Moving to canada for permanent residence from Belarus.

Moving to canada for permanent residence from Belarus.
How to emigrate to Canada, or emigration to Canada from Belarus does not interest every citizen of the republic, but the one who poses such questions can be considered a potential immigrant.
The immigration process is not so simple, and it requires a potential immigrant to have certain qualities. Before thinking about emigration to Canada from Belarus, you should be aware of the types of immigration programs in force in the country to date, and what program you intend to choose for yourself. Now for immigration to Canada there are the following types of programs:
1. Skilled workers and professionals.
More than half of all immigrants coming to Canada use this program. This immigration program is suitable for that category of potential immigrants who have qualifications, a certain level of education and work experience in the specialty that is in demand in Canada. The success of immigration to the country under this program depends on the number of points that the applicant will score. To date, the passing minimum is 67 points.
To qualify for this program, an immigrant must meet the following basic requirements: to have at least one year of seniority in the required specialty, according to the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC). A prerequisite for the program is a good command of English, and have an IELTS certificate. Similarly, an immigrant must have a certain amount of money and satisfy the age factor.
2. Qualified professionals who are selected by the Quebec-selected skilled workers.
The province of Quebec has its own individual immigration program. Its main requirements are the availability of work experience in the specialty, relevant education, good knowledge and knowledge of the French language.
3. Qualified professionals with experience in Canada (Canadian Experience Class).
This program is designed for qualified professionals already on the territory of Canada with a temporary work visa or a study permit.
To obtain permanent resident status under this immigration program, the main condition is the availability of certain work experience in the country.
4. Business – immigration (Business class).
For investors since December 1, 2010 new rules have been introduced. According to these rules, the investor must have at least 1,600,000 Canadian dollars, invest at least $ 800,000 in the Canadian economy and have the necessary business experience.
For entrepreneurs, the following basic requirements apply:
b) have not less than 300,000 Canadian dollars,
c) create a new business or acquire an existing business in Canada,
d) manage the business for one year with the obligatory employment of one or more citizens of Canada.
Private entrepreneurs or self-employed should have skills in providing professional services in the areas of sports, art and farming.
5. Candidates for provincial programs (Provincial nominees).
In addition to the federal immigration program, each province of Canada has its own immigration program.
Each such program has certain specific features, but it is common for all to have a potential immigrant in demand for a specialty in a given province, appropriate education and work experience.
Applicants with work experience, an invitation to work and having close relatives in the province enjoy a certain advantage.
6. Family sponsorship.
This program assumes that the immigrant has close relatives in Canada who are able to assume certain legal obligations in case of need to provide financial support to the immigrant.
Canada is a country with a highly developed economy, abundant natural resources, an excellent health and education system, a country that strongly supports immigration. Immigration programs in Canada may undergo some changes, but the fact that the country will continue to receive immigrants remains unchallenged.
It is also worth recalling that in addition to the main immigration programs listed, Canada also has other less well-known programs that can be used to immigrate to Canada from Belarus.
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