Moving to America for permanent residence.

Moving to America for permanent residence.
Are you sure that you want to leave America for permanent residence?
What you need to know and be prepared before you decide to immigrate to America.
Are you sure that you will be able to organize and live a much better life than your motherland? BUT WHAT TO DO IT FOR IT? Of course, every person has a different situation, and different ways of solving this problem, but there are a lot of common issues.
Learn English properly. This is absolutely necessary if you want to be a full-fledged resident of the United States, resolve all your questions there, receive documents, open bank accounts, triple for work, etc. To hope that you will come to the USA and learn in the environment, learn the language, it is not worth it, because in the USA you will no longer be up to it, there you will have to solve absolutely other problems and solve quickly. If you do not know the language, you will be forced to communicate constantly with Russian-speaking consultants in the US, contact them on any small matter, and eventually it will be hard, and often not very competent, and expensive. If you are the kind of person who decides to change your life abruptly and move to another country, then you will certainly learn English at some level. Moreover, now the opportunities for studying it have greatly expanded, there are many courses, there are good audio and video courses, in the end it is possible to watch English and American TV channels on cable, there are films for sale in English. Believe me, learning a language in advance is very, very useful in America. Health. Do not regret money and time, complete a survey. First, an immigrant visa in the United States or status can not be obtained if you have serious illnesses, such as tuberculosis or hepatitis, if there are such diseases, it is better not to start the process of preparing immigration, but in any case, you must definitely cure your teeth to the end. In the US, it will be much more expensive, and it will not be until America suddenly gets a tooth that you have not cured in Ukraine or Russia, you will have completely different problems at that time, you will adapt in a new country, in a new language environment, at a new place of work, in a new dwelling.
Choose one of the ways of immigration to the United States. Some opportunities allow changing the status, already being on the territory of the United States, for example, you can enter the tourist visa and change the status to the worker in the USA. But officially, this intention, when you get a tourist visa in the US, should not be. This is known as the prohibition of double intent.
Immediately after you arrive in the United States for any immigration program, you will have a lot of practical questions & # 8211; where to rent a house, rent a car, buy a mobile phone, open a credit card, how to get a driver’s license, where to get a Social Security Card, without which not to start working, and others, how to find a kindergarten or school for a child, etc.
All of this we went through ourselves, we know your requests, wishes and doubts and will gladly help you.
One of the ways-Lottery immigration visas DV 2019.
The official acceptance of applications in the “Green Card” & # 8221; The lottery DV-2019 was held from October 1, 2017 to November 7, 2017.
The results of the lottery will be known on May 3, 2018. More information can be found on the website.
New collection of citizenship and immigration services:
As of February 1, 2013, the Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS Immigrant Fee) charges US $ 165 for every foreigner who has received an immigrant visa outside the United States. This fee must be paid before entering the US territory. The following categories are exempt from payment of an additional fee:
American citizens who adopted a child (children) – an alien (s), including, in accordance with the Hague Convention; Iraqi and Afghan nationals are former employees of the United States Government, who received special immigration visas (SQ); holders of SB1-visas (Returning Residents), who returned to permanent resident status in the United States; Brides (grooms) of American citizens (K-1 / K-2); Wives or husbands of US citizens entering the US for nonimmigrant (K-3 / K-4) visas.
The website immigrantfee can be found in more detail with the new immigration collection, find answers to related questions, including contact information of the Citizenship and Immigration Service.
The immigration department of the embassy in Moscow issues immigration visas to Russian citizens, as well as foreigners residing in Russia who are interested in obtaining permanent resident status in the United States. The basis for applying for an immigrant visa is certain related relationships with US citizens or permanent residents of the United States, an invitation to work or invest in the US economy.
On the Web server of the US Department of State, you can find comprehensive information on immigrant visas, including instructions on how to file a petition against a foreign relative in the United States. American citizens residing in Russia and planning to file a petition in Moscow can learn the procedure on the Web server of the Moscow branch of the Immigration and Nationality Service (USCIS).
Attention! You can check the status of your immigration application both before and after the interview on the website of the Center for Consular Electronic Applications (CEAC)
If you received an invitation to an interview from the National Visa Center (NVC), the Consular Center in Kentucky (KCC) or other information proving that your immigration documents are ready for the interview, please study our instructions.
If you enter the US at the request of a husband / wife (CR1, IR1, F2A, K3) or the bride / groom / K1, be sure to read the information that you will find in this brochure. Here is the translation of the document into Russian. Please read this document before your interview at the Embassy.

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