Moving to Israel to her husband

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Canada & # 8212; an economically rich country with a stable policy and a decent standard of living. It is an uncontested leader among other countries of the world, a state that attracts a huge number of people wishing to move here to their permanent place of residence. Moving to Canada is attractive to a huge number of people from different parts of the world. By preserving the reputation of a peaceful country free from national conflicts, Canada thereby contributes to immigration growth.
Moving to Canada & # 8212; distinctive advantages.
If you decide to change your life or the life of your family, move to live, study or work, start your own business, you should familiarize yourself with some planning moments. Surprisingly beautiful and hospitable country has great advantages, namely:
Guaranteed state social protection of the population, including payments to immigrants; High level of medical care, use of innovative drugs and technical equipment (more details here); Loyal conditions for running your own business, support at the legislative level; A wide range of vacancies in the labor market with career prospects; A society with equal rights does not matter either nationality or ethnicity; Qualitative training, a wide range of training programs, the possibility of conducting research and development (for more information, click here).
Immigration categories of residence permit.
Moving to Canada is quite real, because this country takes on federal programs more than 250 thousand people a year. The main reasons for the immigration process are:
Social sphere & # 8212; helps family reunification; The humanitarian component – works towards refugees; Economic & # 8212; attracts immigrants able to develop the country’s economy and fill the needs of the labor market.
The immigration process is coordinated by law. It is administered by Citizenship and Immigration Canada & # 8212; Ministry of Immigration Canada. The department has its own representative offices in the country and around the world.
Immigration to Canada 2017 offers the following programs:
For business; For professionals; Refugee status; Family; Pilot to Atlantic Canada (from March 2017)
The main requirement for permanent residence is the presence of an immigrant visa. This is a long stage, complex and quite expensive, which, in general, is called & # 8212; immigration.
Immigration to Canada & # 8212; basic programs for departure.
Registration begins with the collection and filing of official documentation, apostilling some of them. There are several programs for obtaining a residence permit.
Professional group.
The most popular, widespread and effective option. Those wishing to get a perspective job and have a decent salary need to prove their qualifications: to present diplomas / letters of recommendation / awards and so on.
The program consists of three areas:
Federal Skilled Worker – highly qualified employees; Federal Skilled Trades – working professions; Canadian Experience Class – experience in Canada from year.
Serve documentation can graduate and highly qualified representatives of different specializations and professions, with work experience of 1 year. After working for five or more years, you can qualify for citizenship. The contract, concluded for a certain period, does not give the right to permanent residence. After the expiration of the term, we must look for another employment. Significantly accelerates the process and the chances of an invitation from a Canadian employer. The main factor is the language level. Excellent command of the language & # 8212; more likely to get a decent job.
Programs differ in the selection criteria. Only one of them is allowed to file documents. Emigration is possible in three directions:
Investing in the economy of the country 800 000 CAD, designed for the development of different areas of farms and providing jobs. Copies of constituent documents of the company, confirming the possession or co-ownership of an immigrant. Financial documents showing legal income and company taxes.
Own your own business. Provide jobs, including Canadians. Confirmation of experience in the organization and management of business.
Convinced of the ability to contribute to the cultural / sporting field of the country. Recognized international achievements. Experience in business management.
Family reunion.
The presence of close relatives in the country increases the chance of successful immigration. Marriage is considered a related relationship, which is more profitable to make in a separate category. It will be more difficult for a sister / brother to leave than for a husband / wife.
Knowledge of official languages; Confirmation by relatives of financial obligations in the readiness to help in case of different situations; A certificate of health is required; A potential husband / wife must confirm the financial state that allows to provide for the family.
Each representative temporarily staying in the territory of the country has the right to provide protection from the state for political views or military actions at home.
Successful process requires convincing evidence of persecution or threats to life / health; Agreeing to this process, any connection with the motherland is automatically broken.
Student visa.
Canadian Experience Class International Students allows students to “# 8212; foreigners receive not only a decent and high-quality education in the country’s universities, but also the opportunity to qualify for permanent residence in it. Student visa allows you to work during training. At the end of the study period, the right (from 1 to 3 years) for employment is granted. After which, there is an opportunity to obtain permanent residence. Moving to Canada for study is a longer procedure, but does not require permission from the employer. Read more here.
Preparation for planning – what is needed to enter.
Immigration is the fastest way to obtain legal permanent residence. Initially, objectively evaluate your own chances of success, develop an action plan, start the procedure:
Choose the category that best suits your situation; Assess financial opportunities, find out about real requirements for immigrants; Collect a folder of documents for visa processing or contact the emigration service for specialists; Wait for the visa to be confirmed. If the application is rejected, you can reapply it, only drastically changing the situation; Before departure prepare all legally issued documents: Passport with an immigrant visa under the current program; Confirmation of a permanent resident; List of personal and household items taken with them and their estimated value.

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