Moving to the USA from Uzbekistan

Moving to the USA from Uzbekistan h1>
Present Time talked with journalist Shukhrat Shokirzhonov from Samarkand, and tried to find out why this is so.
Drawing green cards has long been a source of good income for enterprising Uzbeks. A few months before the start of the application process, companies are opening up that help those who wish to leave for America to fill in the questionnaires.
& ndash; There are a lot of such companies, & ndash; says Shukhrat Shokirzhonov. & ndash; Their representatives go around the streets, courtyards, companies and collect passport data of people. With them they take cameras, even a white background for the picture on the questionnaire, to decorate everything beautifully. They send the application for customers, but they do not give a verification code. If a person wins, then this code is sold at a very high price.
& ndash; I heard that at least three thousand dollars starts.
& ndash; Is this for one questionnaire or for each person? After all, there are also family applications.
& ndash; No, this is for one person. I heard that. For example, if the family has 5 people, then automatically the price rises to 15 thousand. Big money. For example, if one firm submits applications on behalf of five thousand people, then out of them about one hundred people can really win.
& ndash; There is another way that some firms use. It is when on behalf of one person several questionnaires are submitted, each of them with a slightly changed surname or name. If one of the forms wins, then the applicant will receive a new passport for that name. But I myself have never come across this. I heard that they are mostly used by young, unmarried people.
& ndash; But they say in the past year or two, the excitement has quieted a little around the green card.
& ndash; Yes, the city does not already have large advertising banners, as before. But they go to their homes, as before. To us only this year came more than 10 times. And it does not begin in October, when the reception of applications starts. Coming to collect data is starting from the summer.
People may not know that they are participating in the lottery.
& ndash; Another possible reason why firms received fewer applications than before & ndash; a few years ago law enforcement agencies identified a number of such firms that illegally got access to the database of citizens and on their behalf and without their knowledge filled out the forms on the green card, and informed people only if their questionnaires won. I heard that criminal cases were opened.
& ndash; Migrants who travel from Uzbekistan to Russia, mostly work on construction sites. What do the Uzbeks who go to the United States on a green card do?
& ndash; Samarkand residents mainly work in logistics, drive trucks. And they earn very well. In Uzbekistan, they build luxury homes, arrange big weddings. People see it all and this, naturally, warms up their interest in this program. This is an effective advertising.
If every year five thousand people win a green card from Uzbekistan, then an average of 3-3.5 thousand of them – ndash; from Samarkand. In other cities I have not heard that a green card was so popular that people would go to their homes and collect passport data. There are a lot of experienced young guys who earn on this. And that’s why there are a lot of immigrants from Samarkand in America. Half of those who went there on a green card from Uzbekistan & ndash; Samarkand.
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