My emigration.

My emigration.
The word “Immigration” or “Emigration”, I do not know how it is right, but in general it probably is not important.
In school and all other years it was connected for me with revolution and politics.
In emigration, Lenin and the Bolsheviks were making a revolution, abroad, the best minds of Russia lived and worked, displaced into emigration by the lack of views with the current regime or on their own will in search of freedom or a historical homeland, and this is understandable. This is what we learned or read about it.
And since I always considered myself to be a huge and law-obedient, as the “electorate” now says, emigration was for me a purely theoretical concept, which has nothing to do with me …
But, as they say in the people, “from the bag and from prison” do not renounce …
The time has come, and I went to emigration, well, by the Jewish emigration to Germany, after the son.
But here’s what’s interesting & # 8212; I, I confess, only half of the Jewish race, my second half is Russian. Making out the documents for the exit, I suddenly realized how uncomfortable it is … ..
Living in the USSR, before perestroika, I could not prove that I was Russian, but it was required of me constantly … And in the German consulate I had to prove that I had a direct relationship to the Jews and, apparently, my arguments for Germany were quite convincing (I brought in the consulate all the documents of all my Jewish relatives), was recognized as a Jew, and I was allowed to live in Germany. True, the wait dragged on for long almost six years. the conditions of entry changed.
Under the new laws of Germany, I had to draw up all the documents again, but, apparently, fate still decided that it was time for me to be in Germany, and I could say “I’ve slipped into the already closing gates.”
So, I’m sixty-nine years old and I have everything ahead of me. I buy a plane ticket, stuff a suitcase with my favorite things and eat like a regular tour.
At the same time, knowledge of the language is almost zero (three months at the Goethe Institute at the Moscow Consulate). I must say that the courses helped me very much already here in Germany to quickly learn at the courses in VHS (the same teaching method) …
Because of ignorance of the language, I find myself in ridiculous and very funny situations, but the Germans with whom I face life, treat me very kindly, with understanding, patience and willingness to help. And even the bus driver, when I enter, greets me, and it’s nice for me.
I had the opportunity to travel a lot, watch and involuntarily compare, but we will not talk about it.
I also can not but say a word of gratitude to the bard-cafe “Nest of Wood Grouse” in Hamburg.
Arriving in Hamburg a little over a year ago, I felt very lonely. And then fate, again taking pity on me, literally on the third day of my arrival, whispered “you love a bard song, in Moska constantly went to” Nest wood grouse “, maybe in Hamburg it is” Search! “I immediately typed on the Internet, and the first site that I found & # 8212; site “Nests of Wood Grouse” in Hamburg. It was before the new year, when loneliness was especially painful, but I immediately called and, with the voice of Fineinger, the “nest” swiftly entered my life, filling it with meaning. From that moment on, I had many friends, I was warmly received, encouraged, helped to adapt in an environment unfamiliar to me … My humble advice: look for like-minded people!
Now I live in a suburb of Hamburg, called Garstedt. It is very beautiful, a lot of greenery, there is a park where the heroes of these lines live:
In the German emigration.
I stand, I look out the window …
I look outside the window I’m a silent movie …
German hares run across the field …
German squirrels nuts gnaw …
German Frau with a dog is walking …
And she understands her with a half-word …
How well to understand with a half-word,
And I’m not ready for conversation yet ….
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When you read this short story, the life of Man is passing before you. Undoubtedly the author at the time of writing experienced deep feelings that he managed to convey to people in touch with the text. The poems organically entered the canvas of the idea and contribute to the fullest disclosure of the theme. I wish good luck!
The optimist! And thank you, for giving us a little of your mood). Each of us has his own emigration, and sometimes his hands fall, and then look around, you will see people, their smiles and willingness to help, and look for the unanimous. ” Thanks to the author for the positive!
How good that I understood from the half-word. Very touching and honestly written. It is not everyone who can emigrate, and every emigrant is an individual. Perhaps you can compare emigration with a tree transplant. Many recommend replanting young trees. But the root system of an adult tree is our past, our friends, habits, culture, books. How difficult it is to adapt to those who have been for many years. I wish the author to be patient, no matter how difficult it all gradually falls into place.
Elena! I wish you to continue your writing career, you are very good at it, the main thing is very sincere and with a soul.
You are a very brave optimist!
You are well done! I wish you success in all your endeavors!
Written from the heart. I’m glad that in the end you have succeeded.
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