, the owners assume that they are in for trouble and heavy changes in life. After all, it is about this people say.
Why howls.
The road itself can also bring a lot of anxiety to the dog. The more the dog has the experience of traveling on a train, plane or cars.
How to take the dog to Germany?
In order to take your own pet with you when you move to Germany for permanent residence, you need to prepare specially for this in advance. In Germany, the importation of animals from other countries is allowed, but certain requirements must be met for this. Keep in mind that if you have a fighting dog dog, then you can not take it with you, because in Germany it is forbidden to import fighting dogs, as well as dogs that are younger than 7 months old. Preparing to remove the dog takes time and costs not cheap.
The vaccine against rabies should be done no earlier than a month and no later than 11 months before the date of departure. It needs to be assured: a sticker with a vaccine indicating the name, series and number; oval seal of the clinic, entitled to vaccination against rabies; personal seal of the doctor; doctor’s signature; number of vaccination against rabies (registered in a separate journal).
Based on the passport 3 days before the departure date in the state veterinary clinic, a certificate for the export of the dog abroad, where it is necessary to indicate the route of travel, is taken.
The vaccine against rabies should be done no earlier than a month and no later than 3 months before the date of departure. It needs to be assured: a sticker with a vaccine indicating the name, series and number; oval seal of the clinic, entitled to vaccination against rabies; personal seal of the doctor; doctor’s signature; number of vaccination against rabies (registered in a separate journal).
An international document from a specialized veterinary laboratory is the so-called “rabies titer”, where the results of blood sampling are indicated.
Based on the passport 3 days before the departure date in the state veterinary clinic, a certificate for the export of the dog abroad, where it is necessary to indicate the route of travel, is taken.
In some airlines the dog is up to 5-8 kg (with a portable container – plastic box, me.

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