Moving to the US for a permanent residence in 2019

Moving to the US for a permanent residence in 2019 h1>
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Thanks Received: 128.
Thank you: 4,674.
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If you are ready to invest in real estate a large amount, you can move on this basis to Spain and Latvia.
There are still some options in Hungary, I do not remember the details.
Bulgaria has now complicated the rules for obtaining a residence permit for representation of a foreign company (the company must be working and without tax debts).
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Not this way. You open a company – the minimum authorized capital varies from 10,000 to 20,000-5,000 euros. Then this money can be spent on your salary and other business of the company.
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Therefore, choose first the country where you want to live. For tourism with emigration is confused wrong at the root. My wife waxed wistfully at the country, where she is now happy to be unconscious which year. And vice versa, in a country where there is a complete delight by a tourist, even to discuss moving does not want. So there are a lot of nuances.
And then already (ideally – on the spot with lawyers, having come to the reconnaissance for a few weeks at least) select the appropriate option and draw up a plan. Usually, everything is realizable for half a year or a year without great strain.
But the essence is simple:
1) On business: firm-turnover-taxes (not lower than the level established by the migration legislation of the country)
2) By work (bluesard): work on wages is usually more average in the country (sometimes at times) or in places requiring high qualification or for which there are not enough workers inside the country (also you have to watch – sometimes only work experience without a diploma, but only somewhere on the contrary, it can be a diploma without experience) – sometimes it’s easier to crawl on this basis, I know cases when a person in 2-3 specialties climbed even (different experiences, diplomas, etc.)
3) Marriage is the fastest way, but you understand the pitfalls yourself (which is real, which is fictitious – their own, but there are everywhere).
4) The visa of the rentier – works (more often the southern countries – Greece, Spain, Cyprus), but here it is necessary to maneuver, the rules often change, so counting with this reason for a permanent residence permit or citizenship can be an empty undertaking.
Plus, we must remember that Cyprus is not in the Schengen area. Those. if there is a dream of a lifetime to live on a small sun-scorched island – it will be the most. And in all other situations – think hard.
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Poland for the stocker is one of the best options currently with legalization through a start-up. The tax will be a minimum of 9% + 250 zloty per month for maintaining all your accounting. On the Internet, information is already there, google a start-up in Poland. ” & amp; Maps & quot; this full-fledged analogue of the EU residence permit is given for 3 years + relatively low prices so far. Of the minuses the probability of long waiting for residence permits, because many became interested.

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