Moving to Moscow. PONNAHALI :) My experience.

Moving to Moscow. PONNAHALI 🙂 My experience.
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On August 19, 2009, with suitcases, I left the train at Kursk railway station. That day, I completely changed my life. I did what many people think about living in small towns, but not everything is being decided. In this video, I’ll tell you about my experience and share some important nuances that, perhaps, will help someone to make this step. HOW TO GET RID OF THE TURNOVER Search for housing in Moscow: SELF-DEVELOPMENT TECHNIQUE OF SPEECH THE LARGE LIFEHAKES.
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2. Wear earphones in your ears. Not why stand out.
3. People need to be trusted, but with intelligence.
4. Collect money in advance. 20 as in the video it is at best. Take into account the subway, also the shuttle bus and a lot of much more where you need to spend.
5. You are not expected here. You will certainly feel yourself under pressure. Until you have a good circle of friends. Why not complain “how hard it is”. If someone did something to you, then why not take offense! It’s your choice to move and it’s your decision, not someone’s.
6. Yes. Moscow does not stand still. Do not tupite. No where! Not in the subway. Neither in transport. Neither for life.
The subway stations are krosovye, in color they can be seen.
Speak in my opinion, automatically you will get used to.
Documents for 5 copies of each document, for every.
Bedding course, umbrella.
Come in the spring, do not drag winter things.
5 years I have never asked for registration, the RF, registration is not bothering anyone, except for foreigners, Uzbeks Tajiks are constantly braking in the metro, of the 5 police officers met on the day 3 will be busy checking the documents.
About clubs and an abundance of gear, and other things should not be written.
I’m going to “ponahet” there is one plus) for the first time (week, month) I have relatives in MSC))
Okay, we have become accustomed to you for a long time. I beg you, do not drag your habits to us, including about the salary. Do not work for a penny.
From personal and other people’s experience: on Timiryazevskaya near the metro, a friend with her mother removes odnushku for 32 thousand rubles. Her husband’s brother rented a house on the outskirts of Moscow, but the subway in a couple of quarters – 25 thousand for odnushku already taking into account the communal. At one time, he shot down the owner of the price. Before that, he paid 28 thousand. During his stay in Moscow he rented accommodation from three or four owners in different parts of the city. Always paid around 27-32 thousand.
Another acquaintance is renting a room in Voikovskaya district – 15 thousand rubles. Usually the average cost of a room is 18-20, but not in the center. The author of the video was very lucky with the price.
The average cost of a removable one-room apartment is 27-35 thousand rubles. It’s clear that for the sake of Ponte you can find odnushku for 40 and 60 thousand, that’s just whether there is any sense?

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