Moving to Russia from Kazakhstan for permanent residence.

Moving to Russia from Kazakhstan for permanent residence.
Kazakhstan belongs to one of the most comfortable countries for life from all states of the post-Soviet space. Here the economy is developed, a high social level of living. But, despite this, the issue of moving to permanent residence in Russia for citizens of the Republic is relevant. Many people move in search of work, someone opens their own business in our country. For someone, moving is an opportunity to be with their relatives and return to their historical homeland. How does an exit for permanent residence from Kazakhstan to Russia?
Stages of emigration for obtaining permanent residence.
The first thing a citizen needs is to issue a temporary residence permit in Russia, and a year after the issuance of a permit, he already has the right to issue a residence permit (residence permit) in the Russian Federation.
But before starting all these procedures in order to leave for a permanent place of residence from Kazakhstan to Russia, citizens need to obtain a special permit. But this applies only to those who plan to travel for permanent residence. All other citizens of the Republic can visit the country freely.
In order to obtain an authorization document, it is necessary to apply to the migration department of internal affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the place of registration. All adults are entitled to register it. If a person is in a marriage, then he can apply from 16 years.
Submission of application from incapacitated applicants is carried out only through their guardians and official representatives. In all other cases, the participation of intermediaries in registration is prohibited by law. A person must appear in person for the application. Therefore, it will be impossible to obtain a permit through intermediary firms.
The issuance of an exit permit is carried out within 30 days after submission of the request. An important point is that obtaining a permit for moving to Russia for permanent residence from Kazakhstan does not deprive a citizen of the citizenship of Kazakhstan.
Documents for the application.
To issue a permit it is necessary to prepare:
Two envelopes. They must be clean. Applications in duplicate. Photocopies of the passport in duplicate, certified by a notary.
Copies of the birth certificate in two copies, also certified by a notary.
If the child leaves with one of the parents, it is necessary to give the written consent of the second parent. A certificate confirming the marital status. If a citizen is an alimony payer, consent to his departure from the payee is required. Three photos 4,5 * 3,5. A receipt confirming payment of state duty. Information from the address bureau. For minor children, their notarial consent.
With the collected documents, a citizen can apply to the Internal Affairs Department.
Making permits to citizens of Kazakhstan in Russia.
If a person is already on the territory of the Russian Federation and wants to issue a permit for permanent residence in Russia, the application procedure is slightly different. Before submitting an application, you need to report to the local Department of the Interior, in order to obtain an agreement on receipt. Then you need to collect the documents:
The completed application form is in duplicate. Statement on migration registration (migration card). Passport and sv-about birth. Two photos measuring 4.5 to 3.5. Evidence of property in property. Confirmation of marital status. Diploma of education or certificate. Medical Card. Information on the absence of previous conviction. International passport.
After the papers are collected, you need to visit the Consulate of the Republic, located in the Russian Federation.
Not later than three days after entering the RF, it is necessary to take up migration accounting. Further, it will be necessary to issue a temporary residence permit and obtain a work permit.
At registration it is necessary to consider an important feature! A residence permit in the Russian Federation is obtained only after a temporary residence permit is issued. This condition is enshrined in legislative acts.
Registration of permission for temporary residence.
Once the transfer from Kazakhstan to Russia is completed, it is required to issue a temporary residence permit. Its validity is three years. You can not extend it. This is excluded at the legislative level. Already on the basis of a temporary residence permit, a residence permit is issued. It will be the basis for extending the status of official residence in the Russian Federation.
Apply for a residence permit is necessary until the moment when the temporary residence permit expires. The permit can be extended unlimited number of times. Permission for a temporary stay can not be extended. To move to Russia and get such permission is possible only if a person has a place of residence where he can register.
Citizens of Kazakhstan can also obtain a temporary residence permit in the following cases:
In Russia live relatives. Married with a Russian citizen. Availability of a workplace in Russia.
In the issuance of permits for temporary residence can be denied if the applicant used false information when completing the questionnaire, or violated the law while in Russia.
Moving to a permanent place of residence does not mean that the applicant will automatically lose his citizenship. In order to lose the citizenship of the Kazakh Republic, a separate application is submitted.

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