Moving to Switzerland.

Moving to Switzerland.
Switzerland & ndash; it’s not just a country of hours, cheese and banks. First of all, it is one of the most prosperous European states. In this small country located in the mountains, the cultural traditions of such countries of Europe as Germany, Italy, France have harmoniously joined.
Immigrants Switzerland attracts as a wonderful natural beauty, so the highest standard of living, because the smallest wage is close to 1100 euros. Switzerland is also characterized by the absence of crime and unemployment. In this expensive and prestigious country there is quite a rigid migration legislation, but all because there are too many people who want to move here. Nevertheless, there are opportunities for relocation and many are successfully using immigration programs and moving to permanent residence in this amazing place.
When moving to this country, a fee is levied on imported personal items, furniture, etc.
If you decide to move from Russia to Switzerland, you can calculate for the company’s help & ldquo; 1st Transport & rdquo ;. Our highly qualified specialists will not only deliver your personal belongings within the agreed timeframe, but also complete all customs documents.
When moving from Russia to Switzerland it is important to have a detailed list of things in Russian, German and French, as well as documents that confirm and determine the status of the move and copies of passports. It is best to assure in advance the list of things in the Embassy of Switzerland.
The list of things prohibited from being imported into Switzerland includes: combustible and chemical substances, perishable drinks and products, firearms and ammunition, animals and plants, alcohol and tobacco, offensive materials, narcotic substances and dangerous products.
How to move to Switzerland.
In order to live in Switzerland legally to an immigrant, you must first apply for a residence permit. The residence permit in Switzerland is of two types:
Permit B. You can get this residence permit by registering your own company in Switzerland. Potential investors & ndash; the most desirable persons staying in Switzerland. Depending on which canton the company will be located in, the entrepreneur will have to pay a tax of 100,000 to 1.5 million Swiss francs. Initially, this residence permit is issued for a period of 1 year, with the successful operation of the firm and the integrity of the investor, it is renewed every year. Permit C. After 10 years of living in Permit B, it becomes possible to issue Permit C & ndash; long-term residence permit, outstanding for 10 years. The holders of such residence permits are virtually equal to Swiss citizens.
After 12 years of continuous legal residence in the country, a foreigner can apply for Swiss citizenship.
If you are married to a citizen or a citizen of that country, you can apply for citizenship after 5 years of continuous residence in the country.
You can also immigrate from Russia to Switzerland through a special educational program. Of course, education in this country is not cheap and the future student needs to confirm the knowledge of the state language, and in fact there are three in the country, and each institution determines it independently.
Switzerland is called the “paradise for wealthy retirees”, as many aged people tend to settle in a quiet mountainous country. There are various immigration programs run at the state level, as well as in the cantons and communes. Excellent ecology and high-quality medicine have increased the average life expectancy to 82 years.
Specialists of the most rare occupations and high level of specialization can count on immigration on a working visa.
If you are eligible for Permit B, you can purchase for yourself or your family members real estate with an area of not more than 3000 sq. M. m. If you & ndash; owner of the category Permit C, you can, like the native Swiss, buy real estate freely. If you do not have a residence permit, you do not have the right to purchase property in this country.
Interesting Switzerland.
Switzerland & ndash; the most mountainous country in the world, because 2/3 of its territory is occupied by inaccessible mountains. In Switzerland, came up with iodle & ndash; bizarre singing without words. Originally iodle was invented by shepherds to support communication between themselves. The most famous Swiss dish is fondue. Famous natural monuments of Switzerland are picturesque lakes, there are more than 600 of them in the country. There are no apartment numbers in apartment buildings, instead of their “ndash; nameplates with the names of the owners. Swiss children go to Grade 1 at the age of 4 and study for 4 days. In Switzerland it is impossible to meet homeless animals. In Switzerland they speak Italian, French, German and rare Romance. For more milk milk cows here on the neck bind special weighting. It’s hard for an animal to raise its head, so it must constantly eat grass.
Moving Switzerland & ndash; Russia.
With the international move from Switzerland to Russia, the most popular and economical way is road transport. The undeniable advantages of this mode of transportation is the speed of cargo movement, monitoring the location of the car, in case of emergency, the possibility of changing the route, the delivery of personal belongings from door to door.
For a long period of organization of delivery from Switzerland to Russia, the company & ldquo; 1st Transport & rdquo; has acquired a rich experience in the transportation of any cargo, any volume and tonnage.
Qualified specialists of our company will help in the shortest possible time to organize a move, to pick up the necessary mode of transport, and also to issue all the necessary customs documents. With us the transportation of personal belongings to Switzerland and in the opposite direction will pass quickly and will not give you any trouble. The

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