Moving to Poland with children. Police School.

Moving to Poland with children. Police School.
Study Visa & ndash; This is a great way to move to Poland with the whole family. It should be borne in mind that in many schools the training is paid for all foreigners, regardless of the status of being in the country. And you need to remember the main & ndash; about the knowledge of the Polish language.
News on police schools. We called the school to check what has changed, what kind of recruitment. Apparently, due to the fact that there will be international youth days in the summer, there will be a big event in Krakow, registration in many schools has already begun. There is already recruitment, so who plans to come in September himself or with the children, and we said that a study visa is a good chance to come with the whole family, you can already write. Who wants to enroll through us, we will give the necessary package of documents.
About the changes in recruitment. In some schools, where there was simply paid tuition for foreigners, now they made paid, regardless of whether you have a Pole card, a card for a while. If at that time it was still possible to study free of charge, now these schools are paid for all foreigners. It does not matter what card you have. Also in the same schools for a semester you have to pay in advance. Apparently, there were cases when foreigners were enrolled and studied for a month. In those schools in which we actively recorded, nothing has changed, everything is the same. Based on our experience, we strongly recommend that until September or in some schools until October, actively learn the language. Now we can already write to the police schools, kindergartens, but you must remember that you can apply for a visa at least three months before the expected date of departure. Accordingly, we can now write you down, but if you study from September, then, accordingly, in early June you apply for a visa, not earlier.
10 pluses of Poland. The advantages of living in Poland.
We are waiting for emails, maybe we will make a free webinar on Facebook. Thank God, they have not yet covered this topic, at least from the side of recruitment. Odessa still requires a lease. Therefore, who plans to leave Odessa in this way, write to us, most likely, will have to come here, rent and show a lease.
I want to add two things from myself:
1. We say that you can do everything through us, but if you carefully watch our channel or in the course of the topic, then we have a playlist where there is a bunch of instructions how to do it yourself. And who would not write about us, we are in every video about the police, then how to arrive, we say: “Guys, do it yourself!” Use the instructions that we have in the playlist. By this instruction you can ask your friends who you have for certain in Poland, or just come and do it yourself. If you do not have time or you do not want to do this, or you have no one in Poland, then you can contact us. We do not force anyone and we do not twist anyone’s hands.
2. The second I have already forgotten.
There are about forty videos in the playlist. Have enough patience to see it all. Questions that you will have, write to us on the mail. Within 24 hours we will respond to them for free. If something has changed, we will orient you. So ask calmly, we will answer absolutely for free. Consultations by mail from us are free of charge.
We wish good luck and hope that this season everyone will be fine. Sooner or later this topic will close, because people come and do not go to school or re-write children to other schools. This all will affect everyone later. Take it seriously, and then you will be all right.
Poland & mdash; a wonderful country for life. This is one of the countries of the European Union, where it is easiest to emigrate.
– Programmers, designers, photographers and other creative professions who work for themselves have a unique opportunity to obtain a residence permit in Poland for 3 years and pay minimum taxes.
– Adults can get a new specialty (cook, hairdresser, make-up artist, masseur, etc.) in free polycheal schools. That will give an opportunity to work in Poland in the future.
– People with an entrepreneurial vein can go to Poland through business immigration.
– If you have Polish roots (say thanks to your grandparents), then the Pole’s card is waiting for you. In addition to financial assistance in the amount of 1400 euros, you can receive a Polish passport in a year.
In addition to providing emigration services, we will help you to rent an apartment in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, etc. One option for investment & mdash; Purchase of real estate in Poland for the subsequent delivery through the management company.
Write to us if you want to immigrate to Poland.
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