Moving to Israel without Jewish roots

Moving to Israel without Jewish roots h1>
To feel like a Jew is, no doubt, good. But self-awareness is not enough, if suddenly there was a goal in the form of confirmation of Jewry. It is necessary to collect a certain package of documents. But how to find Jewish roots?
Why is it necessary to search for Jewish roots?
Jewish roots can be useful in the following cases:
Jewish origin will be needed to obtain citizenship in Israel. And you can move to Germany. However, moving to the Germans is not so easy. Recall family traditions. Confirmed Jewry will provide an opportunity to marry Jewish traditions, circumcise, perform other rituals. Feel belonging to an ethnic group. Get an inheritance in Israel.
What about moving to Germany? According to the laws, Jews have the right to immigrate there, but they must provide a full package of papers, prove their language skills at the level of survival – A1 on the European scale, be able to provide further life in Germany.
The right to immigrate to Germany has Jews or children of Jews born before 1990, or grandchildren of Jews born after 1990. At the same time, it is necessary to confirm Jewish origin by documents issued before 1990.
At birth before 1990, it is required to present a double package of documents – their own and their parents. Those born after 1990 bear only grandparents’ papers, as well as affirmation of kinship with them. Only in this way it is possible to prove the roots for immigration.
Compared with these requirements, it is easy to prove Jewishness in rabbinical court. If one of the relatives wrote for a nationality in the certain column “Russian / Russian” for salvation from the pseudo-nationalism, then the way to Germany is definitely closed.
What you need to know.
Jewishness is transmitted through the maternal line. You need to prove that your mother’s mother was Jewish, that your mother was Jewish, and then collect evidence of your relationship. If there are papers confirming the nationality of the great-grandmother, consider that you are the winner.
To confirm Jewishness by father, you still need to prove that your mother is Jewish. Or his father (your grandfather) was Jewish, like his mother (your grandmother).
What is needed.
To prove to the rabbinical court that you are a Jew, collect the following documents:
Birth certificate. House books – there was often recorded nationality. If the relative served – military ticket, he studied – a diploma. Ktuba, the Jewish marriage certificate is additional evidence. The main can not be – there is often not indicated full information about the newlyweds. An extract about the burial in the Jewish cemetery is additional evidence. An extract about the fact that the ancestors successfully passed the rabbinate check in Israel is a very weighty proof. From you in this case, you only need to confirm the relationship with these people on the maternal line.
We need original documents. If the archive does not issue them, the rabbinate has the right to send a trusted person for verification.
Pay attention that just so no one will show the securities – you need to have something on your hands. Do not forget about the power of attorney from a relative that you are allowed to look for his documents. If the relative is dead, then a power of attorney from his close one will do.
Where can I find documents that confirm Jewishness?
First, find the probable Jewish ancestors. Search all the dark corners in the house – maybe there is no need to go to the document repositories. If the papers are not enough, start searching:
There is a good site – There is a lot of useful information. When looking for a surname, put a tick near the field “By sound” – not the fact that the name in international databases was recorded correctly. In German there are several variants of writing one Jewish name. On the site look for archives by country. Visit the district, city and regional archives not only where you live, but where your relatives were born. Including visit the archives of Israel (there may be hints of the roots). You may have to go far – do not forget to bring a power of attorney. Look for extracts from the ZAGS archives. Original documents are required before 1990.
If you have any difficulties with the current situation in search of documents, please contact us & # 8211; [email protected] or by phone number + 380-50-51-68-133.
How to prove Jewish roots, if there are no documents.
If you do not want to mess around with documents, there are several more options:
To turn to Judaism. To marry a Jew or a Jew. Moving to Israel after receiving a residence permit, Then you need to live there for at least three years, learn Hebrew at the local level, get citizenship and give up the old one.
To turn to Judaism is not so simple. The Rabbinical court must believe that you are not trying to prove Jewry out of mercantile motives. This will take from 3 to 5 years.
The term may be shortened if you previously visited the Synagogue or participated in the revival of Jewish traditions.
Another option for proving Jewry is the DNA test. It costs a lot, but you get detailed information on your relatives – right up to what land your ancestors came from.
And how to confirm the documents.
Perhaps you decided to prove Jewishness for the sake of obtaining Israeli citizenship. In this case, the citizenship of Russia, Ukraine or Belarus will remain with you. All that is required is to go to the reception to the consul.
He will carefully examine the documents. Do not be afraid of interrogation with addiction: a long interview, as with the receipt of the Card of the Poles, will not. But there will necessarily be questions about the plans after the move, as well as about the religion.
It’s worth it to plan, but you do not need to lie about the faith – say that you are not religious.
The confirmation of the roots in the family through the rabbinical court can be a little more complicated, although the consul will not be able to pass the interview the first time.
In Russia, a rabbinical court approved by the head rabbi in Israel issues a confirmation. There are two such courts in Moscow. For comparison: in the US there are several, in England, too, two, and in Germany – zero. You can go to Israel (Ed Haredit, Jerusalem).
Rabbinical court can reject the application in such cases:
you have a criminal past; you were or are a member of criminal or terrorist organizations; you belong to another faith; you have collected insufficient evidence.
The rabbi believes that documents whose date falls at the end of the 1980s are not reliable enough.
If you can not collect documents confirming Jewish roots, contact the specialists. They will understand when the papers of your relatives were lost, why a change of names occurred, where you can still search for extracts.
Navigate through the records.
My grandmother was Jewish, but then when the Jews were shot, she changed her citizenship, got married and changed her surname, how can you find and prove it?
Please, contact us by phone (+38 (050) -51-68-133, Viber, WhatsApp) or via email [email protected] We will give you the maximally detailed free consultation.
My second cousin on father lives since 2002 in Israel. I want to find out who was a grandparent’s grandparent by the Pope. I know that his great-grandfather’s name was Mikhail Iosifovich. According to preliminary data, like my father’s mother was with Jewish roots.
Hello. We would like to know if we have Jewish roots, because the children want to study in Israel. According to my ancestors, practically nothing is known. Tell me please how much DNA test costs and who should pass it and whether it has a full basis for participation in free programs for children, such as NAALE and others. Thank you.

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